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Friday, March 6, 2020

Journey to Better Skin and Health with Golden Bird Nest

If you've been following on Instagram posts and stories for a while now, you would know how much I LOVE my bird's nest drinks, and how they have been a part of my beauty and wellness regime!

I officially started consuming bird's nest about 5 years ago when I was pregnant with Tyler. I remember asking around for advice on what to consume to ensure that my baby gets smooth and healthy skin cos I was honestly quite concerned as Boon has a history of sensitive skin and eczema :(

One of the most popular advice I got was to take bird's nest! And so I did. My MIL got 500g of bird nest from her hometown for me and my mom would boil a small pot every alternate days for me, and that became the thing that I looked forward to most throughout my pregnancy, as I also noticed a different in my own skin! A lot of people commented on how come my skin was so good during pregnancy when sometimes hormones would make preggers have break outs and affect their skin condition negatively, so I would say my bird's nest consumption had something to do with that!

But...the thing about buying and boiling my own bird's nest is that it can be quite troublesome. On days when I was travelling (follow Boon outstation for work a lot while I was pregnant with Tyler!), I wouldn't be able to take my bird's nest cos I couldn't slow boil in the hotel room lol. So that made my bird's nest consumption rather inconsistent. In the end I still had a few pieces of bird's nest that I couldn't finish even after Tyler was born!

This time with Lucas' pregnancy, I made sure I took bottled bird's nest instead, so that I could consistently consume at any convenient to me!

These Golden Bird's Nest bottles and boxes are so pretty, don't you think?

I started consuming bird's nest even in the first trimester of my pregnancy cos that's when babies start forming their skin tissues! Been taking a bottle a day about 3-4 times a week throughout my pregnancy, and that has also helped my skin to be glowy and smooth too! Seriously this pregnancy glow is real. After I gave birth I lose the glow almost immediately due to lack of sleep and lots of stress lol. But anyway, #throwback to glowier days hahaha.

Andddd for some reason this time I didn't develop any stretchmarks during pregnancy! With Tyler I did towards the last few months, so for Lucas I was waiting for the same thing to happen.

In the end really didn't have! I think cos I was diligently applying Clarins anti-stretchmarks toning oil and cream every night (okay more like Boon apply hahaha), and I believe the bird's nest consumption helps too as it's known to be rich in Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF), which is a substance responsible for skin and tissue repair!

If you're wondering whether bird's nest is all about beauty alone, the answer is no! It is also known to promote health by relieving respiratory ailments such as asthma and chronic coughs, clear phlegm, stimulate appetite, improve digestion and bowel movement and so on!

Which is why I still continue to consume bird's nest until today, months after pregnancy cos what I take, Lucas indirectly consumes too as I'm still breastfeeding him!

These are my new sets of Golden Bird's Nest!

The new pink packaging is their new range called French Rose Nest, which not only looks beautiful and tastes great (ahhhhh I'm a sucker for all things roses!), but French Rose is also traditionally used for medicinal purposes to boost immunity, remove toxins, fight inflammation, eliminate period cramps, reduce stress and regulate sleeping patterns- which sounds like what we, stress-laden women need.

Golden Bird's Nest also pride themselves in their retort system of bottling, which uses seal caps that help extend expiry date up to 2 years after manufacturing date.

GBN also practises stringent cleaning procedure where all bird's nest used are not bleached, with no chemicals used including the likes of bleaching agent, colouring, hydrogen peroxide and so on.

Each jar of GBN is 70ml and abundantly filled with soothing strands of delicate 1.5g bird's nest, mixed with RO water, double boiled and enhanced with organic sugar cane extract. So you can be rest assured that they are safe to be consumed by pregnant women and even children!

Posing with my empty bird's nest bottle after indulging in them!

Most of all, I take bird nest as part of my self-care regime too. Did you know that bird's nest is best consumed on empty stomach? Either the last thing you consume before you sleep, or first thing in the morning before having breakfast!

This was me and my GBN during my Netflix chill time after the kids are asleep!

Me and my GBN first thing in the morning while dropping the boys off before heading for work!

And here's my office situation! Bringing my GBN into office first thing in the morning so I can enjoy it in a calm and zen environment hehe.

Guess what, Golden Bird's Nest is female owned and operated, whom I have been having the pleasure of knowing and collaborating with! And they are offering a special discount just for my dear readers and followers!

Enter code:


for 20% OFF your order!

You can shop online at and follow them on FB/Instagram at @goldenbirdnest!

Happy shopping, and I hope you enjoy the bird's nest as much as I always do!

And before I go, here's wishing you (if you're a female reading this!) a

Happy International Women's Month!

A women alone has Power;
but together, we have IMPACT.

Love, Careen.
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