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Friday, June 26, 2015

The Baby Impact

What an emotional morning. Was scrolling through Facebook while having breakfast, and came across this article shared by Pop Sugar Mums (yeap, I subscribe to mummy sites now haha).

When I saw the title, 'Touching New Pampers Ad Shows That Babies Bring Out the Best in People', I knew it wouldn't be a good idea to click on it and watch it so early in the day because I was sure that I'll end up being emotional.

But with a title like that, who could resist, especially a pregnant mummy who clicks on everything relating to babies nowadays? So I did. I watched the video.

And I wet my shirt. 
My heartstrings were pulled up, down, left, right. 

Tears just wouldn't stop falling and I had to wipe them off before I completely couldn't continue watching the video because the big, fat droplets of tears were blocking my vision.

The video made me realise just how powerful a tiny baby can be. They're powerful not in what their small and helpless selves can do, but what they can inspire others to do, and change. Parents, families, and even strangers.

When the lullaby came to the part saying the baby's uncle promised to not step into the house without quitting smoking first, I could relate and I started sobbing.

My father in-law who had been smoking for decades, upon hearing that me and my sis in-law were pregnant decided to quit smoking. And he meant it for real.

For years it was a pretty difficult feat urging him to quit, but just the news of his new grandchildren who are on the way made him want to quit on his own. And he's been happily and proudly telling us how he managed to not smoke at all during his two weeks holiday to Europe last month, and how he has been making tremendous improvements.

After I broke the good news to my maternal grandmother over the phone, she spoke to my mum and she told her, "Wow I'm going to become a great-grandmother now! I better start getting fit and healthy again!". When my mum told me that, my heart melted. See how a little life can change someone immediately, just like that? Suddenly, they see a motivation for them to make a change in their lifestyle. They see a reason to quit their habits and improve themselves for the sake of one baby. Simply because they want the best for the baby.

Aside from the desire to become parents and have our own family, and for me, to experience pregnancy and motherhood, raising kids and loving them as my own, a huge part of why I really wanted to have a baby was because I knew just how it'll change the lives of the people around us, mainly our parents and family. I could imagine the new found excitement and joy that my parents and the in-laws will have, the new life that they'll be experiencing with the arrival of their grandchildren. My father in-law had already long declared (even before we decided to get pregnant) that he will surely be spoiling his grandchildren. Every time he says it a cheeky laughter follows and a big silly grin would be spotted on his face.

Looks like us the parents gotta be the bad cops then haha! But it's only normal that children are spoilt silly by their grandparents. I had the privilege to be spoilt by my grandmother all the way til 2-3 years ago when she passed on. She was always the good cop, placing my parents in difficult positions. I would go to her for forbidden snacks, she would sneakily pass me pocket money each time before we leave our hometown, and would religiously record tv shows on Astro for us on video tapes (decades ago!). Whenever my parents scolded us, my grandma would ask them to stop (lol). 

As a kid I knew that my parents meant well and I deserved to be punished, but I enjoyed the "shelter" I had from my grandma. These are the memories I'm keeping with me til I'm old, and I know just how different and nice it is to have grandparents' love in my life, and I cannot wait for Little Bean to experience that from both sides of our family. This Bean is going to be loved silly by everyone, and I'm excited for all the loving memories that he/she is going to have growing up with so much love around.

Since I got pregnant, I've made some changes in my lifestyle too. I pray way more, he prays way more, and I'm always reading and looking out for the best food and fruits to eat so that baby gets the maximum nutrients. Though I'm constantly craving for maggi mee, I'm cruelly stopping myself because I know it wouldn't be healthy for baby. These are just very minor changes and sacrifices that I'm making at this early stage, and I know there'll be more to come. But come what may, I know I'll be ready to make those changes and sacrifices. 

That's how powerful a baby is, and how powerful love is.

love, Careen.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Beauty Review: Mask House's Diamond V-Fit Mask

Reviewing a really interesting beauty product in my post today!

If you haven't already known, I'm a huge fan of beauty facial masks. How my skin improved over the years was highly contributed by my regular usage of masks. When I was invited to review this particular mask raved by many celebrities all across Asia and beyond, I was truly excited to see how it'll work out for me! 

You can view more Celeb Recommendations on Mask House's official website HERE!

Speaking of Mask House, they're a Korean Mask Expert that devotes to developing mask materials, functions and designs of masks in order to cater to different skin types and their needs. After years of remitting efforts, Mask House has been fully recognized as "Korean Mask Experts". More stories about the brand on their official website HERE.

There are various different mask products under Mask House, and Mask House's Diamond V-Fit Mask is one of the best-selling range! As the name suggests, this mask focuses on slimming, lifting and moisturising the skin.

A Diamond V-Fit Mask pack (worth RM129/pack) comes with:

- 5x of Diamond V-Fit Mask Sheets
- 1x Slimming Band
- 1x Paper Measuring Tape
- 1x Promotional Card

The instructions were stated clearly at the back of the box in both Chinese and English, with clear step-by-step directions on how to apply the Diamond V-Fit Mask accurately.

Instead of typing down the instructions one-by-one, I figured that I should accompany it with step-by-step pictorial guides to help you better understand how to use it! :)

*Note: Please excuse my no makeup face and messy hair. It was at night and I applied it right before bedtime, hence the dressed down look haha!

STEP #1: 
Cleanse and dry the face thoroughly.

STEP #2: 
Take out and unfold the V-Fit Mask Sheet. Apply it on the face, larger parts on cheeks and smaller parts around the upper neck. 

STEP #3:
Wear the slimming band and fix it under the chin. Colored part to face inwards.

STEP #4:
Tighten the slimming band, pull head strap up, insert both ears into the designated holes, and fasten.

Wait for 30-40 minutes and enjoy the HEAT!

One of the things that amazed me the most is that the moment I put on the Diamond V-Fit Mask Sheet, even before I put on the slimming band, I was already feeling gradual heat on my face, chin and neck! The burning sensation became stronger as the minutes passed, and I got used to it and started to enjoy it (knowing that my fats were being burned) 10 minutes after putting the mask on.

As I mentioned earlier, the Diamond V-Fit Mask focuses on:

1. Slimming
- Accelerates metabolism and boosts lymphatic system.
- Helps to lose chin fats.

2. Lifting
- Performs skin tightening and restores loose and sagging skin.
- Reshapes the facial contours and delivers long-term firming results.

3. Moisturizing
- Gives immediate relief to dry and dehydrated skin
- Defences against the visible signs of aging, such as fine lines and wrinkles.

It is works on removing neck lines too! Which is awesome cos neck lines are very unsightly, and extreme difficult to combat and remove! 

Once 30-40 minutes are up, remove the slimming band and mask, and massage the remaining essence into your jaw and neck area for it to be fully absorbed. You don't want to waste all the moisturising goodness!

You can now achieve your desired firm, V-shaped face without going under the knife or injecting fillers! Of course, it takes some time to fully see results. Use the Diamond V-Fit Mask every other day for a week to see results.

It is said that some can see a 1cm difference on their chin even after a one-time use! I didn't actually measure so I'm not sure how many cm of chin fats I lost, but I did feel that my skin around my chin and neck became firmer after that!

You can purchase Mask House's Diamond V-Fit Mask and various under masks under the brand from all of SaSa's 58 outlets across Malaysia! :)

Would YOU like to try the miracle-working Diamond V-Fit Mask yourself? You can do so before deciding to purchase by participating in this contest and winning these amazing prizes!

Contest Mechanism:

#1: Share this blog post on your Facebook wall
#2: Share the contest post from Mask House's Facebook Page
#3: Like Mask House's Facebook Page
#3: Answer the question in the comment box of Mask House's Facebook Page contest post HERE!

Prizes to be won:

5 lucky winners will each be walking away with:

- 1x Mask House Diamond V-Fit Mask worth RM129
(consists of original pack of 5 masks + 1 band) 

- Mask Refill Pack worth RM89
(consists of 5 masks)

- Celebrity Hydro Gel Masks worth RM69
(1x Snail Mask, 1x SYN AKE Mask, 1x Bee Tox Mask)

Hurry and head on over to Mask House Malaysia's Facebook Page now!

All the best!

Other contact details as below:

Official Website:
E-Shopping Website:
Malaysia Sole Distributor: GK and Yap Trading

 love, Careen.
[sponsored review]

Friday, June 19, 2015

Surface 3 Roadshow at Mid Valley Megamall

Been using the Surface 3 for a while now for mostly work purposes, and also play such as watching shows on the super HD display. Special thanks for the Microsoft Malaysia team for the product loan for me to use and review!

When friends ask me what's the best thing about the Surface 3 to me, I always answer that it's because it basically works as my office laptop minus the heavy weight! Been carrying the Surface 3 around in my handbag and it didn't feel heavy as compared to my normal laptop. That's a great plus point!

Besides, with a starting retail price at only RM1989, it is an affordable price for students and young working professionals like myself. With all the powerful features in one tablet that retails at an affordable price, it is definitely a steal.

You can view more and purchase online at this link:

Alternatively, you can make a visit to Microsoft's upcoming roadshow where they will showcase both Surface 3 and Lumia 640 XL devices!

This roadshow will be held at Mid Valley Megamall from 24-28th June 2015 (Wed-Sun), where you can get your hands on both Surface 3 and Lumia 640 XL, and experience the devices firsthand.

Aside from product showcases, there will be exciting zones for visitors and customers to experience.

In the Experience Zone, there'll be educational topic sharing sessions by the Microsoft team on how to maximise your usage of the Surface and Lumia devices.

And if you made a purchase during the roadshow itself, you'll be entitled to take part in the Colours Shoot, where you'll walk away with exciting prizes based on your aiming skills with a nerf gun provided at the booth!

Bring your friends and family along to Mid Valley Megamall next week to experience the fun! There will also be gift vouchers from Isetan, Haagan Dazs, Tesco and KFC to be given away!


Roadshow Dates: 24-28th June 2014 (Wed-Sun)
Roadshow Time: 10am-10pm
Venue: Ground Floor, North Court, Mid Valley Megamall, KL

Have a great time over at the roadshow!
Til' then :)

love, Careen.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

How We Found Out We're Pregnant - Blog and Vlog!

Finally. FINALLY!!!

After a month of absence, I'm back on the blog sharing this post with you as promised! My reason for the absence was basically my first trimester which did not go too pleasantly for me. 

Emotionally I was, and still am super happy that I'm pregnant, mentally I'm psyched! But physically, I was just having all the possible first trimester symptoms you can imagine- lethargy, nausea, headache, bloating, constipation, and many new discoveries every single day and symptoms that are unique to each day. 

Seriously for the past month, all I could and wanted to focus on were to get up from bed, eat so that I won't be bloated and nauseous, and go back to sleep without vomitting everything I ate :(

Shall share in more detail in my next post on my first trimester! I'm now in my first week of second trimester (week 13), and I'm feeling much better. Hence, the ability to be productive, continue blogging and working on my first vlog ever on how we found out we're pregnant!! :)

I took SO, SO LONG to edit this cos I'm a tech noob like that. Video editing was my worst subject in uni. I slowly got the hang of it and managed to successfully complete my first vlog episode (after much trial and error. and googling)! So much planning and precision goes into editing a vlog episode, and I gotta give it to the amazing Youtubers who upload a vlog per week or so (like AndyMetSonia), a vlog every other day (like BubzVlogz), and the amazing ItsJudysLife who uploads an episode a day. CRAZY DEDICATION!

I hope to have this dedication too cos I actually enjoy documenting stuff in videos now (much thanks to Snapchat: @careentxy), and actually putting the vlog together for Youtube! I could get used to this.

Reason why I decided to document my pregnancy down not just on my blog but also in video form, is because I've personally been watching lotsa vlogs from the Youtubers mentioned above, and they make me really happy seeing how their babies are so adorable, as well as catching glimpses of how they run their day-to-day, and how they mother their children :) 

More than that, I saw how precious it is that they actually documented every highlight of their lives from the start (Bubz from the time she dated Tim, her wedding, to now being a mum to the cutest Isaac!). It's really meaningful and though I do know I'm starting a little late, it's better than never! It could be something new for me documenting my pregnancy and journey in motherhood! My sisters who are huge Youtube vlog fans had been bugging me to start for the longest time, and when they found out that I finally decided to do this, they were so happy! They're probably gonna be my most loyal (and maybe only) supporters and viewers, but I don't mind. It's going to be a lot of fun :)


So, back to how we found out we're pregnant!

You'll most likely be able to get a good summary of the story on my vlog above, but because it's Youtube, I can't possibly be elaborating too much or else my video would have been an hour long (it already IS pretty long for a vlog! shorter ones next time, I promise!). So for the little details, I shall pen them down here on the blog. See, that's why I still love blogging after all these years. Writing is still my BEST way to express my feelings.

So here's the story:

Ok, wait. Just when I wanted to type, I forgot what we went to 1 Utama Shopping Centre for. So I asked the husby and he only remembered the part where we bought our pregnancy kit from Watsons. And he thinks we watched a movie...might be The Avengers. It freaked me out a little cos I can't possibly be forgetting the flow of that important day right??

THEN, I remembered. I actually managed to DAYRE everything down!!! 

*tears of joy*

Thank God for Dayre!!! I forced myself to update even close to midnight that day cos it was a special day, and I didn't want to miss out or forget any detail at all (like how we both unbelievably did).

Here's the link to my Dayre post if you wanna read it! 

24th of April 2015 (Friday)

It was a day I very much looked forward to cos Boon just came back from working outstation, and that Friday was supposed to be 'our day', full day of spending time with each other. Other than an interview I had with New Strait Times (NST) and Nuffnang that morning, we had lunch with his folks, and the husby surprised me with a brand new iPhone 6. Just in time before my iPhone 4S fully gave up on me :') You can read all the details on my Dayre post above.

Later that evening, we went to 1U to watch The Avengers! The husby got it right! Not bad ;) He also got me a brand new pair of Fitlflops cos my then Fitflops were 2 years old and looked like rotten veggies. 

Before we had dinner, I told the husby to let's make a quick run to the pharmacy to get cotton buds. Walked along the shelves and I had a sudden instinct to maybe just buy a pregnancy test kit just to check. And to think about it, it had been a 10-day delay so no harm checking (my periods have never been on-point monthly. few days difference each month).

Casually chucked it into my shopping basket, paid up and went for dinner! Not many diners were still open at that time, so we ended up with TGI Fridays. I remember though I was super hungry by 10.30pm after we were done with the movie, I couldn't eat much. That was a surprise but I thought it was cos I was bloated. Been feeling bloated for the past week or so anyway. Never suspected anything. Thought period was coming so bloated, very normal.

Went home, casually unpacked our shopping bags, took the pregnancy test kit into the toilet along with a random container to pee into. Again, casually dipping two drops of pee into the stated spot, and went about doing my own thing. Came back a min later, and I saw this.

Wait, this does NOT look familiar. 
What does a double line mean again?

Checked the packaging and rechecked again. Double line means POSITIVE? Does it mean I'm...pregnant??? Those were the exact words I had in my head. I was beginning to freak out (with joy) but I didn't want to get too excited yet for fear that it could be a faulty pregnancy test kit and I might disappoint myself.

So I went out into the living room, looked at Boon and he said, "Why? Not pregnant again ah?", cos I usually break that bad news to him after checking if I don't say a word.

Me: "You come in and see?"

He got excited. Jumped up immediately, quickly walked into the room, and I pointed him towards the pregnancy kit lying on my dresser, and said, "You see?"

He went quiet, wide eyed, and poking his index fingers together like a dungu hahahaha!!! He turned and looked at me and said, "Are you pregnant???", with a silly huge grin on his face. I said, "I don't knowww....from the test it says I am...?"

Boon: "You're pregnant!!! Wow..."

And then we hugged while laughing sillily. But I told him that I'm still not 100% sure if it's accurate, cos for all we know it could be a false alarm, and I really don't want to disappoint him or any of our family members if it's a really a false alarm. So I told him maybe we should get another more expensive pregnancy test kit to double confirm if we really are pregnant.

He got so restless when I told him that and told me that he wanted to call his elder sister, Jasmine. I said, "whhhhatt why????". It was late and nothing is actually confirmed. He said he wanted to ask if she happened to have a spare set of pregnancy test kit that we could borrow, and he would drive all the way to her house to get it. I said don't be silly we'll just wait until tomorrow. Then he was all jittery and asked if he should call his doctor friends to ask if double line really means positive. I said they'll definitely say it is laaaaa so no point asking!! Then he said he wanted to call one of his best friends, Joel to tell him. I was like, what, no! We should tell our families first!

It was so chaotic and it was a real rare sight to see him so restless, jittery, all over the place and flustered. I couldn't point out his exact emotions! He was overjoyed, excited, nervous, uncertain, anxious, everything all in one, while I was exceptionally calm and laughing at him, asking him to calm his tits hahaha!!

I've always imagined that I'll cry tears of joy the moment I found out I was pregnant, but I didn't. Partly due to the fact that I kept telling myself there still could be possibilities of a faulty pregnancy kit. But in my heart, I was 70% certain that I was indeed pregnant. All the lethargy and mood swings made sense after looking back at them. I was so down and emotional during that period of time that I wrote this blog entry (The Diary of a Traveller's Wife) and lamented our semi LDR, how it's taking a toll on me emotionally, and us not having enough time together to even try getting pregnant. Little did I know I WAS already pregnant!! Feeling so silly right now seriously :')

I was excited, but at the same time really calm and collected, feeling an indescribable peace and joy in my heart. It was really special :)

Him and his "chi-ko-pek" face hahaha!

But this dude was NOT calm. While I was in the shower, he kept yelling, "ahhhhhhhhhh" from the living room sporadically, and screaming, "Careen Tan, I heard you're pregnant!!!". I laughed and told him to calm his titties, and he said, "Noooo! My titties are not calm!!! They're not calm at all!! Ahhhhhhhhhh". My shower was constantly disturbed by his screams and more, "Careen Tan, are you pregnant???". That was unforgettable hahahah!!

After shower, I decided that I should video down all that happened so that was when I recorded my vlog. I looked seriously dressed down, bare faced, completely unglam and totally not ready for the Internet, but at that point I just didn't care. I was pregnant and I can't care less about anything anymore. Screw it if people think I look like crap. I'm pregnant, people!!! I was, at the same time too tired to go put on my contacts and get changed to a nicer outfit too. All I wanted was to be as real as I could to capture the moment, and for time to pass so that we could confirm this pregnancy!!!

Went to bed around 2am after lounging on the couch and daydreaming, passing time with the husby while he surfs 9gag, trying to calm himself down. 

25th of April 2015 (Saturday)

I had a pretty good, deep sleep cos I was super tired, but he did not. At all hahaha!! He said he couldn't fall asleep cos he was just way too excited, and woke up at 6am and 8am, and decided to just get up and wait for time to pass and for the pharmacy to be open.

I slept until the husby said he's going out to get the pregnancy kit soon. Came back with a new, more expensive set, I tested it and there it was...

...another double-line (right).

It means I really AM pregnant?? :')

The husby then spent the entire morning searching up gynaes and female clinics to set up an appointment for check up, called up multiple clinics and hospitals but to no avail cos the popular ones are usually fully booked in advance, no slots for last min walk-ins. Until we managed to secure one at SS15, Subang! We didn't mind anywhere as long as we could do an ultrasound scan and confirm that I really, really am pregnant. 

Read online that though with indications of being positive on the kit, it could still turn out to be a false alarm cos I might have eaten supplements that contain pregnancy hormones. As far as I remembered, I never had any of those, but safest to confirm with a doctor before we announce the news to anyone.

Quickly got ready, went to the clinic for a check (as per the vlog), and confirmed that I was the 5 weeks pregnant :') The feeling of hearing it from the doctor and seeing my tiny little baby in my womb was indescribable. It was beyond overjoy. It was so much more. My heart was so blessed and full. It felt surreal that I felt a little dizzy :')

Went to my favourite place, Nutmeg to have lunch, and we got a beautiful little unisex gift for our Little One to commemorate the day we discovered him/her. It was an expensive zebra soft toy (more than a hundred bucks) but we felt it was worth it. Cannot wait to give it to our child when he/she is out!

We then broke the news to our families. It fuelled our excitement even more because now there are more people sharing our happiness and joy! All their reactions to the good news were individually unique and heart-warming. I'm grateful to give this good news to our families and make them so happy. A little life can make so many people happy :')

Boon had to leave for work outstation that very day, which explained why we were in such urgency to confirm the pregnancy. We wanted to do it together, and the next time we could would be two weeks down the road, and it would be such a pain to wait that long (Boon's tits would be burnt by then). 

It was so hard for us to part that day cos we just found out about the baby. Boon said he seriously didn't feel like driving back to work. All he could think about was the good news and couldn't wipe that silly grin off his face haha!

It was a miraculous day for us. So super happy.

So, that's how we found out we're pregnant! :)

Will be sharing my first trimester experiences with you guys soon.

You can read all posts relating to my pregnancy under the label, 
'Personal' > 'Pregnancy' at the top Categories bar. 

You can also subscribe to all my blog posts via email, 
and be notified whenever a new post is up! :)

Prepping for my next post soon.
Til' then!

love, Careen. 

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