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Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Differences between Pregnancy No.1 and No.2

Dec 2015 & May 2019

These two photos were both taken at Week 30, left when I was pregnant with Bean Bean (whom we now call Tyler), and right with my Little Dumpling inside. From these two photos, it looks like there pretty much isn't much of a difference. Both taken at Week 30, belly shape looks very similar, and size also looks very close. But the truth is that this pregnancy is very different in many sense!

But before we dig into the Differences, let's explore the Similarities first!

Similarities between Pregnancy No.1 and Pregnancy No.2:

Similarity #1: They're both BOYS!

Yes, haven't officially announced it on my blog yet (but Instagram and everywhere else already announced quite long ago!). I'm pregnant with our second son! Whom I am already very in love with. We've seen glimpses of his face via ultrasound scan and 4D detailed scan, and that's where I coined the name 'Little Dumpling' for him cos I feel he looks like a dumping. Maybe more like an inverted dumpling with chubby cheeks and a sharp chin ๐Ÿ˜‚

Similarity #2: I don't have much of a problem sleeping at night

This is one thing that I would say I am very blessed with. Aside from difficulty falling asleep during naps every once in a while (cos my mind just wouldn't rest), I generally have no problem falling asleep at night! I remember sleeping sooooooo much during my pregnancy with Tyler, and now whenever I lie in bed I would fall asleep almost immediately. That's been the case and I hope it stays that way until we pop!

Similarity #3: I have Gestational Diabetes for both pregnancies

Yeap, I have it again. With Tyler I thought it was probably triggered cos I indulged in quite a lot of sweet stuff, so this time I controlled my sugar intake quite a bit but I still have Gestational Diabetes (aka Diabetes that only occurs in Pregnancy), so I'm guessing it could be genetic.

Because of my GD, my weight gain was quite a lot during my first pregnancy (16-18 kgs in total), and now though I do control my food intake a lot more, I'm also at 11-12 kgs already. Lesser than previously, but still not the lightest pregnant lady around la hahaha.

What I had to deal with before and after each meal- pricking my own fingers to test blood on the glucose machine to keep track of my blood sugar levels. For someone who used to be terrified of needles, after all of these and childbirth (needles upon needles for drip la, epidural la) I have overcome my fear already la hahahah.

And also because of GD, my previous Gynae advised us to induce for labour at 38.5 weeks in case Tyler grew too big, risky for both baby and me, risk of stillbirth, etc that was enough to scare me and made me agree without a doubt.

This time, though we are seeing a different Gynae, the advice is still the same. So he has scheduled us for a c-section (can't induce if I had c-sec previously + GD now for some medical reasons) in mid July (EDD was supposed to be end July). Secretly wishing Little Dumpling would give a surprise early arrival so I could potentially experience natural birth, but I've already accepted the fact that it would likely be anotehr c-sec for me (hello painful recovery and slow slimming progress huhu).

Erm okay, I think that's about all these two pregnancies have in common.

On to the Differences!

Differences between Pregnancy No.1 and Pregnancy No.2:

From the start of the pregnancy I was looking out for differences between my first pregnancy and now, because you know how people always say if both pregnancies are different it means baby may be of an opposite gender.

Initially I was super convinced, cos this time a lot of things ARE different this time around! I was so convinced that I asked our Gynae 3 times during our Gender scan at Week 16 if he was sure that I'm carrying another boy hahahaha. Yeap I know I was that annoying patient.

Took me a while to register the fact that I was actually carrying a boy because so many things are different this time.

Difference #1: Bad, BAD Acid Reflux this time around

Both pregnancies were tough in the first trimester with nausea, bloating, and fatigue, but this time I was plagued with an additional symptom called Acid Reflux or Heartburn.

I used to wonder what Acid Reflux was and how it felt like, cos I didn't have any of it in my first pregnancy though I had a lot of oily and spicy food. This time, my tummy is a lot more sensitive so anything that triggers Acid Reflux (like oily, fried and spicy food apparently) would send a gush of super acidic, sour, bitter, hot, spicy (I can't even put a name to it) liquid from my tummy up to my throat. Sometimes when I burp with my mouth closed and the liquid will rush to my mouth and I would taste everything. And I can tell you, it's one of the WORST feelings.

For the entire first trimester (and beyond, like until Week 16), I had nausea and Acid Reflux on full swing which made me wonder if this was gonna ever end, cos I know some pregnant moms who suffer this throughout their whole pregnancy (whom I really salute!!). Before and after every meal I would need to vomit these bitter bile liquid before I could eat properly. It was really horrible.

With Tyler, the moment I hit second trimester at Week 13-14, my nausea and all the horrible first trimester symptoms were immediately gone, and I was up and working like an energizer bunny already. This time, not so punctual ah ๐Ÿ˜‚

Difference #2: I have ZERO cravings this time around

Like, seriously. I don't crave anything. I have preferences if you asked me, like Sushi during first trimester, and Wantan Mee, Kimchi Pork Belly Rice, any dry noodles now but I can also eat other things and I've no problem with ANY food.

With Tyler, I was craving for Korean, Indian and Thai cuisine throughout my first trimester, lots of sugary drinks like Milo (I drank 3-5 glasses of Milo Ais KAO at home cos I was feeling so miserable and hot all the time), carbonated drinks like Coke (best thing ever), and lots and lots of Chatime (last time only got Chatime lol) where I would take at least twice a week. I also indulged in fast foods and maggi once in a while cos they made me feel sooooo good.

 And I'm also okay with dishes like steamed fish, steamed eggs and all the boring or blander dishes (with Tyler bland foods put me off so badly), and I'm opting for healthier options like fresh milk instead of Milo, mixed nuts and dried cranberries for snacks instead of cakes and ice cream lol, home-cooked food instead of eating out all the time, coconut water instead of Bubble Tea (tho I did try a few like 4-5 so far just cos everyone says this brand is better etc etc but I really can don't drink). Just overall healthier and more self-control *pats self on the back*

Whenever people ask the preggers to choose where to eat, I'll tell them I don't know cos I have no cravings, and everyone will be like stop lying! But it's true, I'm surprised I really don't have also! With Tyler, if you already told me we eating Korean BBQ then in the end go eat Western I will be super pissed off hahahahaha. This time I'm really very easygoing!

Which makes me wonder if this has anything to do with baby's personality? Tyler turned out a super picky eater who sticks to a select few food that he likes, and is also pretty strong willed in general. Does this mean Little Dumpling will love any food, won't be picky at all and will be super easygoing? Please let it be yes!! Hahahahaha can't deal with two picky eaters at home please ๐Ÿ˜‚

Difference #3: More active and productive, less sluggish and tired this time around

I remember by now (Week 36), I was already pretty heavy and tired overall. From Week 34 onwards I already had bad water retention on my face, limbs like fingers would swell in the morning and towards bedtime like sausages, and thighs and calves would swell up especially after walking for a while (like a short 5-10 mins).

So I really dreaded walking in the mall after Week 34 cos I would suffer bad water retention from walking around. It can get so bad that I would feel like my legs are hard as tree barks, and when I touch them they're all tight, swollen and painful!

This time, I don't really experience water retention apart from once or twice after eating food with more sodium, but even then my legs don't swell up that badly and I can still walk comfortably.

Also by now I was already super lazy to go out and meet people, and was wishing for time to pass faster cos my lower back ached pretty badly, and when my previous Gynae asked us to induce at week 38.5 I was more than delighted cos I couldn't imagine going through another few weeks in that condition.

Now I'm already at Week 36, and I feel good honestly! More easily tired/sleep than before definitely, feeling bigger, but I'm still very active and productive! Been spending the last few weeks spring cleaning the house and sorting out baby's clothing and nursery corner on top of my usual work and appointments.

I guess energy begets energy is really true. With Tyler's pregnancy I didn't have much commitment and was just waiting to give birth only. Now I have a toddler, business, and chores to take care of (more loads of laundry with a toddler at home now compared to last time), so I have no luxury of lying and lazing around like before. Which I feel is actually a good thing!

Difference #4: No stretch marks this time around woohoooooo!

With Tyler, stretch marks started surfacing at the lower abdomen, side of my hips, boobs and butt around Week 30-32 if I'm not mistaken. Probably that's when I suddenly grew a lot bigger that's why. But I religiously (I mean, Boon lol) applied anti stretch mark cream (used Palmer's and then changed to Bio Oil with Tyler) so I thought it must be genetics (cos some of my friends were super blessed to not apply much and still not get stretch marks).

Honestly after a while my previous stretch marks have lightened up a lot and have turned from reddish to like white/silver-ish which isn't visible from a distance. And I have learned to live with them + all the orange peel stretch marks on my thighs.

This time, I really didn't wanna leave things to chance so I asked for suggestions on IG Stories from my dear followers, where 80% of the responses pointed to Clarins and some even swore by them. So I decided to invest (I say invest cos it's seriously not cheap lol) in a set of Clarins anti stretch marks tonic treatment + cream which comes down to about RM500+ for two, just to see how effective they are.

Used finish the first set and my tummy hasn't gotten any stretch marks (yet, maybe), but it has also felt a lot more moisturised, smoother, shinier (lol no joke) and I just felt less stretch and itch unlike with Tyler.

So I decided to get another set and until now, after applying religiously every night (by Boon lol), no new stretch marks have surfaced yet, so fingers crossed I won't get any new ones this time around!

It may not work for everybody cos I believe it could be down to a lot of factors like genetics, or some skin just works better with other treatment like cocoa butter, coconut oil and so on. But if you'd like to try, I recommend Clarins cos it has been working for me! Not sponsored or paid to say this in any way by the way (all from my own wallet okay hahhaha).

Difference #5: No Linea Nigra this time around!

Like, none at all! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

In case you're wondering, Linea Nigra is the dark "pregnancy line" that appears in the middle of the pregnancy belly. I had that when I was pregnant with Tyler, which took about 3-6 months to fully disappear. I didn't take any photos of my pregnant belly at that time so I can't show you, but here's a Google image that I found hahaha.

Yes, something like this. I remember being annoyed with it cos that line wasn't even aligned my goodness! Much like the photo above, which really irritated me hahahah.

This time, I seriously don't have and I don't understand why! I thought it will slowly appear towards the end but until now I don't see any sign of it. 

Difference #6: Overall better wellbeing, skin moisture and radiance

And I've been thinking, yes I believe Clarins may have played a huge part in no stretch marks, but I also realised that this time I took care of myself a lot better so it all may have played a part in it, together.

My definition of #selflove was very different 4 years ago with Tyler's pregnancy. To me, self-love back then was to indulge in food that I loved and sugar that I needed, and acting a lot on impulses (like signing up for 10 sessions of prenatal yoga and ended up only going for 4 sessions cos I was so damn lazy and sluggish).

Four years later, my overall lifestyle habits have changed along the way, even before this pregnancy. I have slowly learned to take better care of myself by sleeping earlier, waking earlier (used to sleep past 1am and wake up past 11am), drinking a lot more water which resulted in better overall moisture on my skin, lips and I look a lot less dull and dry lol.

Here are some other beauty changes that I was disciplined to follow through this time around:

1. Regular intake of Bird Nest

I had bird nest during Tyler's pregnancy too but very inconsistent and even had leftovers after I gave birth! How wasted.

This time, we have set a routine that I took a piece of bird nest each week (every Wed my mom will cook for me to consume at night before I sleep), and when my bird nest was finished I continued with Golden Bird Nest, taking one bottle every other day!

I love that it's conveniently packaged, and there are generous amounts of bird nest in each bottle! Perfect as a gift for pregnant mamas, or anyone who wants to improve their general wellbeing for that matter! Bird nest is also known for improving skin condition and production of collagen, so it could also be due to this that helped reduce the appearance of stretch marks!

2. Regular Pre-Natal Massages

With my first pregnancy, I only discovered the beauty of Prenatal Massages during Week 36, and only managed to have one, ONE massage session at Urban Retreat Spa in The Curve.

I really didn't know there was such a thing as Prenatal Massage though my body was craving for some relief from the aches and swells. Felt so silly that I only managed to have one massage session, so this time I wanted to make sure I got consistent massages throughout my second and third trimester (from Week 24-36 for most centres), and it really did help me feel a lot less tense, bloated and helped to keep my water retention at bay!

I had Gigi from Eve at 8 over my place once every two weeks from Week 24 onwards, and those afternoons would be something I anticipated after a long week at work. They offer home massages for prenatal and postnatal too, which I will be continuing with them after I give birth! Already looking forward to it!

3. Regular Facials

I've been going for monthly (or almost monthly) facials at Jia Clinic for the past 2-3 years, and I've continued doing so even during pregnancy cos this is when my skin is the driest!

Whereas during my pregnancy with Tyler, I literally spent 9 months not going for any facial because I thought I couldn't zzzzz. Can you believe, 9 months of blackheads, whiteheads, and blemishes all stuck to my pores? This was something I was determined to do differently this time around, and I'm glad I did cos my skin is a lot cleaner and healthier this time!

I usually go for the Aqua Peel Facial (for cleansing and purification), and Aqua Boost Facial (for Hydration) depending on which I need most at that point of time. I also use their cleansers, hydrator and sunscreen as basic daily skincare!

4. Regular Facial Exfoliating, Masking and Moisturising at Home

Of course we can't just rely on the once a month facials! I have grown to be more disciplined on my skincare routine over these 4 years, so the discipline has been carried forward into my pregnancy as well.

Last time whenever anyone stood close enough to me, they would be able to tell I was suffering from dry skin and LIPS especially! Towards the end of my pregnancy my lips was chapped badly until got blood that type, which couldn't be concealed by any lipstick or lip gloss cos the dryness was from within.

I am prone to skin and lip dryness, especially so during pregnancy, so I made sure I exfoliate my face regularly (about 3-4 times a week), followed by sleeping masks (I use Shiseido's White Luscent Overnight Mask and Fresh Beauty's Rose Deep Hydrating Sleeping Mask alternatively) for better absorption, while for lips I use Fresh Beauty's SUGAR lip balm every night before sleeping, and Handmade Heroes Lip Tint in the day time for moisture and some color natural on my lips!

These may seem like small little beauty regime but in the long run they really do make a difference! Of course I do use other basic products too like cleanser, toner, hydrator, sunscreen and moisturisers from other brands too but these are the products I use to tackle dryness! And no I'm not paid to promote any of them okay (just feel the need to do a disclaimer hahaha).

All in all, looking back at these 36 weeks, I would say it's interesting to see how much difference both pregnancies can be! From the little to big things!

I must also say I have learned a lot from my first pregnancy, so this time I am a lot more disciplined, diligent and wiser in keeping a better and healthier lifestyle overall. And because of that I am enjoying this pregnancy a lot more (despite the Acid Reflux that has been coming back to torture me from Week 27 onwards zzz).

That's it from me for now! So many more posts I wanna share so fingers crossed I can post more before I give birth in two weeks or less ๐Ÿ˜‚

Thanks for reading and see you over on Instagram @careentxy where I'm a lot more active!

Signing out,
Week 36.

Love, Careen.
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Friday, June 7, 2019

Week 33 | A Glimpse into Pregnancy Depression

Here I am, at 12.09am, sitting at my dining table typing on my blog.

The rational thing to do is to sleep right now cos I have to wake up early the next day for an early gown fitting in the studio, and I will be bringing Tyler with me tomorrow since he's on school holidays. I've got tons of other work matters to attend to as well, but since it's the veryyyyy last of my public holiday (thank God for the Raya holidays!), I thought I should spare just a few minutes to do one of the things I love most.

Just like that, we are entering Week 33. 
Just like that, it's been almost 3 months since I last updated my blog!
Just like that, we are left with just a few weeks before our life changes again.

I'm gonna be honest, this time around I do worry a lot more. Compared to my first pregnancy with Tyler where I was a lot freer with a lot less commitments and responsibilities (ie: Tyler and The White Atelier), and when I was a lot more oblivious to how life will be with a newborn, it's no wonder I'm a lot more aware about how life truly IS going to change.

Thinking back, the early days with Tyler as a newborn and infant were challenging. The lack of sleep, c-section recovery, barely-there-to-just-enough milk supply, nipple cracks, etc though 4 years ago, are still fresh in my mind. And I had just one baby to take care of, no business to think about (just a blog to update and vlogs I attempted to make happen least I tried lol). And I also had a husband who had ample leaves and took a month off to be with me during the whole of confinement. Just how lucky was I?

This time though, it's going to be very different. I'm going to have a newborn with all the same challenges any post-partum mom goes through, plus a sticky toddler who needs to cuddle me and plaster his face next to mine to sleep every night, plus a business that's growing healthily and requires lots of attention due our personal one-to-one customer servicing (that's what happens when everything is customisable! every bride and every wedding is different). And this time, I don't have a husband who can take a whole month of leave to be with me- just a week at most since he doesn't travel for work so much anymore, hence the lack of leaves he can take.

Many nights while putting Tyler to bed, I find myself lying awake wondering how life will come to be soon. With Tyler sticking to me and his legs flying all over my body while sleeping (still does fly across my tummy even now!), how will it affect my c-section recovery?

Speaking of which, like the first pregnancy, I have Gestational Diabetes again this time. So my gynae has scheduled a c-section date for me in mid July (EDD is supposed to be 27 July). If Baby Dumpling decides not to arrive naturally anytime before mid July, that means it'll be c-section for me again. I honestly do not mind because I already know what to expect- everything from the whole procedure to the pain and recovery process. But a part of me as a woman does wish to try for a natural birth this time, because I know I can recover naturally a lot faster, and that means I'll be able to attend to my boys a lot quicker, get active and slim down sooner, and many more.

Can you already get a glimpse of what I ponder about on a daily basis? These are not even all :')

It's easy, and I mean really easy to fall trap into worrying and experiencing anxiety. During the start of my third trimester, I experienced a plunge in my energy levels and felt fatigue that no words could explain. It's like my first trimester fatigue but this time, it was coupled with a depressive feeling. 

This feeling lingered for a few weeks where I struggled to fall sleep, struggled to get out of bed, lacked motivation to do anything, didn't want social interactions with people, and all I wanted was just to sleep but I couldn't. I would close my eyes and flip back and forth on the bed and before I knew it, 1 hour was up and I still hadn't napped.

It was bothering me so badly that I googled for third trimester depression and found the symptoms scarily relatable (besides suicidal thoughts la), and I came to know that besides the widely discussed post-partum depression, there is also such a thing as pregnancy depression. 

But you know, no one really talks about these things openly and I can understand why. Pregnancy is supposed to be a happy thing. It's a blessing and a miracle, so why would I be feeling so sad and so miserable instead? One of the things I always do when I'm upset is to try putting my feelings into words to help myself understand my situation better, but at that point I couldn't even figure out why I was so sad. The only thing I could vaguely point out was that perhaps I was physically and mentally too exhausted, or that it's the change in hormones upon entering the third trimester that changed my emotions drastically.

So I took a day off and spent the day at home alone (Boon was at work and Tyler was at school and then his grandparents'), cried a lot, sporadically, sometimes in tears and sometimes in wails. Ordered food delivery, watched Working Moms and Beyonce's Homecoming on Netflix, napped, and did not touch any work at all cos Boon forbade me.

Just one day of shutting off from work, and one day of releasing my emotions freely and resting a lot (physically and mentally) turned out to be all I needed. After that day, I never felt those scary depressive feelings again, and I've been so thankful to have my spunk back again.

Thought of saving this topic for another day but you know how blog entries like this turns out. I'm glad to know that I'm actually ready to even talk about this in the open, because while I was experiencing it I didn't even think I was ever ready to open up about this. It's scary enough to experience it, and even scarier to know that there will be people who will judge you for feeling those feelings.

If you're a pregnant mama and is going though a rough patch mentally and emotionally seemingly without reason, do know that you're not alone. This hormonal change thing really is a b*tch and drives our bodies up and down without permission or reason. When that happens, take some time off to acknowledge those feelings, and feel free to let them out. Cry if you need to, eat if you want to, and binge watch Netflix if it takes your mind off those thoughts and feelings. Talk to your partner, people you trust, and reach out for help. Never ever feel too embarrassed to talk about it and never go through it alone. It could be a very short-lived phase that just needs some form of rest and release, so go and do what you need to to feel better :)

Having said all of that, as much as I'm aware that life is going to be different very soon and lots of challenges await, I also know that life will double up in love and joy. I know that Little Dumpling will bring a whole new meaning into our lives and family, and I know just how much Tyler is going to love and adore his new best friend and baby brother.

And I really can't wait to feel witness those precious moments right before my eyes.

Signing out,
Week 33.

Love, Careen.
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Thursday, March 28, 2019

Mighty Mighty Squad School Holiday at IPC Shopping Center!

Just like that, we have come to the end of Quarter 1 of 2019! That means Tyler would have been in school for 3 months now, and time for his first school holiday break ever! 

Still can't believe I'm saying this, but we have now joined the parents club who crack their heads on how to occupy our little ones during the school holidays ๐Ÿ˜… While school holidays are great ways to spend quality time together as a family, it's also challenging for us parents to think of good and healthy ways to occupy our active little ones. Staying at home all day would mean screen time involved somehow, and with the extremely hot weather these days (plus HAZE!), it's also not a great idea to play in the outdoors lately.

So when I came to know that IPC Shopping Center is organizing a school holiday event for the kids, I knew we had to let Tyler go for it!

IPC Mighty Mighty Squad School Holiday event is held from March 22-31, 2019, in conjunction with the school holidays! It's located at the concourse, right opposite DOME and Magnum. With a huge set-up like this, it's definitely hard to miss!

First things first, we registered for IPC's Sma Club membership for Tyler at the IPC Information Counter (opposite Padini) which entitles him for free entry at any IPC's kids related events for one whole year! It's better to register online on IPC's official website HERE beforehand so that you can just pick up your membership card right away (might take up to a week to process the registration)!

Tyler received his entrance tickets from the counter and also some goodies (a teddy bear plushie and IPC Sma Club wrist band) upon registration. In the future we just have to bring along the IPC Sma Club wrist band whenever we go to IPC Shopping Center for Tyler to be entitled to enter any kids related event/activity for the whole year!

These are some of the other benefits of IPC Smรฅ Club:

  • FREE 1 year membership (renewal fee – RM30)
  • FREE gift upon registration
  • Enjoy selected promotions & discounts at selected outlets
  • Birthday gift during birthday month
  • Seasonal gifts (selected occasions)
  • Minimum spend of RM30 anywhere in IPC Shopping Centre to redeem a Smรฅ Club Sticker
  • Recycle selected items with a minimum weight of 1kg at IPC Recycling & Buy Back Centre to redeem a Smรฅ Club Sticker
  • Priority sign up for IPC Shopping Centre kid’s workshop & activities

I was so mesmerized by the set-up, beautifully decorated in colourful pastels everywhere! There are 11 checkpoints in total and all of them are carefully designed for kids aged 1-12 (younger kids would need more assistance but they can still have fun!).

There were facilitators all around to help the kids with each station, so no worries if you're bringing the kids by yourself! I couldn't help Tyler much since I'm pregnant, so I was the designated photographer of the day ๐Ÿ˜›

This boy was so excited for all the obstacle courses, but unfortunately scrapped his knee right from the beginning. The cut was pretty deep and started bleeding, but he still held it in and soldiered on like a boss ๐Ÿ˜ญ

If you look closely you would be able to see the cut which is pretty deep. We plastered his knee up after that and he just continued on with the rest of the activities. So proud of him ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ

Boon and I always tell each other how Tyler is more towards the creative side, musically inclined and all that but his motor skills are not as good compared to some of his peers. But today he proved to us that while he's not great at it, he's willing to try until he can! There were a few obstacles that he didn't do too well in the beginning so he requested to do it again. That's the spirit, son! ๐Ÿ’ช

Erm, they're supposed to go through the obstacle courses alone but somehow Tyler volunteered to help his new friend ๐Ÿ˜… He loves friends so he was very happy to see the playground slowly filling up with more kids!

Another thing we realised is how our cheers and claps encourage Tyler to keep pushing himself forward and doing better! He also cheers for himself and tells himself "Well done" at the end of each course hahahaha, which is honestly really good! Cos in life we gotta learn to encourage ourselves! #truestory

Aside from the obstacle courses, there's also an activity corner at the end of it for kids to play.

Tyler and his new IPC Smรฅ Club wrist band, which he fondly calls "Tyler's Watch" ๐Ÿ˜…

Each kid receives a certificate of completion after all the activities! Here's Tyler holding his cert and feeling super proud of it ๐Ÿ˜


Couldn't help but take a photo with all the pastel tyres here! So pretty! Here's the two of us taking a chill pill after the whole morning of activities ๐Ÿ˜Š

Now I understand why school holidays are so precious to families, cos once our kids start school, we get to spend less time with them. Tyler's been telling us he wants to go for holiday with papa and mama, so family outings like this is perfect for a fun day out!

Plus, IPC Shopping Center is our favourite family-friendly mall. Love that there are so many kid-friendly eateries, play areas and washrooms/diaper rooms! Everything is very well-maintained and makes changing our kids and bringing the to the washroom a pleasant experience.

Oh yes, you can also be entitled to a one-day pass for the Might Might Squad School Holiday event by spending a minimum of RM50 in a single receipt!

Few more days to go, so do bring your kids down to IPC Shopping Center and enjoy a fun family time together! ๐Ÿ˜

You can read more about the event details over HERE as well.
Have a great school holiday with your little ones!

Love, Careen.
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Saturday, February 23, 2019

YEHWADAM- Brighten Your Skin the Korean Traditional Way

Hey guys! Am back today to share about this new skincare range that I've been trying out for the last month. Korean skincare products have been making waves in the beauty scene especially of the recent years, and it's all for good reasons!

Introducing to you guys the YEHWADAM Pure Brightening anti-ageing skincare line by THE FACE SHOP, which is specially developed to reveal skin's brightness and radiance by improving the appearance of pigmentations, dark spots, and dull skin tone.

To be honest, my skin has been suffering from uneven skin tone due to hormonal changes the past few months ever since I started conceiving! Many a times without the use of makeup, my skin will be visibly dull, with red patches on parts of my face especially around the t-zone and mouth area. I tried googling up on why my skin has become this way, and it's mostly due to the fact that there's a LOT of hormonal changes in my body which explains how my skin is going haywire too.

So I thought since it's due to the hormones, there's nothing much that I can actually do! It's not until I started trying this skin brightening range that I started seeing slight improvements on my skin tone, where the reds are slowly fading and my skin tone looks overall more even. So as much as many a times our skin acts up due to internal changes like hormonal changes, using the right products to target on our pigments specifically would help!

And one of the most precious things about this YEHWADAM Pure Brightening skin care range is that it is formulated using Korean traditional herbs using the 'Chill-baek-seol-yun-dan' method, with 7 different traditional herbs harvested in Korean soil that are processed using the 'baek-ja' method (where ingredients are heated for a long period of time in pure water to maximize the effectiveness of the products, and also to eliminate toxins in the extraction process.

The YEHWADAM Pure Brightening skin care range is packaged in these beautiful glass bottles, and comes in a complete set of Toner, Serum, Emulsion and Cream. Today I'll be sharing on just the Toner, Serum and Emulsion. Let's begin!

1. YEHWADAM Pure Brightening Toner, 155ml (RM149.90)

Look at it flow! ๐Ÿ’ง

This brightening and anti-ageing toner is light yet thick enough to be applied onto skin with just the hands or if you prefer, with cotton pads too! As rich as the texture is, it is pretty easy to be absorbed into the skin, and to me that's important cos we've got to time to wait for it to dry up cos we have 2 more skin care steps to go!

If you're applying the toner with your hands, I recommend pressing the toner right into the palm of your hands, and apply straight to your face evenly. What I like to do is to tap tap my skin to let the toner absorb faster!

2. YEHWADAM Pure Brightening Serum, 45ml (RM239.90)

After applying the toner and making sure that it's evenly and fully absorbed into skin, it's time to apply the next product which is the brightening serum! The texture of the serum is pretty rich in itself, so just a small pea-sized squeeze is enough for the whole face!

If you're wondering what's the use of serums and why the need for serum when there is already moisturizer, here's an excerpt from the Internet that I found which explains perfectly:

"Serum is a skincare product you can apply to your skin after cleansing but before moisturizing with the intent of delivering powerful ingredients directly into the skin. Serum is particularly suited to this task because it is made up of smaller molecules that can penetrate deeply into the skin and deliver a very high concentration of active ingredients. This makes them a great tool for targeting specific skincare concerns, like wrinkles." 

- Into The Gloss.

So there you go! I used to wonder why we need so many steps in skincare, and why the need for serums if I'm going to use moisturizer after anyway. But after being a user of serums myself for these past few years, I do see and feel the difference! Serums are not just for moisturizing but to specifically seal in certain ingredients into your skin, BEFORE you moisturize which is to primarily hydrate the skin. Serums can do a lot more than just hydrate and moisturize!

For serums and moisturizers, I like to press the product onto the top of my hand instead of my palm because I only want to use my fingers to apply the product onto my face, and not my entire palm if that makes sense hahahah. Massage gently onto skin, and then you're ready for the next step!

3. YEHWADAM Pure Brightening Emulsion, 140ml (RM149.90)

The third step is to MOISTURIZE! As much as toner and serum are important, moisturizing is just as important a step to ensure that our skin is properly hydrated. Being in air-conditioned spaces and rooms almost all the time (car, office, malls, bedroom, etc), it's easy for our skin to dry up without us even realizing until it's too late.

I used to not like applying moisturizers because the ones I used were pretty thick in nature and that made my skin feel sticky and uncomfortable all day. So for many years in my early twenties (yeap, I'm in the last of my late twenties now sob sob), I only used cleanser and toner. And that's it. I know, unbelievable. I liked how my skin remained dry and smooth and pride myself in the fact that I did not need any moisturizers. 

It wasn't until my skin started becoming very oily that even makeup foundations could not sit properly after a few hours and would start to discolour and melt.

I went to a few dermatologists and did some skin test, and found that while I thought I had oily skin because I had an oily skin combination, I actually had DRY skin which explained why my skin felt it needed to generate more oil to combat the dryness!

I got a big shock to say the least. Since then I've been diligently moisturizing and hydrating my skin, and things became normal and better again. So yes, learn from my silly mistake and don't skip any step in skin care! If you don't like the sticky feeling on your face, opt for lighter moisturizers in the market like this one that I'm using!

The YEHWADAM Pure Brightening Emulsion has a slightly lighter and watery texture as compared to the serum which is richer and thicker in nature. So a little pump can be used for the whole face! In the above photos I could even apply the moisturizer all the way from my hand to my arm!

After the emulsion/moisturizer, you can carry on with any other skin care product of your choice but do make sure that you end your skincare regime with sunscreen!

These days the products I use all have anti-ageing ingredients, and I can't emphasize enough just how important it is to take care of our skin by prevention instead of finding treatments when things go bad. The older we grow, the more we would need to invest in our health- diet, fitness, and skin care are some of the things that would treat you well in return if you take good care of them now!

You can purchase the YEHWADAM Pure Brightening skin care range from any of THE FACE SHOP outlets or on their website HERE, which carries many Korean skin care and beauty products!

That's all from me today. 
Thanks for reading and 'til the next post!

Love, Careen
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