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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Standing with Pride

I've always read of how parents would beam with pride at their children's achievements, and watched scenes in movies where parents tear watching their kid's concert performance or school graduation, and wondered how that would feel like. I mean, it should be quite easy to imagine the feelings of love and joy, but pride wasn't something that I could quite figure out how it'd feel.

I remember watching my younger sisters performing in church and their pre-school concerts and I would beam with pride, and wondered if sibling pride would feel the the same as parental pride?

Now that I'm a parent, I can finally answer those questions myself.
And the answer is no, it is not the same. 

From the moment Tyler was born, I've been proud of him- of who he is, his milestones, and even when he doesn't do anything at all.

A parent's pride is constant. I find myself feeling proud of Tyler all the time, 
in everything he does, and even in the nothing that he does.

However, over the past few weeks, I found myself beaming with pride more than ever. I've been training Tyler to stand holding onto the sides of his baby cot every morning, and then just two weeks ago he managed to pull himself up to stand, and started walking around the baby cot holding onto the sides. Just like that, he has become EVEN more mobile than he already is. 

Many times I just sat in front of him staring at him doing his thing- sit, pulls self up, stand, pushing the cot back and forth by hitting his chest onto the sides, squatting while holding onto the sides, falling backwards and pulling himself up again, and walking around like a big boy. 

Many times I find myself wanting to fully immerse myself in the moment that I just didn't want to get distracted with recording with my phone or sharing with the world over Snapchat/Instagram Stories. I just wanted that moment to be for me, locked in my memory forever. Because before I know it, he wouldn't be standing and walking assisted anymore. Before I know it, he wouldn't be toppling over anymore. Before I know it, he'll be walking around in his big boy shoes, running around in malls steadily like a toddler does. 

But in other times, I just wish to freeze the moment, and the only way to do it is by taking a quick picture of him in action. Over here, he was calling me "mama mama" asking me to carry him out from the playpen while I was standing there eating a siew pao in one hand, and texting on my phone in the other. My heart was melting at the sound of him calling me "mama", and the sight of him looking at me with his puppy eyes. I knew I just had to take a quick photo, lest I forget. Which I likely will since I've become so forgetful since pregnancy!

This was taken yesterday morning when I was having my lunch on the couch, and him just playing with balls by himself at the playpen, occasionally pulling himself up to stand and take a look at what I'm doing. 

These were taken this morning, when he was so, super excited to be awake. The moment he woke up, he was already happy. And the moment I put him to stand in the cot, he got even happier. It was then that I sat in front of him on my bed, just staring at him and watching him walking around the cot with much confidence. My baby is now walking around. Oh my goodness.

This was taken this afternoon when I was working on my phone. He would come around every other minute to catch my attention. This darling never fails to melt mama's heart.

Now that he can stand and walk (though assisted), it's becoming more and more real to me that my baby is growing up. This makes me not want to miss any moment at all. As much as I can I try to put my phone aside each time he's asking for my attention (unless it's to take a quick photo!). No work is important enough that I cannot take a few seconds off to take a look at him, sayang him, and say hi back.

Tyler, mommy loves you, 
and is unreasonably, unconditionally proud of you.

love, mommy.
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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Breathing Clean with Dyson Pure Cool Link

Spot anything new in our home? :)

It fits right into the colour tone of our living room that I don't blame you if you didn't notice at first glance! 

THIS, is the new addition in our home.
Meet the all-new Dyson Pure Cool Link Purifier Fan!

To own a Dyson product has been a dream of mine ever since we got our own place 4 years ago. Their problem solving philosophy and brilliant technology is second to none, which has been proven with its star products such as the famous Dyson bladeless fan, vacuum cleaner, and recently the hair dryer! One of the latest products to join the Dyson family is this amazing air purifier (that also works as a bladeless fan!) that sends my heart racing just talking about it. And now to get my hands on it makes me feel super excited and extremely blessed! Stay tuned as I share more about it in this post!

Meanwhile, let the unboxing begin!

So what's in the box?

- Dyson loop amplifier
- Base + filter
- Remote Control
- Operations Manual

And 2 years guarantee for the product!

Look at this sleek, gorgeous thing!

There are two colours available- White Silver and Iron Blue. Both colours look amazing, but without a shadow of doubt I knew in my heart I'd pick a White Silver unit because I'm a huge fan of all things white! I could already imagine how it'd fit seamlessly right into our home. *dreamy eyes*

With only 2 main parts to air purifier, it is super easy to assemble/dissemble! If someone as noob as me when it comes to assembling things can do it, so can you! Plus, weighing only 3.7kg (which is half the weight of Tyler OMG), it is super light to carry around the home! Which is a serious plus point because for someone as petite (and quite unfit) as me, to carry a heavy and bulky air purifier between our bedroom and the living room would be a tough feat. But in this case, I can carry it around with one hand, baybeh! *sunglasses emoji*

"Ooo mama, is that my new toy?"

"New toy looks yummyyyy!"

No, son it's not a toy! But it's definitely safe if you decide to play with it!

"Oh kewl!"

This cutie patootie just stood there playing peekaboo with his daddy while I assembled the purifier fan! Thanks Papa Boon for keeping Tyler entertained!

Sorry for the #TylerSpam, I'm just super proud of how my shots turned out looking so fine hahaha! Captured through our Dyson loop amplifier!

Now on to the interesting details!

Here are 5 reasons why I love the Dyson Pure Cool Link Purifier Fan:

#1: Impressive filter performance

Have you heard of the joke that in Malaysia, there are also four seasons like other countries? There's the hot season, rainy season, dengue season, and the haze season -.- *weak laugh*

It's a very sad joke and a sad reality, especially the haze season! I can endure the hot and rainy seasons. For dengue season? Well we could always stay indoors, wear mosquito repellents and protect our homes by installing mosquito nettings (Which is exactly what we did! Our home is now mozzie-free!).

But the haze season is something that I feel very helpless about. There seems to be no way to combat this on our level, and no way to escape it because it's in the air we breathe. Whether we're indoors or out, we still inhale harmful polluted air everywhere we go.

And guess what? The haze season is back with a vengeance as I type. Many people will soon be avoiding the outdoors and camp at home with the air-conditioner in full blast. Well, at least that's what I did, thinking it was the best solution to take shelter from the horrible haze.

The truth is, being indoors isn't very much a safer option than outdoors, and here's why.

Air pollution inside our home can be up to 5 times worse than outside, this is because modern buildings are built sealed, which trap ultra-fine and harmful indoor air pollutants that are invisible to our naked eyes. Yet we spend approximately 90% of our time indoors! Many families invest in air purifiers for this very reason, but not all air purifiers use effective filters, causing potentially harmful, ultra-fine particles to escape back into the room. Which equals to having no air purifier at all.

Dyson engineers have combined their expertise in fluid dynamics and filtration systems with software to develop the new Dyson Pure Cool Link, by using a combination of 360° glass HEPA filter and active carbon filter. The 360° glass HEPA is made from borosilicate microfibres, pleated over 200 times to remove 99.95% of pollutants and allergens as small as 0.1micron, while the active carbon filter captures odours and harmful toxins such as benzene, trapping them in the filter and keeping the air in our homes clean.

For this reason, it is certified asthma and allergy friendly by Allergy Standards Limited, which is a reason to rejoice for me particularly because Boon is asthmatic and is ultra sensitive to allergens. It also arrived just in time for the dreaded haze season so yay to cleaner air in our home!


#2: Minimal Footprint.
Two-in-one: Purifier + Fan

For a small home like ours, space is king! Which is why as much as possible we try to keep our furniture as space-saving as we can. So to know that the Dyson Pure Cool Link is both an air purifier AND a bladeless fan in one is a great plus point for us! Reducing the need to buy a fan and an air purifier separately.

Plus, the air that is being circulated through the fan is purified air, which makes it even better!

Here's a tip:
For purified, cool air, place your Dyson Pure Cool Link device right in front of your air-cond unit, so the air from your air-cond can be filtered through the device and subsequently be released as cool, and purified air!

#3: Auto-adjusted filter mode according to the air quality in your home

As a stay-at-home-mom, I'm perpetually busy and occupied with Tyler and managing the household + my work on the side! It's juggling and juggling every single day, which leaves me with very little time on my hands. How I wish we have 48 hours a day instead!

So what I do is that I just leave our Dyson Pure Cool Link on Auto mode, and be rest assured that it knows what to do. This is because one of the star features of this amazing device is that it has a sensor that detects changes in air quality before automatically adjusting airflow to maintain target air quality.

Which is super amazing because I don't have to think about adjusting the airflow throughout the day. Dyson can do it for me! 

That gives me peace of mind and to fully focus on taking care of Tyler and the household, knowing that the air we breathe is well taken care of.

Which leads me to the next reason!

#4: Control it from anywhere in the world

Wow wow wow, what do I mean by that??

Welcome to the first page of my phone apps, where only the most important apps stand a chance to take their rightful place. And the Dyson Link App made it to the list (and Pokemon GO too hahaha)!

Yes, you read it right. Dyson has an app specially for the Dyson Pure Cool Link! With this app, I can switch on the device, adjust it and monitor the air quality in your home from anywhere in the world. Yes, ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD! Truly the next step to a connected home.

This is great because we can switch it on while we are on the way home, right in our car so that we return to a cooler home with cleaner air! Also perfect for instances when Tyler falls asleep in the car. We can now turn on the filter and fan to cool the room down and put Tyler straight to sleep the moment we reach home.

Also for those of you who are frequent travelers always away from home, you can still keep the air in your home clean but switching on the filter remotely from wherever you are at that point in time. OMG I can't stress enough just how useful this feature is!

With the Dyson Link app, remote control is literally REMOTE now. 
Geddit? Geddit?? :P

Aside from that, the Dyson Link app has other useful features such as tracking and displaying the current house temperature and level of air quality in our home!

We can also adjust the airflow levels (from 1-10) right from the app, determine the 'swing' function of the Dyson Pure Cool Link, schedule for switch on or off, and adjusting to Night Mode where it automatically dims the LED display and silences the airflow. Perfect if you have babies at home! Air Purifier can be switched on without disturbing baby's sleep at all!

It also tracks and records air quality history so you can view on the Dyson Link app if air quality in your home has improved or deteriorated within the past few days, weeks or months! How amazing is this?? 

If you're not so much into phone apps and stuff, no worries! The remote control works efficiently as well, and the best part is?

It is designed in a way to dock perfectly on top of the Dyson Pure Cool Link with in-built magnets! No more worries about not being able to find your remote control anymore. Just dock it back to the top of the device! It's overall just so well thought out.

 #5: Long-lasting, easy maintenance

The question that everyone will ask about air purifiers is:

"How frequently am I require to change the filter?"
Because filter capacity matters. If the filter capacity is low, that means more filters need to be replaced. Which eventually means, more spending!

For a powerful air purifier + fan like Dyson Pure Cool Link, you're only required to change your filter in 12 months (if you switch on for 12 hours a day), and 6 months (if you switch on 24/7, all day, everyday). Sounds fair to me! And don't worry if you lose track of time as the Dyson app also displays the filter life and tells you when it needs to be replaced!

Many great products come with amazing features, but when it comes to maintenance, it is often pretty troublesome. But I'm relieved to find that for the Dyson Pure Cool Link, it is easy to maintain. Change of filter can be done swiftly simply by replacing a new filter with the old, while just a quick wipe is all it takes to clean the device!

All in all, this is, to me one of the best, most thoughtfully designed device we have in our home. We have tried using different air purifiers before but none like the Dyson Pure Cool Link. To know that we now have clean, purified air while taking shelter from the haze outside gives me peace of mind that we're breathing healthy air into our lungs, especially Tyler's little lungs! As an infant his organs are developing rapidly, so it is crucial that purified air is supplied to Tyler's lungs for healthy, optimal development.

That's us enjoying the cool air from the Dyson Pure Cool Link. See this Tyler so enjoy hahaha! 
His 'life is good' face come out again! Hahaha

Personally, I feel that this is a product worth investing in. Some of the most crucial things in life such as clean water and clean air are many times being disregarded as unimportant just because we cannot see the impurities with our naked eye. Over the decades, many have learned and made the decision to invest in good quality water filters, and the same priority should be placed on air purifiers as the air we breathe is as important as the water we drink, if not, more.

The Dyson Pure Cool Link is retailing at RM3,399.

For more info, you can visit Dyson Malaysia's website at!

love, Careen.
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Friday, August 19, 2016

Scott's® DHA Gummies Launched!

Arise and shine!
Woke up bright and up early on a lovely Saturday morning for a special event!

Brought the youngest sister (Tyler's favourite aunty), Evangeline with us cos we were going for the launch of Scott's® DHA Gummies at Aquaria KLCC! I was particularly excited cos the last time I visited Aquaria was more than 6 years ago, when I was still dating Boon and would wear mini skirt and stilettos to Aquaria. Yeap, those were the days. Now? No more lol.

Tyler was super excited that morning! And super happy that we gave him a ticket to hold also la hahaha! Little things like this can make a baby so happy :')

Wheeeeee we're ready!

Tyler in a submarine. Hahaha he was so happy cos Aunty Evangeline was calling for his attention right beside me!

I'll share more about the launch in a separate post cos I have tons of photos and things to share hahaha! For now, let me share with you about Scott's® DHA Gummies that have just been newly launched! :)

When I received the invite to attend the launch, it brought me back to the days when I would take Scott's® Emulsion when I was much younger and got me feeling all nostalgic! I still remember how the packaging looks and how the emulsion tasted exactly! So I can't believe now I'm attending Scott's a mom! How time flies! T_T

This time around, the latest product to join the Scott's® family are yummy chewables containing DHA!

And this is how Scott's® DHA Gummies look like! I took a few to try that day and I must say if I'm not careful, I could finish a full bottle myself cos it's so yummy! Tasted no different from gummy bears! Except this is the healthy version full of nutrients! They're non-sugar coated, with a non-sticky texture that filled with DHA!

I've been exposed to the term, 'DHA' ever since I was little cos it was plastered in most of the products that I took as a child like milk powder and supplements. I remember watching TV commercials that talk about milk powders containing DHA too cos this term was no stranger to my ears.

BUT, if you asked me what it means, I'll struggle to tell you. I just knew it was a very important element in helping with brain development in children. That's all I knew :P

Thank God we were exposed to DHA and what it does more during the launch! Here's a summary of what DHA is all about:


DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) is a type of Omega-3 fatty acid which is a major building block of the brain, also needed for the maintenance of normal vision.

The DHA component in is microencapsulated with patented technology that locks in the goodness of fish oil without the fishy taste and smell. It also contains Vitamin D, which helps support healthy growth and development.

Most mothers are aware of DHA's recognised role in children's development, but some children are still not gaining the required DHA in their dietary intake.

While juggling busy schedules and a variety of commitments, moms are likely to feel challenged to nurture their child's curiosity. Though Tyler is still considered too young to be consuming Scott's® DHA Gummies (as they're suitable for kids aged 4 and above), at 8 months I'm already wondering if I'm giving Tyler enough nutrients in his food and milk intake daily. The last thing I want is to deprive Tyler of what he needs to develop his brain and eye sight as these are important in the early years of a child's life! 

Scott's® DHA Gummies aims to provide moms challenged with busy schedules a helping hand when it comes to contributing to the DHA intake of their child. Now with Scott's® DHA Gummies  parents can be rest assured that with just 3 gummies a day, kids can get 40mg of DHA they need to supplement their daily diet. Plus point is, they're very yummy and taste nothing fishy at all, so kids will be more than happy to take them! ;)

They're available in Orange and Strawberry flavours, and comes in shapes of 3 different sea creatures- crab, fish and octopus! How adorable! :)

There are also 3 different pack sizes- 
3pcs (RM0.99), 15pcs (RM9.90) and 60pcs (RM34.40).

Here's us with Scotty the mascot!

Will be back to share more about the launch of Scott's® DHA Gummies and their 'Bright Little Explorers' campaign!

Visit their website at or Facebook page here for more information!

Til' then! 

love, Careen.
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