Monday, July 21, 2014

Food Review: Bar B Q Plaza

Hellooo peepo! It's with pleasure I announce that today's blog post is about FOOD! :P

Being a foodie, it always gives me great joy to share food that I love and think deserves credit to the people in my life- my family, friends, and readers like yourself! One of my all-time, all-time favourites that I frequent is Bar B Q Plaza, and when I got invited to do a food review there, I couldn't have been happier and immediately agreed to it!

To all the PJ/Klang Valley folks, this entrance must be no stranger to you at all. Yeap, visited the branch at 1 Utama Shopping Center in Petaling Jaya, which is the first ever Bar B Q Plaza outlet in Malaysia! It is located at the Rainforest section of the mall, where a host of other restaurants and eateries are located too.

Bar B Q Plaza is a self-cooking Mongolian and Japanese style barbecue restaurant established in 1987 with its first branch at Central Plaza Ladprao, Thailand.

In 2005, the first outlet opened its doors at 1 Utama Shopping Center which has quickly grown to many other major shopping centres in Malaysia, and has grown to 48 branches altogether worldwide.

It was a Wednesday night, yet it was quite a good crowd. Many families, couples and students were seen dining at that time. Now on to the FOOD! Been to Bar B Q Plaza so many times that I immediately knew what to order :P

If you haven't stepped foot into Bar B Q Plaza yet, no worries! Here's are some important tips that you should know :)


Bar B Q plaza is known for its quality of food served but the ultimate hook that gets on every customer is THE SAUCE, and it's FREE FLOW so you can imagine how much sauce I consume every single time I'm there. Almost 3 full bowls of that, cos it's that awesome!

They used to serve lime slices along with the sauce to add that bit of sourish, lime taste to the overall meal. I loved it but because I gotta squeeze the lime myself, it always stained my fingers. BUT THEN, after that they introduced the lime juice (as shown above) which was AWESOME!! Pre-squeezed lime juice! Now I don't have to squeeze them myself and stain my fingers while at it, and I can also pour lime juice on every single thing even on my rice! Hahahaha :P

I recommend you to add lime juice into your sauce. It tastes so much nicer! :)


Hahahah I know it sounds funny but I really don't know how to put it other than to 'rub them pork fats'. You'll be given 2 slices of pork fats to rub and spread on the wok to avoid the meat to stick on it later on. This is of utmost importance because you really don't want your meat to stick all over the wok.

That's right.


The ala carte items at Bar B Q Plaza are really nice but the main superstars are the sets! If you don't know what to order, for starters, try the Deluxe Family Set like what we did below! It comes with a mixture of everything! 

You get fresh slices of chicken, fish fillet, salmon, sirloin, choice beef, pork, bacon, Australian lamb, squid, shrimp, jelly fish, along with vegetables such as green tea taufu, fish mushrooms, baby corn, carrots, lettuce, tomatoes, pumpkins, broccoli, Chinese mushrooms, you mak, bean curd and my favourite- sliced cabbages!

Oh yeah, don't forget to drink the soup! It'll be super yummers especially after boiling it with veggies and meat.


The meal wouldn't be complete without its signature garlic rice! Just add a minimal amount of around RM1.50 to upgrade from their complimentary steam rice to the signature garlic rice, which is aromatic and really yummy! Highly recommended.


The side Bar B Q items were prepared to complement the main dishes themselves. 

Marinated Chicken Drumsticks


Thai Taopok

Fried Bacon Roll - MY FAVOURITE! Their sauce for this dish is LOVE.

Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab with Oats

Somtam with Soft Shell Crabs

Sweet Corn Bacon Salad - Niceeeeeee!

Oh yes, drinks!

Ribenna Soda and Double Rainbow Blended

Bar B Q Plaza seriously has got to be one of the restaurants with the widest choices for beverages! From Chinese Tea, Green Tea, Herbal Teas, to Ice Blended, Soda and Soft Drinks, Special Float Drinks, beers coffee and the likes. Something for everyone.

I had Ribenna Soda and it was yumssss.

And this was our meal for two girlies! :)) 

Being a Bar B Q Plaza fan myself, I couldn't contain my excitement but to indulge in all of them that evening. All my favourite to resist! In the end we really wiped everything clean. Too yummy.

Sharon and I were stuffed by the end of the meal, but super satisfied. 

Oh, here are some of the special offers and promotions that you might want to look out for!

Sign up as a BAR B GON club member and enjoy the perks as listed above!

I remember I used to take advantage of my status as a student back then when I was still studying, and always get special discounts and perks while dining at Bar B Q Plaza. Now I can't anymore but if you're a student, don't miss these perks!

Student Privilege: 20% off sets and RM12.90 for express lunch! So super worth it!

Another yummy meal at Bar B Q Plaza, as always. Thanks for having me that evening!

For those of you who are keen to pay Bar B Q Plaza a visit, you can go to to find out everything you need to know about the restaurant, from the menu, special promotions, to all the outlet locations in Malaysia.

That's all from me today! Til then :)

love, Careen

Thursday, July 10, 2014

GUESS Denim Lookbook Photoshoot

After a little break in Sydney for the past week, I'm now recharged and ready to get back to work and all the exciting projects that have been lined up ahead for the coming months!

First thing when I got back was that I did a little lookbook photoshoot of all the GUESS denim apparels I recently purchased! Thanks to all your votes and support, yours truly have successfully entered into Top 4 placing for the female GUESS Blogger Awards competition! Best news ever! :))

The Top 4 were rewarded with GUESS apparels and you can imagine how crazy I went at my shopping spree! Spent hours at the GUESS outlet in 1 Utama trying on numerous outfits, and after much deliberation (with help of the husby), I finally decided on three denim items that I absolutely adore!

I'm a real fan of denim, and because the items I picked out were all so gorgeous, I couldn't help but do a little lookbook photoshoot of my new shopping haul! Put together 3 looks for 3 different occasions, all with the help of my amazingly talented photographer friend, Adele Ng :)

Look #1: Night Out with the Girlfriends

I put together a 1990's casual chic inspired look, where denim button-down shirts were THE THING, pairing a mini leather skater skirt to add a little rocker chick feel to the overall look. To top it off, I brought my trusty, classic denim peep-toe heels out to play, as well as my black metal-chained leather bag to complete the look. 

Here's a 1990's rocker chick inspired look without going over-the-top ;)

Look #1:

Top- GUESS Women's Slub Military Denim Shirt
Bottom- Faux Leather Skirt from Chiq Fliq
Heels- Denim Peep-Toe Heels from SG
Bag- Zara

What I love about the GUESS Slub Military Denim Shirt is that it can be worn both as a crop jacket with the front tied up like how I did, or simply let it go as a long top for that simple, casual chic look. I also love how the shade of blue for this top is soft enough to give off a feminine aura, yet at the same time, bold enough to make a statement, in my case, a rocker chick statement ;) *rocker hand sign*

It may seem like a very basic top from the initial look, but the details of this top simply delights the OCD in me :P

My favourite part of this top has to be the consistency of its buttons! Every single button of this top is the same, and did I mention that I love just how the white marble buttons complement the top's shade of blue flawlessly?

The material is soft and light enough to last an entire night of girly-girl partying!

Something I would put on for a crazy night out with the girlies! 
Like the look? ;)

Look #2: That Music Festival

My fashion stand has always been Comfort AND Style, especially for a crazy night at a music festival where I'll be partying with a large crowd of music lovers, dancing the night away. So for this occasion, I put together a comfortable yet stylish, party-ready assemble.

Look #2:

Top- Crop Top from Chiq Fliq
Bottom- GUESS Women's Paulette Denim Shortalls in Optic White Wash
Shades- Rayban Aviators
Booties- H&M

Denim shortalls are making a huge comeback from the 90's, and are popular choices for the female crowd at music festivals. For a more casual, nonchalant look, I unhooked one side of the strap and simply let it hang free. Opted for the Optic White Wash shade of colour for a change. 

Comfortable footwear is essential for music festivals! Lots of standing, walking and dancing involved so a pair of comfy platform booties suit the bill.

Favourite part of the outfit? It has got to be the GUESS Women's Paulette Denim Shortalls. One amazing thing about GUESS denim is that they're super comfortable for all-day wear. This pair of shortalls is stretchable at the bottom and gives me a snug fit that adequately shows off my assets *ahem* ;)

Highly recommended for party goers looking for something comfortable, yet stylish.

Look #3: Our Romantic Dinner Date

Looking to put together an assemble that is sultry yet isn't too revealing/OTT (over-the-top) for that special evening? Break away from the stereotype that the only appropriate choice of outfit for a romantic dinner date is a sweet-looking summer dress. 

Guys love it when we feel comfortable and at ease, and nothing makes me feel more confident than to slip into a pair of nicely fitted denim jeans. Spice it up with a crop top that exposes a little of your midriff, a statement necklace for that elegant touch, and some red lipstick for a mysterious, sultry look.

Look #3:

Top: Crop top from Chiq Fliq
Bottom: GUESS Women's Mid-Rise Crop Jeans
Clutch: Colette
Accessories: Stylist's own
Heels: Zara

What I fancy most about the GUESS Women's Mid-Rise Crop Jeans is that it hugs my figure perfectly. It's slightly stretchable which allows me to move about freely and comfortably. 

There you have it, a sexy pair of denim jeans for a romantic dinner date ;)

Loving all the photos captured perfectly by Adele Ng. Will be needing your help again to get from Top 4 to winning the female GUESS Blogger Awards competition! Keep you guys posted on it shortly! ;)

Til' then!

love, Careen