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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Bath Time Bliss with Cetaphil Baby

One of my favourite parts of the day would no doubt have to be bath time for Tyler! Ever since he was a newborn, his favourite thing to do would be to take a bath- from the days when he was pretty immobile as an infant, to the time he just learned to sit and play in the bath tub, and now, sometimes walking around the bathroom while we chase him down to shower him- bath time has always been a very fun activity for Tyler!

Throwback to a year ago when he was barely one. Wrapped in his favourite bear towel! 

Fast forward a year later...

Still has a baby face but he has grown and matured so much! So much taller, so much smarter, so much bigger. Seriously how time flies 😭

Many things have changed in this one year. His choices of TV shows have changed from just that same few episodes of Barney and Friends to Hi-5, Super Simple Songs, and now- Dave and Ava and all the educational and repetitive ABC videos πŸ˜…

His choices of food...okay sadly didn't change that much. He's still a picky eater and still likes his porridge (only). But over that one year he has learned to accept fruits with his favourites being apples, bananas and grapes, and he loves biscuits. Erm sadly the list ends here πŸ˜…

But one thing remains, and that is his love for bath time. He can seriously can take multiple baths a day if we let him!

Bath time is of course accompanied by his favourite towel, bath toys and my favourite bath wash and lotion! Since Tyler was little, he has been having rather sensitive skin. At one point he had a streak of diarrhoea and it damaged the skin around his butt really badly to a point that it was all red and moist, and the flesh was showing 😭 We tried many different types of nappy creams but they didn't really help, until a few mommy friends recommended using Cetaphil. My mother in-law had bought a bottle of Catephil Baby Daily Lotion for Tyler and I thought, it shouldn't help since it wasn't a specific rash cream or nappy cream, but only the Daily Lotion. But guess what, his skin healed within a matter of days and I was just amazed. It was only the Daily Lotion and it worked so well compared to many other nappy creams that we tried! 😱

Since then we've been keeping a bottle of Cetaphil Baby Daily Lotion at home for Tyler, and recently I've introduced the Cetaphil Baby Moisturising Bath and Wash during Tyler's bath time and he's been loving it!

Stalking my son in his happiest mode- bath time mode! πŸ˜πŸ’¦ 

Been using the Cetaphil Baby Moisturising Bath & Wash for a while now and personally, I love it I found it to be more moisturising than some of the brands that I've tried on Tyler previously. It's a lot richer, smoother to lather and it's easy to rinse off too!

Love it that it contains 0% colorant, mineral oil and paraben, and it's paediatrician recommended with a total of 200 dermatologists and paediatricians in Germany surveyed online from Feb to May 2015! In fact, Cetaphil was also one of the brands that Tyler's paed recommended when he had the severe butt rash!

Tyler loves the little bubbles formed and he would always stop whatever he was playing with earlier and try to burst the little bubbles in the water! Bath time may seem like another play time for the babies, but I believe it is also a multi sensory experience and "classroom" where they're able to touch and feel different things! Like these days, Tyler loves putting his palm on the water surface and feel the sensation on his palms as the "waves" move back and forth. Little things like that during bath time helps them be more aware of their senses!

After bath, we would always put him in his towel and stand in front of the mirror to let him see how cute he looks hahahaha. Usually he would be pleased and amused with what he sees #vainbaby hahahah.

And to keep him laying down properly while I dry him, apply his lotion, wear his diaper and clothes, I would hand him a toy (or non-toy which is also what he usually prefers ahem), and sing his favourite nursery rhymes to keep him distracted from wanting to move about. So bath time is more than just a time of cleansing but also a time where I get to bond with him as well. Which is why as much as Tyler loves bath time, I love it too cos I get to bond with him and experience this cheery side of him ♥

This is the Cetaphil Baby Daily Lotion that I mentioned earlier! It contains Shea Butter and Almond Oil, which honestly smells amazing. Apart from the smell, it's rich yet non-sticky which I love! I can easily glide and lather the lotion on Tyler's skin without making him feel uncomfortable. 

These days he prefers to DIY cos you know, he is like a two-anger (like, teenager you know?) soon 😏 He's been trying to do a lot of things independently like taking off his shoes and placing them nicely before entering the home, and also things like applying lotion onto his own skin #vainbaby again hahaha.

So pleased with himself! Hahahahaha.

These days with The White Atelier, I'm undoubtedly much busier than before and spending way lesser time with Tyler now compared to when I was a stay-at-home-mom. So when I'm home with him during the day before I head over to the studio, it is my most treasured time, and bath time is always the highlight cos it allows us both to bond and have fun. It's easy to rush though everything including feeding and bathing the baby cos we're all so busy, but I'm learning to slow down, put my work aside first and spend a bit more time lingering in the moment, and enjoying this little one who is not so little anymore as the days go by πŸ˜”

Okay I don't mean to get all emotional now, but my point is- let's remember to have fun with our little ones, whether it's bath time, meal time or sleeping time even! Cos they're all really growing so fast!

Til' the next post! In the meantime, enjoy the little moments ♥

Love, Careen.
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Monday, October 9, 2017

Future-Ready with Enfagrow A+

Hello guys! Here's a glimpse of our daily life, and here's Tyler in his car seat on the way to his grandparents' place before I head into the studio for bridal appointments! And here's also the boy excitedly counting his fingers while I recited his favourite 1-10 to him from the driver's seat πŸ˜‚

Before you think I'm an Asian tiger mom in the making (or already am one), I'm not okay! *defensive* Though I must admit that while we try to remain as chill and laid-back as possible, we, as parents tend to get overexcited (or rather, impatient) and wish that our kids can learn things a little faster sometimes. In other words, there's a kiasu side to every parent!

I've always thought of myself to be quite a chill mom, but sometimes I still catch myself secretly hoping that Tyler would learn to speak a little faster, recognise more letters in the Alphabets (though he can already pretty much recognise all of them!), and recite 1-20 without any issue at all (he still can't pronounce the number 7) πŸ˜‚ I guess in a way, we, parents are all afraid that when our child grows older, they wouldn't be able to catch up in school or be on par with the rest of their peers, seeing that everyone is sending their kids to school much earlier than before, and tuition classes start as early as 5-6 years old!!

We want our kids to learn as much as they can in their prime tender years, and there's really nothing wrong with that. Only problem with modern day parents though, is that while trying our best to nurture the minds and intelligence of our children, we tend to forget about their emotional growth, which is as equally as important, if not, more if you asked me.

Growing up, I've seen many of my peers who did so well in school. They were always in the first class, top 3 students in school, scholars and first class honours graduates! However, when it comes to their emotional and social side, they struggle. They struggle in making friends in school cos they tend to feel awkward striking conversations, especially with people they're not familiar with. They struggle with understanding how to express themselves in the right ways and getting their messages across to others, which includes using the right words, at the right time. All these and more are categorised under the Emotional Quotient (EQ) of a person, which plays a huge part as to whether you'll do well in life, as much as IQ does.

Sure, being smart and intelligent (high IQ) brings you places. But EQ is the thing that keeps you in those high places. Without EQ, many struggle to maintain their success because of their behaviours and pardon me for the lack of better words- lack of common sense.

After seeing so many instances around me, I'd have to admit that personally, I feel EQ is more important than IQ, especially so in today's modern society where certifications don't count as much as before any longer.

Which is why as much as we want to ensure that Tyler is learning well academically (which are A-Z's and 1-10 for now lol), Boon and I agree that we want to make sure that he is good with people, good with expressing himself, with carrying himself in the right manner, and other EQ-related attributes. 

In fact, whenever we hang out with other parents, we would often chat about our kids and agree that their EQ is something that we should pay attention to cos in this day and age, the future is very unpredictable. Things happen and change so fast, so the ability to be flexible and adaptive mentally and emotional is very important indeed.

For this reason, I have been looking for something that aids in emotional development too. I was delighted when I found out that Enfagrow A+ has recently launched a new milk formula which contains the highest level of DHA with the benefits well established to support brain development (IQ), which also contains MFGM Complex, a new breakthrough in paediatric nutrition. MFGM is short for Milk Fat Globule Membrane, which is a natural source of phospholipids and sphingomyelin (which are found abundantly in the brain), and this nutrient has been shown to support EQ development. Which means, MFGM works together with DHA to support both IQ and EQ!

When I read up more, I understood that it is a lipid complex made up of several beneficial bioactive components including complex polar lipids, which play an important part in development and building immunity. What this means is that they work to "pad up" the nerve cells within the brain, helping them to become more stable and transmit information faster. A study found that children who consumed milk enriched with MFGM demonstrated significantly improved scores for emotional and behavioural regulation compared to children receiving the same formula without MFGM enrichments. Which is really interesting cos I never knew that nutrition can help support EQ development!

Ooooh is this my new milk, mama? 

Okay, mama enough of photos. You can go make my milk now.

The face he shows whenever I make his milk! Seriously I think Tyler's favourite thing in the world is milk hahaha. Okay la he IS still a baby after all πŸ˜‚

I'm a firm believer what we are in a huge part of what we consume. "You are what you eat", remember? Hence feeding our children with the right source of nutrients would help them develop more than just physically, but mentally and emotionally too, especially in the first 5 years of their lives because that is where 90% of the brain development occurs!

This fact always intrigues me: Did you know that the brain almost triples in size within the first two years of a child's life, reaching approximately 80-90% of adult weight? During this time, the brain undergoes rapid development, building the foundation for cognitive and emotional advancement that will carry on into adulthood! These are critical years which is why we shouldn't underestimate what we feed our children in the early years- lots of fruits and veg included!

If you're looking for something that would help your child more than just physically, try the new formulation of Enfagrow A+! It is now available at all major retail outlets nationwide :)

That's all from me for now!

Love, Careen.
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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

A new season for our family

Hello hello! Man, it's been so long. Life has been zooming right past my face every single day, and before I realised it's already September now! 3 more months to 2018!! 😱

A lot has happened since my last update here. It would take me forever to try to update from where I left off so let's not do that hahaha. I update daily on Instagram Stories @careentxy though! And pretty often on Dayre! Feel free to follow my updates on those platforms cos it's seriously more convenient for me to update on-the-go. For blog posts, I usually prefer putting up more cohesive posts and to do that I would need to sit down at my laptop to do it, and that takes time πŸ™ˆ

So yes, a lot has happened, with the most significant one being a huge change for our family.

And no, I'm not pregnant 😏And neither is it Tyler's new haircut (which is indeed a really significant change to me!!).

It's Papa Boon! He was handpicked to join a new department about two months ago which required him to be more office-based. Which means he wouldn't need to travel for work much anymore, which also means he will be around more and we can spend so much more time together as a family 😭

This is like my secret wish coming true cos I've been secretly wishing that he wouldn't need to travel so much for work anymore. Ever since we started dating, we've been on a semi-long distance with him studying out of town, and since he started working he had been travelling for work a lot. Fast forward 13 years later, this is the first time that he is based here and not travelling anywhere for work, which feels really new to me cos all these years of being together, I've never really had him around for more than a few months straight πŸ˜”

Not that I'm complaining here, cos him travelling for work allowed us to be able to afford many things that we have now and also trips that we have made. But really at the end of the day, I'm willing to live simpler, own lesser and travel closer to home just to have him around. His presence is more important than any material things.

So for the past few months, we've been staying in our own home as opposed to moving in and out from our home to my parents' home like nomads on a weekly basis *sob sob*. I really appreciate all the help that our families have given us whenever Boon is away for work, but now I'm just really cherishing the times that we can spend together as a little family.

Since Boon is around more these days, we've been able to have some sort of routine at last. So for now, once a week he will do bible study with a cell group member, once a week we will catch up over different friends over meals, once a week we will have an exercise sesh together, and once in two weeks we will have a date night where we have a meal and catch a movie together without Tyler πŸ™ˆ So far this routine has been working out really well for us (of course in between other commitments like work, family meals, cell groups, church meetings, and so on!). And I realised that with a routine set in place, it is so much easier to plan for the weeks and months ahead. In the past there's no such thing as planning ahead cos we wouldn't know when Boon needs to leave again. Everything was KIV/TBC/TBD (kept in view/to be confirmed/to be determined) and it really made planning very difficult.

With more a organised calendar, I find that I'm able to be more focused on my tasks cos everything is more organised and in a way, stable. I realised that I'm so much more at peace and emotionally stable (not that I was an emotional hurricane before this lol, but I really do feel so much more stable as a person).

That's what having your loved one/support system around does to you. It's something that we can all take for granted so easily without realising, especially if our loved ones are ALWAYS there. So I'm making a point to count my blessings and be reminded on how I am very blessed to be able to have Boon with us more now.

He may not stay in this department and be office-based forever, but for as long as he does, I'm just gonna enjoy and cherish it.

See now I even have more time to take OOTDs lol. As in, I have someone to help me take OOTDs hahahaha.

Trying to make it a point to take more photos now before Tyler grows even bigger!

Papa and son ♥

Us before Tyler cried the entire salon down with his haircut hahahah.

Just a very quick and short update today that I really want to share with you guys. Updating on other platforms may be quicker and more convenient, but still, nothing beats updating here on my own blog. Archiving these special moments of my life whenever I can. Promise to try to update more frequently from now!

Okays, back to replying emails and sketching gown designs! 
Til the next one!

Love, Careen.
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Monday, June 19, 2017

Stronger, Healthier Hair with Blackmores Vital Shine

Good hair days- when you have them, it's easy to go without noticing. But when you DON'T have them, you will definitely notice because bad hair days affect us more than we know.

One of the remarks that I always received from friends and strangers alike is that I have nice hair, which made me think, really?? πŸ€”  And it wasn't until I became a mom, started having rapid hair falls and dry, frizzy hair that I started to really look back and realize, oh my I really did have nice hair 😭

The condition of our hair affects our outlook and self-esteem more than we know. When I started to have hair falls a few months after giving birth, I realised that I became really conscious about that little bald patch that I have at my hair parting. After years of hair coloring, coupled with my hair length that weighs more and encourages hair falls even more, topping off with losing my body nutrients with breastfeeding (everything went to Tyler! that's why his hair so nice πŸ˜‚), my hair was showing signs of neglect and things started to go downhill. They became dry, frizzy, and balding *cries*

That was when I knew I needed to do something to salvage the situation, so I started going to the hair salon more for hair trim and treatment, became more hardworking with applying my home hair mask, and used anti-hair fall shampoo. Those were the only things I knew that were able to help me fix my hair problem.

They did help to a certain extent to prevent my hair situation from worsening, but I realised that like everything else– our skin, nails, and health in general– true change has to come from within. Applying products and treating from the outside can help with maintenance, but if we want to truly create a change in our body, we need to look into what we consume.

With that in mind, Blackmores has recently launched Vital Shine, the first hair tonic in the market which promotes healthy and strong hair, preventing hair greying and hair loss, and is made up of natural ingredients. 

Hair follicle cells experience high turnover, and they require a good supply of nutrients and energy. Lacking several components such as vitamins, minerals, protein and essential fatty acids may lead to structural abnormalities such as brittle and dry hair, pigmentation changes like hair greying, and hair loss.

Among the combination of carefully selected nourishing ingredients are- He Shou Wu (Fo-Ti), bamboo shoot extract, millet seed extract, white tea extract and sea buckthorn that helps reduce premature hair greying and build stronger hair from the roots.

Each box of Blackmores Vital Shine comes with 12 bottles of 50ml goodness, which is a very convenient size to carry around!

We're encouraged to take a bottle a day for full results, so most of the time I'll just pack a bottle into my handbag and take it before or after my meal.

This palm sized bottle of goodness isn't only power-packed with nutrients, it tastes really good too! It's made up of apple and prune extracts (which are two of my favorite fruits!) 😍  Some of you may be glad to know that Blackmores Vital Shine is certified halal by THIDA (Taiwan Halal Integrity Development Association) which is a halal body recognised by JAKIM, Malaysia!

Been consuming Blackmores Vital Shine for about a month now, and apart from enjoying its taste, I'm feeling the positive changes in my hair, especially in the hair falls department. Each time I wash my hair, I will cringe to see the amount of hair that ends up clogging the drain. But these days, I'm seeing less of them so I'm very happy! Hopefully this continues seriously!

If you're suffering from any of the hair problems that I mentioned- dry and brittle hair, premature hair greying and hair losee, you can consider giving Blackmores Vital Shine a try! They're available in most pharmacies :)

'Til then!

Love, Careen.
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