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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Baby Shower #2: With the In-Laws

November 8 afternoon had long been booked by the sister in-law, Vern May from months and months ago. She requested my also preggers sis in-law, Jasmine and I to both block our dates because she has something special planned out for us, and that she'll tell our husbands what to do. Sounded exciting! :)

Before we knew it, Nov 8 arrived. Whenever I asked Boon where we'll be going, he just said we'll be going for a hi-tea somewhere so make sure we don't stuff ourselves first before we go. In his mind, hi-tea = hi tea buffet so since I didn't know anything about the Baby Shower, I just followed his instructions and we shared a plate of Grilled Chicken Chop at Bedrock Cafe after church.

The sister in-law, Vern May and cousins in-law Vern Hui, Vern Li and Ting Sen, Vern Chui, Lay Yean and Lay Yee were all present when we arrived, including the other Baby Shower parents Evan and Jasmine! 

The first game we played was a guessing game for the mommies-to-be to close our eyes and guess what the items given to us were. We were given a red bag (in the background) full of baby toys, mittens, pacifier, baby milk bottle, bib and bolster, and we got all of them correct! :DD 

With all of the items we were supposed to dress the hubbies with them hahaha! 
They obviously had a fun time with them.

When the food was served, we found out that hi-tea ≠ hi-tea buffet as Boon expected, but legit taitai hi-tea with scones and fruit tarts :') You can imagine Boon's disappointment hahaha!! Everyone was like, duhhhh you know it's Majestic Hotel means it's taitai hi-tea and not all-you-can-eat hi-tea duhhhhhh. I just couldn't stop laughing hahaha! Boon is very out of touch with the atas taitai world wan so he's forgiven :')

Epic Boon story aside, the hi-tea was really good IMO! Especially loved the scones and fruit tarts. Scones were rich yet light and fluffy (very hard to explain but, it's nice la haha), and the strawberries on the fruit tart were so fresh, juicy and sweet!

This was the Asian platter which were not bad, but as usual Cinapek Boon was going on and on about how he can have all of these in a kopitiam for less than RM20, and everyone was like OMG chill please hahaha. He always spoil the mood wan lor -.-

Mommies and daddies-to-be!

It was a nice time of chatting and catching up with each other, sharing stories of how we found out we're pregnant, etc. After we were done, we couldn't resist but steal some shots at the scenic windows of Majestic Hotel.

These two boys will be the best of cousins! They're only two weeks apart as of now, and who know they might even have the same birthday! Soon our family will be busy with these two boys and family gatherings will not be the same again :') How exciting!

The entourage.

Thank you so much everybody for all the love showered upon us and our babies. We indeed feel very blessed by all the planning and prep, and carefully selected gifts that are oh-so-useful in time to come (which is very soon!). Feeling truly blessed and grateful to have such amazing in-laws.

Tons of blog posts lined up ahead! Gotta publish all of them before Bean arrives!
Baby Shower #3 coming up next! Til' then!

love, Careen.
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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Spend Time with Your Parents, and Win these Tickets!

Hey guys! Remember the mother-daughter day out that I had with my mom a few weeks ago? I've fulfilled my pledge made and now it's your turn! You can read all about it here.

Aside from reminding you to join me in AIG's Pledge for Tomorrow contest, I also have some exciting news to share!

Once you've chosen a pledge to make to do with/for your parents/family, fulfil your pledge and stand a chance to be one of the 5 winners to walk away with the prizes below!

5x winners will be selected after the contest is closed (30th November 2015)

Winners will be able to have a lovely day with 9 other family members at one of the 3x family outings:

(1)   High Tea Session at Majestic Hotel (OMG droolsss)

(2)   A Family Day-Trip to Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary

(3)   A Family Cooking Session with Le Cordon Bleu-trained chef Rohani Jelani

Transportation will be arranged for the winners, 
and the entire event will be photographed by a professional photographer.


Remember in my previous posting where I’ve mentioned that I have some surprises for all of you who join? Here it is – a reward for all of you filial kids who have been waiting for it!

From Nov 21-30, 2015, the first 40 participants to pledge AND fulfil your pledges will automatically win 3x GSC ticketsHow good is that? Automatically awarded to you just because youre determined to spend more quality time with you parents!

Besides that, from Nov 21-30, 2015, the first 40 participants to pledge AND fulfil your pledges will automatically win 3x GSC tickets! That means more family time!

All you gotta do is:

- Submit your pledge at

- Upload a photo of you fulfilling with pledge on Instagram
- And hashtag #pledgefortomorrow and #pledgewithcareen to be qualified!
(Be sure to set your Instagram profile to public!)

You may submit as much entry as you can, so do pledge now as soon as you can. For those who have pledged, fulfil them now so that you can qualify for the grand prize!

There is no better time than now to join in the pledge; especially in view of the upcoming month of jolly celebration! Don't miss this chance to show love to your family, and at the same time win some once-in-a-lifetime experiences if you're the winner! :)

That's all from me for now! All the best guys!

love, Careen
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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Go Natural with JEOEL

Christmas came early for me this year!
Got my hands on some of JEOEL's latest accessories and I'm in love!

Before I get ahead of myself, let me first share a little about JEOEL and what this new line of accessories is all about.

JEOEL, pronounced as "Ju-WELL" was established in 2014 online and is a member of DeGem group of jewellers. A first of its kind in Malaysia, JEOEL aims to fill in the divide between the demand for fine jewellery and fashion accessories by offering natural gemstone accessories without the hefty price tag; to be pleasing to the eyes, and easy on the wallet.

I guess what sets JEOEL apart from other accessories brand is their usage of natural gemstones that comes with reasonable price tags. These gemstones take millions of years to form deep within the earth, under heat and moving pressure, and therefore they're extremely rare, precious, and not forgetting its uniqueness as none of the gemstones are identical to one another!

And because of that, they make meaningful gifts and accessories to own as they're often used to symbolise the deep relationships we share with our loved ones, and how much they mean to us.

With the affordable pricing, we, the customers now have the freedom to purchase more variety of accessories instead of just one or two, and are able to mix and match them according to our outfits of the day.

All products are made from 925 sterling silver plated in in yellow gold, rose gold or rhodium, making it safe to wear for those of you who have hypoallergenic reactions to nickel.

Now, let me show you my haul from JEOEL. 
Had a fun time shooting these beautiful accessories with the husby! :)

Prismatic Lightning Earrings- RM139

Being a Geometry lover, this pair of earrings caught my eyes. 
Love the 3-D effect and guess what, it comes in a pendant form too!

Bold Double Happiness Charm Bracelet- RM179
Charms- RM59-RM199/piece

Absolutely love these whimsical charms, especially fairy tale ones! I'm a sucker for happily-ever-afters so these caught my eyes and heart the moment I laid eyes on them! Customised mine into my own fairy tale story, featuring a Buried Treasure CharmBambiMerry-Go-RoundCastleSpinning Wheel and Harpsichord. Love the intricate details on each charm.

Moonbow Ring- RM159
Moonbow Earrings- RM119

These Moonbow rings and earrings are just beyond adorable! 
Can't go wrong with bows to achieve a sweet look, really! 

Momento Deluxe Earrings- RM359
Momento Deluxe Pendant- RM389

As much as I love to experiment with new and creative designs for accessories, I'm still personally a bigger fan of these timeless gemstones that are perfect for that special occasion. Love that they're so simple yet elegant at the same time.

Don't you think they're just so beautiful? *heart shaped eyes*

Anahera Earrings- RM109
Anahera Pendant- RM99

Look how cute these angel earrings and necklace are! Super love!
While I'm not a superstitious person, I do believe that we all have guardian angels that watch over us in life, protecting us and keeping us safe. So these angel earrings and pendants are perfect gifts to your loved ones. Would let Bean Bean wear these...

...if only he's a girl lol. 

Classy Sapphire Ring- RM179

Did you know that Sapphires come in all colours of the rainbow? I personally fancy the ones in blue the most cos I think they look extremely classy and timeless! And each Sapphire comes with a meaning too! So interesting!

Museé Earrings in Amethyst Rose Quartz- RM279
Memento le Bon Ton Pendant in Rhodolite Garnet & Rose Quartz- RM389

These earrings and pendant do not come in a set, but I paired them together anyway cos I feel they carry the same vibes. Somehow it reminds me of the medieval times where the princesses and knights fight over a precious piece of gemstone. Lol rich imagination, eh? But yeah that's the feeling that I get! Love that it's another timeless design.

Hepburn Earrings in Amethyst & Rose Quartz- RM459
éclat Bracelet- RM569

The Hepburn earrings are inspired by the timeless style icon, Audrey Hepburn, and her legacy and influence that goes beyond just pearls and a little black dress.

 While éClat is a French word that means = Brilliant display or effect

Adorning your wrists with this bracelet with a mixture of 10 different dazzling gemstones is sure to leave a lasting impression! They're not only pleasing to the eyes, but also carry different meaning with each gemstone. Another perfect gift for someone special!


There you have it! Showcased my JEOEL haul, consisting of accessories that are fun and creative (such as the Anahera Angel set and Prismatic Earrings!), and the classics that never go out of style (such as the  Momento Deluxe Set). Suitable for all ages with different style preferences!

Received a really good tip from the JEOEL team on how to care for our accessories, and thought I should share with you too!

The Golden Rule: 
Always take off all your accessories first before undressing, and wear them on last after dressing.

It sounds simple and totally logical, but many a times while we're rushing for a night out, we forget this simple rule and end up damaging our accessories or own clothes! So the next time you're putting on accessories before heading out, remember this useful tip! ;)

You can check out JEOEL's collections both online AND offline.

To view and purchase online, head on over to their official website where they offer Free Shipping within Malaysia!

JEOEL has also recently opened the doors of its first outlet in 1 Utama Shopping Centre! Being a frequent shopper there, I've visited JEOEL's store countless times now and I must say that I love its pretty interiors and collections.

Store address:
Lot F213, First Floor, 1 Utama Shopping Centre (near Baskin Robbins)

A Gift from Santa Promotion

In the festive season's spirit of giving, JEOEL presents each customer with a FREE gift with every purchase!* You can redeem your gift in two ways:

Retail Outlet: 
Instant prize draw with every purchase, the prizes include RM30 instant rebates, grand prize worth RM300 & many more!

A gift will be sent along with your purchase

And here's a special treat from JEOEL to all my readers/followers. On top what you enjoy from the promo above, you will received an additional Gem Inspired Gift Card Set!

All you need to do is:
Visit JEOEL outlet in 1 Utama and quote CAREEN1515 at the counter or
Purchase online & key in CAREEN1515 under Voucher Code

Offer is valid from now till 31 Dec 2015.
* Valid for purchases above RM150. Terms & Condition apply.

That's all from me, and happy shopping! :)

love, Careen.
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