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Monday, May 23, 2016

A Week of Milestones // Tyler Sits for the First Time!

In these short 5 months and a half of parenting, I've learned this one thing:

Babies are full of surprises!

On some days, they're superbly adorable. They'll smile at you, giggle at every funny gesture you make, play independently at their baby gym and sleep soundly through the night. While on other days, they can get superbly cranky and clingy, want to be held all the time, refuse to nap and want to comfort suck to sleep.

Those are exactly what Tyler put us through every now and then. On some days he's like a dream baby, an angel. An easy baby! While on the others, he's a handful and we scratch our heads wondering why the stark difference in behaviour within a matter of days!

In the past, our parents will probably say, "Yeah babies change all the time". Now though, we know just WHY they change all the time. It is because they're going through physical, mental and emotional growth all the time. Some call it the growth spurt, while some called it the leap. And thanks to years and years of research on this growth spurt/leap, books like The Wonder Weeks are helping modern parents understand what it is that they're babies are going through- the new abilities they'll come to acquire, the signs that come along with it, and WHEN exactly that's going to happen. Most of my peers and I have bought The Wonder Weeks App at USD$1.99 and it has really helped us figure our babies out.

Each time Tyler goes through a growth spurt, he'll hit all the "signs" of discomfort stated on the app- extra clinginess, emotional, desire to be held, etc. That's exactly how he was for the past few weeks or so. Two weeks ago, he needed to have his dose of comfort suck every 5 minutes throughout the night. Every 5 minutes, no kidding. Imagine my nightmare! How did I sleep, you may wonder? Well, I didn't. I prayed hard that it was just a phase since that happened on his non-leap days. I can't imagine if that were to go on for weeks or *gasp* months!

It happened for about 3-4 days straight then it suddenly stopped and he went back to his normal sleeping pattern. It was also during those days when he was learning how to sit up and flip from his back to tummy. We've been casually "teaching" and assisting him in sitting up on his own and flipping from back to tummy for months now, and all until last week he was still wobbly when he sat without assistance (he'll fall front or to the sides, his hands weren't strong enough to support himself yet), and he would still get stuck while trying to flip from back to tummy (he's mastered flipping from tummy to back since 3 months).

Then all of a sudden, he mastered both of it last week. He suddenly just managed to sit unassisted by us (supporting himself with his hands on the ground/his thighs), and started flipping around like a pro! Two major milestones in a week! That's a little overwhelming for me hahaha. While I'm super proud that he's progressing and learning well, it hits me harder that my baby is growing up in a flash cos two millstones at a time? It feels like he's hurrying to grow up! And mama doesn't like that *cries in a corner*

These were the days that he still needed to be supported while sitting up, all taken last week.

Then on Saturday (21st May 2016), he decided that he's ready to sit unassisted!

Everything happened so fast that we didn't manage to get many photos or videos of them happening. The quickest that I could capture was using my phone to record on Snapchat, and these were the very moments that he could sit unassisted by us.

This grainy and low res 20-second video means so much to me!

As for Tyler flipping over, bulldozing himself forward everywhere, I've yet to get a proper video of it happening. Oh ya he's also been wanting to stand! Whenever we held him he would refuse to sit and we tense his legs so that he can stand, because when he stands he can see more things. It's all about exploration now. Ahhh our boy is growing up :')

Just thought I'd drop a quick update here to share our joy with you! I've been updating these little things on my Dayre these days, but updating about it here is still my favourite thing to do (if only I've more time in my hands)!

Okay, Tyler's nap time is up! Back to mama duties.

love, Careen
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Friday, May 20, 2016

Fancy a Hello Kitty PC?

To all fellow Hello Kitty fans, this news will excite you! 

I recently attended the cutest and pinkest event ever! If you know me well, you'd know that I've been a big fan of Hello Kitty since my teenage years. So to receive an invite to a Hello Kitty event excited me to say the least!

The Acer Revo One Hello Kitty launch was held in none other than the newly opened Hello Kitty Gourmet Café in Sunway Pyramid. The quaint, pinkish interiors were perfect match with the adorable Acer Revo One Hello Kitty device that looks like this!

This, my friends, is a PC in itself. All you need is a screen to plug into and voila! You can access your documents and photos anywhere!

These are the accessories that come in a package when you purchase the Acer Revo One Hello Kitty edition, including a bathing Acer exclusive keyboard, mouse and mouse pad- all in the loveliest shade of pink!

Here's Mr. Johnson Seet, Head of Products of Acer Sales & Services Sdn Bhd giving a welcome speech to all guests and media.

Followed by a presentation on Acer Revo One Hello Kitty edition by Mr. Jeffrey Lai, Product Manager of Acer Sales & Services Sdn Bhd.

With only 600 units available in Malaysia, the Acer Revo One Hello Kitty edition is the ideal companion for digital entertainment and multimedia sharing with its high quality audio and video. The best part about this device is the compact design that occupies only a small footprint.

Small but powerful. That's what the Acer Revo One Hello Kitty is made to be. Packed into its small form of 106.5 (W) x 106.5 (D) x 155 (H) mm, it comes with a powerful surround sound system, HD resolution and a huge storage space! All in that tiny pink thing with a cute Hello Kitty icon! Kinda hard to believe!

Fans have the option of choosing a model running on Intel Core i3 processor (RM2,099) or Intel Celeron processor (RM1,499) and the corresponding 1TB or 500GB storage with upgradable 4GB DDR3L RAM and it is upgradable to 8GB DDR3L RAM.

This Hello Kitty edition offers the same functionality of the award winning Acer Revo One, including the Acer Revo One Suite app which turns any Android phone or device into a remote control for this lightweight home PC! Meaning you can laze on your couch on a lazy afternoon and surf the net using your mobile phone or tablet as a remote control. How convenient!

One huge plus point which I feel is perfect for someone like me who takes wayyyy too many photos while travelling, is that you can transfer all your holiday photos via the Acer Revo One Suite app straight into your Revo One at home! No need to lug your laptop around during your travels anymore, or be limited by the storage space in your camera!

Say hi to fellow Hello Kitty fans!

Hello Kitty lovers in a row!

Find out more about the Acer Revo One Hello Kitty edition on:

Acer's website-
Acer's Facebook page:

love, Careen
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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Beauty Review: Watsons' Latest Beauty Additions to Better Skin

One of the topics that I'm most passionate about aside from travelling, food and relationships, would be skincare. I'm a testimony that diligence in taking care of our skin would reap priceless rewards.

If you've seen me when I was younger, you'd think that I've done a major "renovation" work on my face by cosmetic surgery or countless laser treatments (nope, do not have so much money to spare lol). I used to have red and uneven skin tone, break outs after break outs. It was easy to blame it on puberty, the hormones, the inevitable "growing pains", but the truth is simply because I was just...lazy. I didn't bother looking for skincare products that suit my skin type, and totally not committed to the very basic 3 steps of cleansing, toning and moisturising, let alone applying masks! On some nights I could even go to sleep with my makeup (and contact lenses!) on with the excuse that I was too exhausted, or go to sleep right after cleansing my face without toning or moisturising at all.

So what made me change? When I started to become more interested in beauty and makeup, I realised the cold, hard truth- that no matter how much makeup you use or how well your makeup skill is, if you have bad and unhealthy skin, it will show. That makeup can only cover the flaws on your skin so much, and it was not a solution.

Since then, I decided to make a change and I'm proud to say that I've been diligently looking after my skin and not taking it for granted anymore. No matter how tired I am now, I would still go through my skincare routine. Furthermore, now that I've entered into the start of my late twenties *ahem*, I cannot slack at all, else there's no turning back!

These days I'm always on the lookout for new and good skincare brands to try out because there is so many new technology these days that help produce skincare for every skin types, and being the curious cat me, I'm always eager to try out new brands and products! Sure, I have my personal favourites that I constantly use at home, but occasionally I would switch them up just for fun because, why not?

CNP Propolis Range
Naruko Raw Job's Tear Range
Shopping online is one of my favourite things to do, and websites like Watsons online that carries a wide variety of beauty and skincare products is the best! If you haven't already noticed, Watsons carries a myriad of international skincare brands and is always adding new one to their selves. Some of the new brands that recently joined the Watsons skincare offerings include CNP Laboratory from Korea and Naruko from Taiwan, and they're Watsons exclusive produces that can online be found at Watsons. Now, let me share with you my review of the brands' products in this post!

CNP Laboratory Propolis Deep Moisture Pack

The Propolis Deep Moisture Pack is an intensive overnight hydrating treatment that works its magic during sleeping hours. As its name suggests, it contains moist nutritional supplements that deeply moistures, soothes and restores damaged skin.


- Gently apply to face and neck
- Pat with palms so that it is well absorbed into skin
- Rince off the following morning with lukewarm water
- Apply twice a week as final step of nightly skincare routine


I love how it's rich in texture yet not overly thick to a point of causing skin to feel too warm and uncomfortable. It truly moisturises the skin as promised which is visible on the following morning, and I love the sweet natural fragrance that comes from the propolis! 

Shop at Watsons Online:

CNP Laboratory Propolis Energy Ampule Mask

This 2-step ampule mask boasts of a high concentration of 
propolis that helps to reinforce skin's vitality, soothes and restores damaged skin and improves skin elasticity, creating a dewy and sleek complexion.


- Gently spread Step 1 ampule pack evenly all over your face
- Apply Step 2 mask and leave on for 15 minutes
- Remove mask after 15 minutes, allow remaining solution to be absorbed into skin


Skin feels much firmer and hydrated even right after usage. Again, love the smell of it!

Shop at Watsons Online:

Naruko Raw Job's Tear
Brightening Makeup Removing Cleansing Mousse

This 2-in-1 pore cleanser and makeup remover gently removes makeup from deep skin base, brightens pores from deep within and removes dull complexion from skin inside out.


- Dispense once on dry, clean hands
- Massage foam onto dry face to rid makeup and dirt
- Rinse with lukewarm water


I LOVE this product. I've been using cleansing oil makeup remover for years, and though it says it cleans sufficiently enough, I never liked the oily and seemingly still dirty feeling on my face. So I would always still use a cleanser after and 'double cleanse' my face each time.

However, since this product is foam based, it leaves my face feeling totally clean even after one wash. Removes makeup just as efficiently with the foam, and plus point is definitely no need for double cleansing! One product is enough to do both makeup removing + cleansing effectively. Saves me time (and money!). The smell may not be the most sweet smelling of all, but it really doesn't matter if it does such a great job! Only thing is to be careful while removing makeup around the eye area as the foam might penetrate into your eyes causing a stinging effect. Other than that, I highly recommend this product. Fuss free!

Shop at Watsons Online:

Naruko Raw Job's Tear
Moisturising and Brightening Lotion

This Moisturising and Brightening Lotion works as a toner to minimise pores and emphasise skin's brightness. Like a good toner, it cleanses and tightens pores, repairs large pores as well as rough and dull complexions.


- Pour onto cotton pad + wipe all over face and neck


It does what it needs to, that is to tone and tighten pores after cleanse. A good one!

Shop at Watsons Online:

Naruko Raw Job's Tear
Moisturising and Brightening Moisturizer

This Moisturising and Brightening Moisturiser works hand-in-hand with its Lotion (as mentioned above). With the technology of creating 'flawless pores and pure skin', this moisturiser helps improve complexion, recovering fair and soft skin from dead skin cells and large pores. With its high absorption level, skin is easily hydrated which helps promote skin's fairness.


- Pour a small amount onto hand
- Gently massage onto face and neck until moisturizer is fully absorbed into skin


It truly moisturizes the skin with its thick and texture. Would be great if the bottle has a pump, as it is currently a 'pour out' bottle.

Shop at Watsons Online:


All in all, they're great products that work well on the skin and are worth trying! Plus, they're reasonable and don't cost a bomb. Head over to your nearest Watsons store to check them out!

Otherwise, you can also shop online from Watsons' website! You can purchase your desired items and have them sent to your preferred Watsons store via 'Click & Collect', or choose 'Home Delivery' and have them shipped directly to your doorsteps!

Good news to all my readers! Enter code [CARN5X] to get RM5 OFF your purchase of RM50 skincare product at Watsons Online. Hurry now, promo ends on 30th June 2016!

Interested to try my skincare products? 
Shop them here -->

Happy shopping!

love, Careen
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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Free Unlimited Video Streaming with VIDEO-ONZ, U Mobile.

You've probably hear the news by now, but if you haven't already, U Mobile recently released a plan that will shake the world of video addicts!

U Mobile is responding to its customers' needs by being the first telco in Malaysia to offer 24 hours every day unlimited FREE video streaming!

At the launch of VIDEO-ONZ by U Mobile.

With the new VIDEO-ONZ service, U Mobile users will now have a peace of mind while streaming videos on their mobile 24 hours a day, anytime, anywhere without having to worry about how much data they're consuming. How cool is that! I can almost hear all the K-drama fans screaming for joy! #likemyownkdramaaddictsister #ahem

U Mobile's VIDEO-ONZ service is available to customers who stream from any of the their 11 partner's content, including:

- YouTube
- HyppTV Everywhere
- Viu
- iflix
- Youku Tudou
- Astro on the Go
- tonton
- ErosNow
- HeroTalkies
- Pocketimes

This means that U Mobile subscribers who stream videos from any of the 11 channels above will watch for absolutely FREE, without using their data at all!

Caught the ladies watching YouTube videos!

There were booths for every of the 11 partners showcasing different video contents that we can watch with the VIDEO-ONZ service!

With YouTube alone, I can already think of a list of endless videos I can stream! Imagine 10 other channels OMGGGGG. 

I, for one, would be streaming all the vlogs by my favourite YouTubers! Me and my sisters are huge fangirls of Bubzbeauty, Itsjudyslife and Andymetsonia. With the unlimited video streaming made possible by VIDEO-ONZ, I can predict that our list of favourite YouTubers will grow rapidly hahaha! :P

Me and the ladies at the launch of VIDEO-ONZ by U Mobile.

As if it isn's already awesome enough, U Mobile is making the available to all Postpaid AND Prepaid users. Yes, even Prepaid! Too good to be true, seriously #nodiscrimination yo hahaha!

Just imagine the list of videos you can watch while on the train and in the cab! Being stuck in the city traffic wouldn't feel that bad anymore if we get to watch our favourite drama series or even movies!

And I can imagine parents jumping for joy cos they now don't have to worry about exceeding their data every month while dining out with their toddlers who love to watch their favourite nursery rhymes or Peppa Pig!

As for users who have weak wifi signals at home, you can now forget about using the wifi and stream straight using VIDEO-ONZ for free!

For more info about this amazing new service by U Mobile, 
head on over to their website to find out more!

love, Careen.
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