Tuesday, November 25, 2014

La Senza Bra Fit Workshop: Bra Fit/Care Tips from the Experts

Yours truly was among 4 female bloggers chosen to be a part of La Senza's Exclusive Bra Fit Workshop last weekend! A closed-door event that was only made available for a few La Senza Prestige VIP members, the bloggers invited and their readers who participated in the giveaway contest!

I was really excited to learn new things about bra care and tips on how to get the right bra fit, as well as meeting my 6 readers who have been chosen to attend this workshop with me. Glad that all of them turned up on time and we managed to chat and take pictures together!

La Senza has always been every ladies' favourite lingerie brand, and it's no wonder as their lingeries are made of premium quality catering to various needs and occasions, and not forgetting the thing that captures our hearts- the sexy and creative design for all their collections!

The Christmas season is approaching which explains the bright colours and lacey, Christmassy designs for their latest collections! Some eye candies for your visual enjoyment ;)

This is Vanessa, the bra fit expert who gave us the workshop. She flew in from Singapore that very morning and headed over straight just to give us this talk. I really enjoyed her session as she was a very good speaker, engaging with a sense of humour. I received very good feedback from my readers saying they loved her style, and benefitted from everything she taught us that morning.

Me and the ladies who attended the bra fit workshop. Learned a lot and here are some of the stuff that I would like to share with you girls!

#1: How to Choose the Right Bra Size

32A, 34A, 32B, 34C, 36D, 38DD. Which is your bra size? 
And how do we actually know for sure if they are the right size for us?

Many a times we just choose a size that sort of 'fits' our boobs. As long as they're in it, it should be the size for me. But there's a right way to measure our bra size and here's how.

For the numbers such as 32, 34, 36, 38, 40 and so on, they're measured right below your boobs. For the cup size that is AA, A, B, C, D, and so on, they're measured right across your nipples, parallel to the floor. Best to get a professional bra expert to do the measuring for you as they're the ones who know best and are trained especially for this. 

I would personally recommend La Senza's bra experts as they're by far the friendliest, non-threatening lingerie assistants I've ever encountered. I've walked into various lingerie shops or sections at departmental stores where I'm greeted by rude, intimidating or overly enthusiastic sales assistants who insist that I try their newly launched collections and keep throwing bras over my fitting room for me to try. It always made me feel very uncomfortable and I would end up not buying anything cos leaving the place is the first thing on my mind.

#2: Different Bra, Different Size. How?

While it's important to know your actual bra size, that alone isn't enough. It's risky to walk into a lingerie store and pick up a few bras that are your size and leave without trying. Never do that, because every bra has different design that affects that bra size, and every lingerie brand has measurements that differ from another too!

One way to know if it's your right size is that while fitting, wear your bra and bend forward. If your bra moves or has extra space between your boobs and the bra, it means it's too big for your size. Also, most bras have got 3 levels of bra back buckle. While fitting, try on the middle level. This is because it'll allow you some extra room for weight gain (which then you could move your buckle to the furthest one), and also weight loss (which then you could buckle up the one closest to you to tighten it up). A good bra fit allows two of your fingers (index and middle fingers) to be comfortably inserted between your back and your bra back buckle.

#3: Try Them With Clothes, Try Them Without.

Bras are tricky. While they may look exceptionally good to you while trying it on, it may look otherwise when you put your clothes on. This is especially for bras that have bold lace/diamante embellishments on top, or bras that have got some special shape/push up effects. After all, we're going to wear our bras INSIDE with clothes on in public, so it is of utmost importance to try it with clothes! If you like what you see, then good, get them! If they look weird to you and make your boobs look funny, or if they make your back fats form a mini muffin top, don't proceed. Wear bras that flatter your figure.

#4: How to Wear a Strapless Bra

I wear strapless bras all the time. It all began when I was working as a freelance model for events while I was studying back then, where my uniforms would always be sleeveless/tube dresses and the best bet is always to wear a nude colored strapless bra. I got so used to it that wearing bras with strap makes me feel all tied up and uneasy. Haha bad, I know.

But for some girls, they hardly wear strapless bras and sometimes end up wearing the wrong types too! There are many bras that come with the removable straps feature when you could unhook the straps of your bra and tadda, they're now strapless! But do bear in mind that some bras are really not meant to be worn as strapless as they're not able to fully support your boobs and hold them up for long, especially those that are have soft cups with thin back bra buckle. Best to choose bras that have a strong bra buckle with solid material, one that you can jump and dance around without it falling down and down and eventually ending up around your waist :') This is when bra fitting comes into the picture. Take your time to try your bra in the fitting room. Move, jump or even dance around if you have to, just to make sure that your bra won't fail you at the end of the day.

Also, another way to ensure that your bra won't fall is to wear your back straps higher than usual. Pull them higher, and your bra cups will automatically also be lifted higher. 

#5: How to Care for My Bra? Hand Wash or...?

I have been wanting to get the answer to this for the longest time! Growing up, I learned from my folks and all the aunties aunties that we have to hand wash our bras, because throwing them into the washing machine will result in them getting out of shape, especially the ones with a solid underwire.

To my surprise, when I asked Vanessa this question, her reply was the exact opposite from what I was brought up to practise! She said that we are NOT advised to hand wash our bras. This WILL cause our bras to go out of shape. Instead, get a bra netting from places like Daiso (RM5 for one!) and throw your bras in and machine wash. This will keep your bras in shape and not overly soak them in detergent, and spoil when we try to squeeze the water out of the soaking wet bras!

Probably it's because our folks didn't have such thing as a bra netting back then, that they decided that hand wash was the best method for bra care. Now that we have that, use it! Also, never hang your bra upright to dry like how they hang bras in lingerie stores! Always place them in between hangers to dry. This will help maintain the shape of your bras. 

So much important info in just one morning! Felt super blessed to be able to attend the workshop and to now pass on this information to my readers! If you're a female reader (or even if you're a male), pass this on and help the ladies in your life lessen their bra woes!

After the workshop, us girls had a one-to-one bra fit session with Vanessa! Everyone wanted to get their hands on the latest bras and to have the expert guide us on getting the right size, so you can imagine how long the line was. But I'm glad that everyone went home with brand new lingeries that fit them nicely and comfortably!

Super girly fitting rooms at La Senza, 1 Utama.

With the bra expert, Vanessa. I heard that she's been with La Senza for the longest time, way back when she was living in Vancouver til she moved to Singapore with her husband after getting married.

And here are photos from my readers who came (except Tracey who left earlier).

With Mei Shawn.

With Mee Wei & her BFF.

With Miyen and her BFF, Shanell.

With Mitchelle and her BFF.

With Jiayin and her BFF.

With the lovely Debbie from the La Senza merchandising team.

And Rachel from the marketing team. Thanks for being such a great organiser! It was a pleasure working with you and your team :)

And here's an array of La Senza lingerie to end the post.

Hope you learned a thing or two! ;)

love, Careen

Monday, November 24, 2014

Food Review: Red Lobster @ The Intermark, KL

Finally visited the much talked about Red Lobster last week!

Red Lobster is no stranger to those who have gone to the US and other parts of the world that host this seafood restaurant chain which has been around since its first outlet in Lakeland, Florida in Year 1968. That's 46 years back! They now have 700+ outlets worldwide, and the first in Malaysia was opened at The Intermark, Jalan Tun Razak just last month!

It is quite a huge space with more than enough tables and seatings for busy weekends. From what I heard, during its first few weeks of operation, the whole place was full house and packed to the brim, and customers had to queue for an hour or so just to try out the famous Red Lobster! There were some reviews and feedbacks saying that service was slow and all that, but what I think is that every F&B outlet and business in general needs time and space to improve, so I guess everyone just gotta keep calm and be a little kinder with their reviews.

When I was there, they were about a month into operation, and I have nothing to complain about the service that I received. The staff were attentive to my requests and very pro active. Must have learned and improved over time and if your experience with the service wasn't up to expectations, perhaps you should visit again when they're a bit more familiar with everything :)

Now, on to the food!

Was one of the bloggers invited to sample their dishes, and these were our food and beverages menu!

We were first served with the complimentary Cheddar Bay Biscuits, crowd's favourite in the US apparently! It was crunchy on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside, and was pretty yummy! Best eaten while it's hot though!

Being a lover of Pina Colada, I opted for the Sunset Breeze Pina Colada mocktail [RM17.90] (was driving so didn't wanna take the cocktail). 

It was nice cept' a little too sweet for my liking as it came with rich strawberry topping that made it much sweeter! If you're a sweet tooth, you'll love it. For me, I still prefer my Pina Colada with alcohol :P


Parrot Isle Jumbo Coconut Shrimp [RM39.90]

The shrimps were hand-dipped in batter flavoured with Captain Morgan Parrot Bay Rum and coconut flakes, served with pina colada dipping sauce. They were overall leaning towards the sweet than savoury side, crunchy but delicious all in all.

Lobster Pizza [RM36.90]

Lobster pizza! I like the sound of that. They were thin-crusted topped with mozzarella cheese, fresh tomatoes and a whole lot of Maine lobster chunks. The toppings were given in quite a generous amount, just wished that the crust could be crunchier and overall taste to be less bland. Once those are tweaked, it'll be perfect for me.

New England Clam Chowder [RM10.90/cup, RM17.90/bowl]

The above was a bowl full of clam chowder goodness! Loaded with clams and potatoes, the clam chowder was so rich and creamy that I was quickly addicted to the savoury and delicious starter!

Lobster Bisque [RM11.90/cup, RM19.90/bowl]

Just when I thought I had the best soup for the day, I tried the Lobster Bisque and I was sent to taste haven! Also rich and creamy, loaded with generous amounts of lobster chunks, but what really stood out was the distinctive seafood taste in the soup that was salted in just the right amount. I love all things savoury so I preferred this over the New England Clam Chowder! Having said that, both soups were delicious and worth a try.

Now on to the entrées! 

Look at all the lobsters!!! I never had this much lobster for a day in my life, and while I was busy taking photos of these mouth-watering dishes, my tummy was yelling for me to be faster and get down to the eating business right away!

Bar Harbour Lobster Bake [RM109.90]

Before the price tag scares you, let me first tell you that this dish is huge and recommended for sharing :) Comes with a split lobster tail, shrimps and scallops on linguine in a savoury broth. Wished that the linguine could have a little more taste to it, but I guess the tastiness of the fresh seafoods could balance up the taste and make up to it.

Grilled Lobster, Shrimps and Scallops [RM99.90]

This dish came with split tail lobsters, skewered shrimps and wild caught sea scallops with wild rice pilaf. This, to me is a wholesome meal, with fresh, juicy seafoods served alongside brown rice and broccoli. It was a joy to eat as the lobsters, shrimps ad scallops were prepared so nicely that we didn't have to dirty our fingers to pull the tender lobster meat out. Plus point! :)

Lobster and Steak Burger [RM69.90]

This dish came with a beef burger patty topped with cheese and onion rings, with grilled Maine lobster and french fries on the side. It's quite an interesting combo, just wished that the burger patty was more juicy!

Crab and Roasted Garlic Seafood Bake [RM74.90]

Alaskan King Crab, shrimps, scallops and potato wedges- Mmmmm mmmmm. We were taught the art of eating the crab, that is to break, crack and pull! I have yet to master it but you can give it a try! ;)

The king crab meat was succulent, sweet and springy. But I felt it was a tad too salty for me, which could be due to sea water. Nonetheless, still tasty and worth a try!

Double Chocolate Torte [RM15.90]

Served with whipped cream and strawberry sauce. It was rich with chocolate and a sweet ending to balance up the savoury entrées.

Cheesecake [RM15.90]

I personally prefer this classic cheesecake to the earlier Double Chocolate Torte. Can't go wrong with a classic cheesecake!

My lovely company for the Saturday morning lobster brunch! Was nice meeting Weizhi and Lex from kampungboycitygal for the first time, and seeing Kelly and Sharon again!


In a nutshell, I personally believe that every restaurant is worth a visit. We all have difference taste and preferences, and to base our perception purely on the review of others is not the fairest and wisest thing to do. What might seem to be average to others could be your best meal yet. This is something I learned along my quest to hunt down the yummiest foods in town. Always try things for yourself, and make your own judgements ;)

Red Lobster might not be the most affordable restaurant in town, but it's understandable considering the generous amount of lobsters they serve in each portion! Suitable for special occasions such as a romantic seafood date, birthday celebrations and so on. 

Red Lobster KL
G-17, The Intermark, Jalan Tun Razak, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-21814855
Open daily from 11am-10pm

love, Careen