Monday, October 27, 2014

Next Stop: Tokyo

Planned this trip and bought our tickets for this trip a month ago and we're finally going in just a few days! 


We got so excited when we first bought the tickets and started getting our itinerary ready, until we had to pull our own brakes because we still had a long way to go before our trip and we didn't wanna overuse our excitement (if that is even possible hahah!). 

The husby and I travelled to Osaka and Kyoto in December last year and we loved every single bit of it! While we were there, I remember vividly one night when we were walking down the cold, peaceful street near our hotel, we really soaked in the wonderful weather, culture and people of Japan and we said we wanted to return. But before we return to Osaka again, we want, NEED to visit Tokyo. THE Tokyo.

I'm a city girl and I LOVE cities. And to have a city that is so rich in awesome food and shopping and arts and culture, I have no doubts that I will love Tokyo to bits. 

The bigger fan of Tokyo has to be the husby. Growing up rather interested and familiar with the Japanese culture watching/reading anime after anime and collecting a huge range of Gundam models, his dream destination is Tokyo.

One day we were driving in the car and the husby suddenly said, "You know, my dream is to go to Tokyo but we're already going soon. After that, I have no dream anymore. How ah."

Me: -.-  Find another dream and look forward to it!

I believe we all need dreams of some sort, be it a dream travel destination, dream marriage, dream house, dream car, dream job, dream watch, etc. Without dreams, there's no motivation to work towards something. A life lacking motivation and drive is a very sad, mundane and complacent life.

Wow suddenly there's a life sermon hahaha!

I'm so super stoked to be visiting Disneyland in this trip! It'll be my first ever Disneyland experience and I cannot wait!

Haven't heard a single bad review on Tokyo Disneyland so far. Everyone keeps telling me that eventho everything is in Japanese and we might not understand, but we'll still enjoy and feel extremely happy!

We'll be visiting Disneysea too! The one and only Disneysea in the world. Oh I so cannot wait!!!

Which is why I've been working so hard. Been working my ass off to make my trip worth it.

I've this thing about making myself deserve something. If I haven't worked hard enough and go for a holiday, I'll feel guilty because I feel that I don't deserve the treat. Which is why every single time before a vacation, I'll work super hard, accept more jobs and make sure I accomplish enough to deserve a holiday.

Last year, before our Sydney/Melbourne-Osaka/Kyoto trip, the husby went offshore for a month. That was tough, but that was when we kept motivating each other with the thought that we'll be travelling to those places very soon.

This year, we're blessed to be around each other prior to our trip but my workload has also increased since last year (which is an awesome thing), so the trip will be my entitlement after working super hard.

Ever since we booked out tickets, I never once stopped to really take a breather, and these few days prior to our trip will be the most intense for me in a long time. Spent the whole day working today, and will continue all through the night. Will be emceeing two separate events from 8am all the way until 9pm tomorrow, and another separate event the day after.

Then, I will pack my bags, sleep like a log in the plane and eat all the sushis in Tokyo. Sounds about right. 

Will be having Wifi with me the whole time in Tokyo thanks to Wiyo Malaysia for sponsoring me a Wiyo pocket wifi device! It's awesome to not have to worry about getting lost and finding places to get a sim card anymore! :)) I'm so stoked about it and I'll be updating pretty frequently on my Instagram and also my blog right here!

Stay tuned to the updates! Til' then! :)

love, Careen

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Dream Trip to Macau

Was just looking back at some of my travel photos and the wanderlust bug bit me again!

Boat ride in Sydney, Australia.

Looking back at these photos made me feel like travelling again and I really can't wait for my next trip! Speaking of travelling, there's this new blogging contest that is giving away a free trip to Macau! :O

Would you love to visit the beautiful city of Macau, 3 days 2 nights, for FREE?

I would! ANYTIME! :))

Macau Government Tourist Office (MGTO), is giving away a 3D2N vacation to a lucky blogger who participates in this blogging contest, and hopefully I'm the lucky one picked to go!

For those of you who have not been to Macau and wonder why I would so want to win this trip, here are the reasons why. Macau, to me, is a really versatile destination that encompasses a wide variety of things to see and do! Listed as one of UNESCO's World Heritage Sites, visitors who love history and architecture would love what Macau has to offer!

I did my research online and came across the Macau Government Tourist Office website ( which showed a detailed guide of what to see, what to do and even what to eat in Macau!

Some of the places that I've already had my eyes on are these!
(photos are not mine, sourced via

Things to do #1: 
Visit Ruins of St. Paul

When the Portugese arrived in Macau more than four and a half centuries ago, they brought Catholicism with them and built many churches and convents. The Ruins of St. Paul refers to the facade of what was originally the Church of Mater Dei built in 1602-1640, destroyed by fire in 1835. Nowadays, the facade of The Ruins of St. Paul functions symbolically as an altar to the city.

Things to do #2:
Visit Macau Fisherman's Wharf

Wait, are we looking at Rome or Macau? Is it just me or do you see a striking resemblance of Europe in Macau's architectures? :O

The Macau Fisherman's Wharf is a 111,500 square metrer park and the first ever cultural, themed and creative attraction in the tourism industry of Macau. It's not purely a theme park but also combines dining, shopping, entertainment, accommodation, convention and exhibition facilities in one single location! It's free admission too! 

Things to do #3:
Visit Shoppes at Venetian

Shoppes at Venetian should be no stranger to all, even for those of us who haven't stepped foot into Macau yet! Almost everyone I know who visits Macau will at least take a picture at this breathtakingly scenic mall! 

The Shoppes at Venetian mall has 330 stores featuring world renowned brands and upscaled boutiques, but more than that, visitors can also find lots of entertainment all across the mall, such as the Strettmosphere performers and jugglers, 'living statues' and musicians as they wander the meandering Venetian streets capes.

Things to do #4:
Visit Macau Tower

Macau Tower isn't just another observation tower in the city, but a true attraction in itself. Aside from having a 360° observation deck, it offers many other activities such as Skywalk X,  'Walk in the Sky' (glass floor up 223m up in the sky!), Tower Climb, Sky Jump and even...

...Bungee jumping

Macau Tower holds the record for being 'The World's  Highest Bungee Jump Facility' at 233m/764ft high! Adrenaline seekers, this one's for you!

Aside from that, there are also plenty of restaurants, cafes, conference/wedding banquet venues, shopping outlets and even a cinema- Macau's largest 3D movie theatre up at Macau Tower! Really a must-visit!

Things to do #5:
Watch The House of Dancing Water

Heard so much about this show!

The House of Dancing Water is a USD250 million production, a breathtaking water-based show that brilliantly expresses the Asian culture on stage.

Looks so power-packed! Me want to watch!

Things to do #6:

These are just some of the many Macanese cuisine that are super popular!

L-R (clockwise): Portugese Seafood Rice, Serradura/Sawdust Dessert, Portuguese Egg Tarts (my fav!!) and Pork Chop Bun, as recommended by the 10 Must-Try Macau Foods by CNN Travel.

Macau plays host to more than just Macanese cuisine, but also Portuguese, Chinese and many International menus!


These are just 6 things handpicked by me to do amongst the many other attractions available in Macau. If you are planning on vacationing in Macau and looking for a perfect timing to go, fret not, because Macau offers all-year round activities and festivals, and there is always something to see throughout the year!

There are also direct flights from KL to Macau (17 flights weekly), and Visa-free for Malaysian travellers! So definitely you wouldn't need to worry about making a trip to Macau because it's just so convenient. While you're there, travelling about in the city is also super easy as they have easy access and transportation via flight, sea and land!


Interested in joining the contest? It's simple! All you have to do is follow these 3 steps:

1. Write up a blog post on the title- Dream Trip to Macau

2. Blog about three most amazing things that makes you want to visit Macau, and why you think you should be sent for this awesome opportunity

3. Drop your blog post's URL to the comment section of Nuffnang's Official Blog Post.

And you're in for the contest!

Visit Nuffnang's Official Blog Post for more information about the contest.

Meanwhile, for more information about Macau, you can check out:
The Official Website-
Facebook (MY Macau)-

Fingers crossed! 
Here's to wishing me and all the other participating bloggers all the best! ;)

love, Careen

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

How to Multiply Your Time

One of my favourite shots from my recent photoshoot with Vincent Cheng [].

Time flies too fast.
I don't have enough time.
I have a lot of things to get done.

Those are the things that I always say, because those really are the things that I honestly feel about. 

"Time flies too fast"
True. Before you know it, half the day is gone. And before you know it, half the year is gone. 

"I don't have enough time"
This is...well, partially true. I know that everyone is given 24 hours a day, and although I'm not the freest person around, I sure am not the busiest person on earth. So I have no rights to complain. But, that doesn't mean I don't feel that I don't have enough time to spend.

"I have a lot of things to get done"
The person who hears this the most from me would be Boon. Because it's true. I do really have a lot to get done. Everyday. Juggling among Chiq Fliq, blogging and emceeing leaves me no time to waste at all. There's always something to get done, something to attend to, and never a moment that I can finally say, "Hey, I have ticked off all the tasks on my to-do-list!", because there are always additional tasks to my to-do-list. The last time I ever felt bored was when I was a child. Ever since I started working part-time while studying at the age of 15, I never once felt bored or wasted my time doing nonsense since.

So, what's the point of my post today?

I'm glad to share that instead of freaking out that I don't have enough time to complete all my everyday tasks (like I always used to), I have finally made some changes in my life that leaves me more relaxed and multiplied my time. Yes, finally.

And that is
waking up earlier.

*jeng jeng jeng*

Never in my life would I have imagined to say this. Have never been a morning person. Sleep is my reward and luxury. Whenever I need to wake up early for work, I would feel super frustrated the night before because I know I cannot sleep in, and when I'm done with my morning work, I'll go back to sleep once I reach home.

Sleep has always been my weakness. I view sleep as my ME time. My sanctuary. My recharge. My entitlement for working hard. And it sure doesn't help that my mind is always more active and creative at night, like way past midnight. Staying up late thinking about my work causes me to wake up even later, and waking up late causes me to panic because I wouldn't have enough time to complete all my tasks for the day. Which would cause me to spill my work over to after working hours all the way into the night, sacrificing my time spent with the husby. Then I would say it's because "I don't have enough time" and "I really have a lot of things to get done". But deep inside I knew that this wasn't a problem that cannot be solved. In fact, I knew that it all happened because of one thing- I sleep too much.

It's alright if I sleep late but wake up early, or rather, earlier. Here's the secret. In the past, I used to sleep around 2.30am, sometimes 4.30am because I would be reading or staying awake thinking about the business. But I need at least 8-9 hours of sleep, so that means I would wake up around 11.30am-12.30pm, and officially start my day at 1pm. I have only 5 hours to work including getting my lunch fix before I get the husby from work at 6pm.

5 hours a day. Sure isn't enough to get things done, and I knew it. But I blamed it all on my workload, that I simply had too much to manage.

However, things changed. I don't know what in particular triggered the change in me, but I know there are a few factor that influenced me to make this change in my lifestyle.

Firstly, it's the husby. He's a morning person, exact opposite from me. He can jump out of bed feeling all pumped up and ready for the day, while I would require some quiet time before warming up to the world. Because of our difference, I always felt that he didn't understand my situation and (sleeping) needs, because he has no problem waking up early. However, he's always been patiently advising and encouraging me to wake up earlier, and sometimes even challenging me to do so. I would try, but when I fail to do so, I would feel super lousy about myself and even feel annoyed that he's being naggy at me. But that didn't stop him from continuing to encourage me to wake up earlier. He's tried so many methods. Calling me at 9am from work to make sure I'm up, giving me rewards to lure me out of bed, telling me the perks of waking up early again and again. He's the reason why I knew that sleep is my weakness, a weakness that I had to overcome.

Secondly, it's #GIRLBOSS. I would share more about this book in a separate post, but bottom line is, this book made me realise that I'm not working hard enough. I'm not pushing myself hard enough to be as successful as I set out to be, and I'm not maximising my resources enough (time, to be specific). This booked kicked my ass out of bed, and start getting things done, like a #GIRLBOSS should. I do owe my change to this book.

Thirdly, it's the opportunities that I've been getting. I pray for open doors and opportunities in my career, and God heard me and answered them for me. Now that the opportunities are here, I cannot afford to slack and let them all slip me by. This is a season of ploughing and working hard, to continue doing better and making the best out of what I've been given.

These 3 things among many others pushed me to finally get my life right. So for the past 3 weeks, from waking up at 11.30am-12noon, I now wake up (and actually get out of bed) by 8am every morning. I would fetch the husby to work, then come home, have breakfast then start working all the way until 6pm. I've been able to accomplish double of what I used to, and I find more joy in doing my work nowadays because I know that I have time and I don't need to rush.

What really helps these days is also the fact that I've been making my fitness a priority. I focused so much on my work for the entire year that I neglected my fitness totally. I would be glued to my laptop the whole time til my butt and shoulders ache from sitting too long, and this lack of movement (lol) caused me to gain weight and made me feel tired all the time.

So these days, we're making an effort to go for runs and gym at least 2-3 times a week, purposely scheduling and making time for fitness. It's been doing us good these days! We'll spend at least an hour doing cardio and other work out, go for healthier dinner alternatives, and retire to bed earlier cos I now wake up earlier, and I wasted all my energy at the gym. Been sleeping before 12.30-1am these days, and I wake up at 8am feeling fresh and actually happy. Huh, who would have thought! It's surprising the husby that I'm waking up with a smile on my face early in the morning. It NEVER used to be like that. I used to be a grumpy granny in the morning, but apparently not anymore :)

Read these two articles before bed last night that encouraged me even more to continue what I'm doing- 'Take Back Your Mornings' and '12 Things Successful People Do Before Breakfast' from I highly recommend this site even to people who aren't entrepreneurs/business owners. There are so many things to learn and I find their articles extremely helpful.

It actually isn't my first time reading about successful people waking up early and all that. I've watched and read many interviews with top fashion designers, CEOs, celebrities and models who wake up super early, exercise and get their day started before everybody else. Though I don't wake up at 6am and start jogging, I'm already feeling the massive difference waking up at 8am. One day I'll be able to wake up at 6am and get my day started. Baby steps.

These days, I'm feeling happier and prouder of myself. Not because I'm achieving more out of my day, but because I have managed to do what I couldn't 3 weeks ago. I've kicked my own ass out of bed and that makes me feel that if I can do that, I can do anything (seriously haha).

Perhaps you're like how I used to be, sleep is your ultimate weakness. Take baby steps and try waking up half an hour earlier each time. Once you feel the difference, you'll be more motivated to improve further. Trust me, I've been there :)

Hope this has somehow helped you in some ways!

love, Careen

Friday, October 17, 2014

Food Review: BreadFruits @ Desa Sri Hartamas

Here's another food post to whet your appetite! After my review on Nutmeg KL in Bangsar Village II months ago, I haven't found another brunch cafe that met my expectations and is worthy of a shout-out, until this one.

BreadFruits should ring a bell if you're an active brunch cafe seeker or have been following food bloggers on social media. This place ain't new and have been around for quite time now, and I'm just so glad the husby and I finally managed to try it last weekend!

Here's our lovely brunch spread! :)

More on the food soon. 

Used to wonder, why BreadFruits? It's quite a unique name and I couldn't see how those two words gelled together until I came here and saw for myself that it was a cafe that also sold fruits! So, bread + fruits! Now it all makes sense. Haha.

BreadFruits is located in Desa Sri Hartamas, right below Pretty in White wedding gallery (where I got my wedding gown from!). It's pretty easy to locate as it is right opposite the Desa Sri Hartamas open carpark with a huge, clear cafe sign. 

But, knowing this area, finding a decent parking spot is a challenge so after rounding once, we decided to just park at the open carpark which had lots of empty spaces! Turns out we totally understood why there were so many spaces indeed. Parking came down to RM7 for just a little over an hour (RM5/hour). Which is pretty crazy.

BUT, we were heading for a nice, relaxing brunch day so that didn't bother us too much. Parked our car, wow-ed at the crowd dining AND queuing up inside and outside the cafe, and we wondered what to do to get a table. It was such a busy place, and it didn't help that the cafe is not very spacious. Their waiters were dashing up and down trying to serve their customers, and no one available was in sight for us to even stop and ask on how to resister ourselves and then queue to get a table.

The first 20 mins were spent standing around waiting for a waiter to finally notice us (despite countless attempts of getting their attention), finding a decent spot to stand and wait (because everywhere was just so packed).

Finally we stood right next to the fridge on the far left. Me, the husby, and like 3 other people whom also didn't know where to wait and where to go. These photos were taken after we finished our meals btw, when the crowd was less.

In terms of ambience, I would say this place really didn't have much of the nice, relaxing cafe feel that most places offer these days. The place was too small for its crowd, tables and chairs were super near each other, walkway was narrow and it was noisy.

Even the side wall mirror didn't really help to make the space look bigger.

I was so hoping we'd get a table outside instead despite the noon heat, because being inside just felt too claustrophobic. Not many tables outside too.

BUT, having said all that and all the misses of this place, there still are many hits that convinced me this is a place worth visiting again.

I mean, just look at the food.

This was my Brunch Pasta with 7 mins Egg!

My default choice for brunch would usually be Big Breakfasts, but I just HAD to try this Brunch Pasta! Heard so much about it from friends who visited the place and it received so many rave reviews. 

Food looked so good that it deserves two photos. Haha!

To me, this dish just had all the right ingredients that suited my taste. Pasta, cherry tomatoes, sautéed mushrooms, bacon, rockets, and 7-min egg. It all blended so well with one another and it felt like heaven in my mouth.

A highly recommended must-try if you love all of the ingredients mentioned above!

While the husby, being a huge fan of baked eggs ordered the
Wholemeal Spanish Bake Bean [RM17.80].

Apparently, instead of using canned baked beans, they served cooked cannelloni beans instead. Tasted good to me though I'm not a fan of baked beans.


Oh yes, another great thing about this place is that they serve up quite a variety of fresh juices, with many different combinations that suit your needs and appetite. I was so happy to find the fresh juice section at the menu cos most cafes these days only focus on coffee, and I'm not a coffee drinker. Best part is, these fresh juices came in huge portion (as in the photo above), and they didn't cost a bomb!

My fresh juice costs RM8.90 only, while the husby's coffee was RM6.80! Would have easily been RM12.90 for fresh juices and RM10 for a flat white elsewhere. This was a real plus point for us.

For a menu like that, I think the price is absolutely reasonable for a brunch cafe like this. Love that they serve some real special dishes other than the usual Big Breakfast/Eggs Benedict kinda thing only.

The quality of their food and beverages is there, although they really do need to rethink on how to host the crowd that they draw in the near future. If ever they decide to expand and move to a larger space with nicer ambience, I think this place will be the hottest brunch place in Klang Valley.

Will definitely be back to try other stuff at BreadFruits!

BreadFruits Fruit & Bakery
No. 17, Jalan 26/70a,
Desa Sri Hartamas, 
50480 Kuala Lumpur.

Opening hours: 8.30am-9pm daily.

love, Careen

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Husby's Birthday Celebration- Pilot for a Day at Sim Flight KL!

Celebrated the husby's birthday last month and brought him for a surprise- pilot for a day! :)

Until today I still get questions like, Where was it? How was it like? How much did it cost? Which package did you take? etc etc so I decided I should blog a detailed post about it, and at the same time keeping this post for remembrance sake!

Before we get there, here's what went down on the husby's 29th birthday! It was the 1st of September, a public holiday Monday cos National Day fell on a Sunday. 

So we slept in and started our day with dim sum brunch at our favourite dim sum place at Damansara Jaya! The super packed one that you gotta queue up to take number and wait for at least 15 mins before being called on the speakers. Mmm hmm.

We ordered 6 dishes and were stuffed to the core! Overestimated our eating abilities!

Throughout the whole day, the husby kept asking me what my plan was for the rest of the day, which of course was a surprise and I wouldn't tell him. So I told him to just chill and take one step at a time hahaha. After brunch, we headed home and watched 4-5 episodes of Masterchef US Season 3.

Masterchef rocksssssss. Should have started watching this way earlier but well, better late than never! After watching 4-5 episodes (which was almost 4 hours spent), I unveiled the next part of the plan to him, that was to get ready for dinner hahaha! Told him I booked dinner early so gotta leave by 6pm plus. But actually it's cos I've booked him a slot at Sim Flight KL for a flight simulation experience!

Skypark Subang Terminal
Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport
47200 Subang, Selangor Darul Ehsan

Called up a couple of days before to make reservations and I was pleased with the overall service that they provided. They sounded super pleasant, accommodating and took time to carefully explain to me what each package included.

Before I proceed further and before you think this is a sponsored post, let me tell you that this isn't okay. I'm just being completely honest and genuinely wish to share about this with you guys. I believe that good stuff are meant to be shared and this is one of them!

And how did I even decide to bring the husby for this in the first place? Well, to be honest, I struggled quite a bit thinking of what to gift him for his birthday this year. After being together for a decade now (10th year this year!), I have gotten him anything that a girl can get for a guy. Wallet, clothes, ties, underwear, Gundams, Legos, handmade cards, handmade house (can you believe it), watches, etc etc etc. Plus, he already has everything that he needs and it doesn't help that he's super easily contented so I really couldn't think of what to BUY for him. 

Then I remembered him telling me once in a while that one of his dreams was to become a pilot. Because of the available options last time when he got offered a scholarship, he took on an Engineering course instead and never looked back since, but always wondered how it feels like to fly a plane. So TADDAAAAA! I did some research online and found Sim Flight KL! Never heard of this place from any of our circles before, so I thought they were newly opened but apparently they had been around for more than a year already.

Anyway back to the package. I picked the most expensive package of RM388 for 60 mins because the receptionist told me that Boeing is way smaller than Airbus (trust me, I had no idea), and for a fuller, more comprehensive experience, it's better to pick the RM388 package. And so I did!

Oh yea, they have a 35% off Happy Hour package between 6-8.30pm from Mondays-Thurdays so you can check it out. That's the reason why I booked our slot at 6.30pm was cos 35% is quite some discount! But sadly, we didn't get to redeem our discount simply because upon arrival, we found out that in order for us to qualify for the discount, we had to pay online a day in advance- which I had no idea cos I wasn't told :(

BUT, it was the husby's birthday and I didn't want to ruin the mood, so I let it go and paid in full while we were there. But yea if you intend to go there, do take note of the 35% requirements!

Ok back to the photos haha. 

This husby is a smart guy. I wanted to surprise him so I figured by blindfolding him, he wouldn't be able to tell where we were heading towards. Turns out, I was so wrong. This silly boy was sooooo aware of his bearings that he knew exactly where I was heading!

Boon: Hmmmm bee where are we going?
Me: We're going to KL.
Boon: But why are you heading towards Subang Airport?
Me: Cos Waze tells me it's the shortest way to KL from here (nonsense la!)
Boon: Liar why you bringing me to airport!!

Really sial la this husby don't even give me chance to surprise him properly!!!

Me: We going there for dinner la I discovered this place online apparently very good.

Cover up apparently worked cos he knows I'm the type that would hunt good food down even til the ends of the earth, so he bought in to that. But he just wouldn't stop asking why at such a weird location hahaha!

The most fail part is, we were walking back and forth the airport trying to look for Sim Flight KL but the blur me couldn't find, so I had to ask the info counter (in front of the husby), "Hi, excuse me. May I know where the flight simulator is?" Without a word, the receptionist pointed directly upwards and boy, it was just one floor above the info counter. Felt like a total idiot cos by then the husby already knew my plan!!! Ahhhhhh!!!

Anyway, that made him super happy and excited. And I mean, this excited.

He was struggling to put his silly smile aside so I take it as a good thing! Hahahaha.

So we went in, found out we were not entitled to the 35% discount, paid in full, and started the experience!

Yes, he was flashing this little excited boy smile at me the whole time. Hahahahaha!

It started with a briefing on basic aviation, functions of various knobs and screws and all those small buttons at the cockpit. At that point, I confirmed myself that I have ZERO interest in aviation. Hahahah so complicated! Makes life so stressful!

But the husby had his full attention on and was super interested. This lady here was a pilot trainee part-timing at Sim Flight KL. She's a pilot-to-be and I have so much respect for her! She passionately explained everything down to the details.

The cutest thing is that they provide real, legit pilot uniforms! The husby refused to take off his shirt cos he lazy, so he was only 90% legit.

Here we go!

Flashing his little boy silly smile again. Hahaha sorry I think it's very funny! And cute heh *shy*

It was exactly like a real cockpit but slightly larger than the real ones to allow more space for people like me to sit there and kepoh and take pics! The whole time I was just sitting there snapping away hahaha.

Boon was captain of the day, and the lady instructor was his co-pilot.

I don't know about you, but it felt so real to me when I was in there! The visuals were pretty realistic and I felt like I was really sitting in a flying cockpit! The sound and vibration of the engine made everything seem so real. I felt like it was moving slightly cos of the visuals, but turns out the cockpit didn't move one single bit. Which meant that the visuals were very realistic.

Looks real right!!

I must say that I was impressed. If I were as interested in aviation as Boon, I would be so freakingggg excited!!! The cockpit was exactly the same as the ones used in commercial planes, and he got to control everything just as a real pilot would. That would be hella amazing for someone who's into aviation.

So Boon took off from Subang airport and flew around KL city where we "saw" the Petronas Twin Towers and landed in KLIA. And then took off from KLIA to HK airport! He could choose whichever airport in the world to fly to, but the instructor recommended HK airport cos apparently the route to land at the HK airport was not easy cos it was in the middle of the city, so it was a slightly tougher but a very interesting route.

After a while, I got a bit bored. Hahahaa. Oooo the shadows in this pic makes me look like I did my nose. So this is how it looks like if I did a nose job? Hahaha ok.

And.....we landed at the HK airport!

The peeps at Sim Flight KL are so flexible and accommodating. They allow as many as 3-4 people to be in the cockpit together with the "pilot", and even allow me to try it out! Which I totally wasn't interested though haha. Wanted the husby to experience the full 60 mins all by himself too.

Outside the cockpit was what looked like the "kitchen" of a plane where air stewardess prep our meals. 

And apparently, guests who prefer not to be inside the cockpit with the "pilot" could hang out here and experience the 'first class' lounge as in the real plane. The visuals move as in you're sitting inside the plane on a first class seat. Quite amazing!

So there goes my Sim Flight KL review! I feel it's definitely worth the money. For the experience and the amazing service :)

We ended our session at 9pm cos we started late, and rushed over to El Cerdo, Changkat Bukit Bintang to have our porky dinner!

Thank God El Cerdo opens til late like 12.30-1am. We were famished by then so we ordered fresh juices instead of alcohol.

Freshly Squeezed Juices
[RM12 each]

Creamy Mushroom Soup with herbs and pig tail meat

They separated our soup into two small tea cups! So cute!

Flaming Iberico Rib Paella set alight with sherry and dark cuban rum


I wanted to order their signature suckling pig too cos they do this plate-breaking ceremony to celebration happy occasions like birthdays, and thought it'll be interesting to do so cos how often do we get to happily throw plates right hahaha. But we were simply too full to order more. This is a good place to dine in with more people cos their mains come in pretty huge portions!

When I called to make reservations, I requested for the restaurant to surprise Boon with a tiramisu cake, since it's his favourite and I heard rave reviews about their tiramisu. But I sure did not expect this...

They served the tiramisu in a glass, two complimentary tequila shots and a cute little piggy toy for the birthday boy! When they brought the tray out, the staff gathered to sing a cute birthday song that goes, "Happy birthday to you, oink oink!".

Totally in line with the restaurant's theme :P

The team at El Cerdo sure was in the business of making people happy! I love the amount of effort put into this, and the attentiveness of the staff. They were so sharp that I had to only raise an eyebrow to indicate that we were ready for the cake. Seriously, not kidding.

Needless to say, we were the last to leave.

Now I know why El Cerdo is so well-received. Their food and service is really excellent.

He just had to.

All in all, we had a great day spent just the two of us, taking our day slow and one step at a time. Always happy when the husby's happy so it was a successful mission! Yay!

Here's to many many many more years of birthday celebrations together! 
Love you, husby.

love, Careen