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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Beauty Review: Celmonze Signature Facial and Facelift Massage

Hey guys! I'm excited to be sharing with you about this new place that I've been getting my facials done! Read till the end to find out how you can get yourselves a FREE facial session worth RM488, by simply registering yourself!

In the meantime, let me share a little backstory. 

I've been looking for a good place for facials ever since the one I frequented previously had stopped operating months ago. When asking around, I found out that a lot of my friends actually don't really get facials done. Some of them also told me that I looked fine and didn't need to get facials done at all. As much as I may look like I have good skin on the surface, I know that my skin does need help especially since I'm almost always wearing makeup when I'm out! Nobody sees it but when I look at my naked face close-up, I cringe cos of all the unsightly stuff I see on my skin- large pores, fine lines, oil seeds, redness, whiteheads and blackheads which are my absolute nightmares! Yes, I've been battling with blackheads since my puberty days :(

So while looking around for a good facial place to settle with, I went on for months without facials. On the surface especially with makeup on, my skin problems couldn't really be seen, but the moment I stripped my face off makeup, my skin looked tired and worn out, and whenever I touched my face I could feel its roughness, especially on the nose with all the nasty blackheads OMG T_T

Then came one day when my manager asked me if I were interested to try out Celmonze The Signature. I searched them up online and found that they have 14 existing outlets all across Malaysia, and everything looked very professional so I decided to give it a go!

I was super excited to try their facial treatments cos I had been facial deprived for far too long! And I'm a lover of facial treatments (actually, any beauty treatment for that matter), so I was really looking forward to a much-needed good skin pampering session.

Lemme share my experiences with you in detail! I've visited Celmonze twice for facials so far, so these photos are a combination of my first and second visit!

Celmonze The Signature is a result-oriented skin solution specialist that focuses on tailoring treatments based on the different needs of each customer. The outlet I visited was at Empire Gallery Subang cos I love that mall la hahaha. The moment I entered the outlet, I was welcomed with a warm tea, given a change of slippers and was ushered to the consultation room where my beautician had a chat with me to find out more about my lifestyle and existing skin problems.

Here I was, having a nice chat with my skin consultant/beautician, Michelle. 
Look at my expressions hahaha! 

As you can probably tell, I was very comfortable with Michelle. She's so warm and friendly (and not forgetting funny too hahaha), that she made the whole consultation session very enjoyable! As she asked me questions about my lifestyle such as diet, water intake, sleeping patterns, I realised things I never really paid attention to before this.

For instance, one of the things that Michelle shared with me was that us, humans are made up of 70% liquid in our body, but only 2% goes to our face. So imagine if I only take say, 1 litre of water per day (I'm very forgetful when it comes to drinking water), how much actually goes to my face? 

She also shared with me that many a times we conclude that we belong to the Dry Skin category just because we feel our skin is dry, or the Oily Skin category when our skin oozes oil all the time. The truth is that we may fall into the Combination Skin category and still have either instances!

I always thought that I belong to the Dry Skin category, but apparently I am under Combination Skin! Reason why I feel my skin is tight sometimes and struggle with oil on my T-zone is because of the imbalance of hydration and oil on my skin! And one of the major causes of that is due to lack of water intake. *guilty*

After understanding my skin type and problems, Michelle did a skin test for me to check out the condition of my skin up-close. 

TADDA! Are you grossed out already? Cos I am hahaha. 

Look at all the black stuff on my skin! What are they!! The left column shows my skin on the surface, and the right column exposes the blemishes (oil/dirt/whiteheads/blackheads) with the pink dots. Don't be fooled cos the pink dots look so pretty! The more they are means the more blemishes I have on my skin!

Now on to my most problematic area- my noseeeeee, where all the unwelcomed tenants reside (blackheads). Are you ready for a moment of truth?

TADDAAAA! Check out the sky full of stars, guys!! Hahahaha that's how happening my tenants are yo! Blackheads partying it up on my nose T_T

Okay you can scroll down now, it's damn gross hahaha.

After the consultation, Michelle recommended their Signature Facial and Signature Facelift Massage which was 90-min long. I was excited to be lying on the bed for 90 minutes and getting my skin pampered without doing anything. It's really been a while.

Before I dive straight into the details of my facial session, lemme take you on a Celmonze The Signature outlet tour!

Apart from the welcome lounge and consultation room that you've seen before this, they also have a Wellness area where guests can relax by taking a shower and even spend some time in the sauna, complete with lockers just like the gym! No wonder they call themselves a one-stop beauty solution centre that pampers guests from top-to-toe!

Now on to the treatment rooms!

This one was mine! Did I mention that I absolutely love the calming colours all around the outlet? Really love the fact that the treatment rooms are designed to be like hotel rooms. The moment I entered into the room I felt relaxed already, especially with the help of relaxing aromatherapy candles!

A small basket to place my phone and camera just in case I needed it urgently. Everything else was placed in a drawer during the session.

Changed up and ready to begin!

Celmonze Signature Facial

We started with the Signature Facial which is tailored to solve 4 main skin problems, namely acne, pigmentation, sagging and sensitive skin

The facial session starts with a Welcome Touch where my beautician gave me a relaxing shoulder and body massage to send my body into relaxation mode, followed by Cleansing to rid my face off oil and dirt, and Enzyme Peeling to prepare my skin for Extraction.

I have a love-hate relationship with Extraction. I love the end result of clean, smooth skin at the end of the facial, but I hate the pain I have to go through during the extracting process, as well as the swell and redness I have to endure after that.

But I was relieved that my beauticians, Michelle (first visit) and Kammi (second visit) were very gentle and precise. They quickly targeted my problem areas and got the extraction process done and dusted within minutes! I've experienced sessions where the extraction process goes on forever and I just kept tearing at my eyes. Here I was so relaxed that I could still take a selfie hahaha! No doubt it's still painful la but it's nothing compared to some painful extractions I experienced before! And I also think it's a matter of getting used to. If you do extractions frequently, your tolerance towards the pain would be higher too. So the more you extract the blemishes away, the lesser pain you'll feel as time goes by!

I was then given a Double Mask Application to help soothe my skin and prevent redness and swelling after the Extraction. First mask was a (1) Brightening Mask that helps to purify my skin, and the second mask was a (2) Hydrating Mask which hydrates the skin 3x more than normal facial masks!

Then I was given a relaxing shoulder hot stone massage using Celmonze's own blend of Avocado Oil, which was super nice and relaxing la. I wished it would go on forever :')

The first time I had this facial I was surprised, cos I had never experienced facial treatments that offer shoulder massage too! I was impressed to say the least.

Next, I had a Soothing Soft Mask which was super cooling and as the name suggests, soothing, before moving on to the Signature Facelift Massage that I really anticipated! 

Celmonze Signature Facelift Massage

During consultation, Michelle shared with me how when we exercise, we only get to exercise our body but not our face. There's limited face exercises that we can do to work up our face muscles, and the fact is that our face muscles need to be worked up and tightened for our face to be lifted.

The Signature Facelift Massage is a holistic 20-min treatment that focuses not only the face, but also neck and shoulders with massage techniques of Facial Lymph Nodes, Energy Stone Therapy, Drainage Point, followed by Manual Lift Up Muscle Contour Massage that manually massages the face, targeting 7 different muscles zones. 

It focuses on setting 7 types of muscles on the face, and working them up just like how we exercise to tone our body, minusing the pain and endurance of exercising hahaha *peace sign*

Not only does it firm our facial muscles and lifts the face, the Signature Facelift Massage also detoxes the skin, improves blood circulation to reduce skin congestion, which solves stubborn skin problems such as wrinkles, reduces under-eye bags and puffiness, as well as improves overall skin tone.

I really enjoyed the facelift massage! It felt very therapeutic. Even during the massage I could feel my muscles getting their thing together, and instantly feel a lift on my face. My beautician massaged the left side of my face first and gave me a mirror to see the difference, and boy was I surprised to see the obvious difference! It doesn't really translate in photos but when I looked into the mirror, I saw that left side of my face was much more lifted compared to my right side! Can you see it too? :))

Wrapping the facial session with the application of the Ultimate Serum, and more head and shoulder massage to end the wonderful facial (and massage) session!

Took some selfies to show you the immediate results of the Signature Facial + Signature Facelift Massage. Despite having done extractions, my skin barely showed much redness and scars! Which is so rare cos usually my face would have been super swollen and red! It's also obvious that my face is more "V-shaped" and sharper compared to before the session! The best part is knowing that this was a result of an all-natural manual massage technique and not other means, which gives me peace of mind knowing that it is 100% natural and safe.

I asked my beauticians how long this facelift massage effect can last, and they said it can last up to two weeks! So ladies, if you have a special occasion coming up (especially brides-to-be!), this is the perfect facial for you!

Now here's the part that will excite you the most! Much thanks to the lovely team at Celmonze The Signature, they'll be giving my blog readers and followers a special treat!

For those who are interested to experience the Signature Facial + Signature Facelift Massage (worth RM488), go register at the link HERE and you'll get to experience it all for FREE! Yes, everything I experienced in this 90-minute of facial and massage for FREE! The respective outlet's supervisor will give you a call to confirm your booking.

Promotion is valid for Celmonze's first time customers only, until 30th of November 2016 (T&C apply). You can view their existing outlets all across Malaysia on their website below.

Enjoy your facials! :)

love, Careen.
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