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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Sultry Eye Makeup Tutorial feat. KATE Tokyo

Hi guys!

In my post today, I'm gonna share with you how I achieved the sultry makeup look above with KATE TOKYO's latest makeup products!

A huge thank you to KATE for sending me all these babies to play with!! :)

Being the No. 1 makeup brand in Japan since 1997 with the highest sales volume, KATE is a household makeup brand name that is no stranger to us all. Starting from year 2014, the brand is strengthening its brand on a global stage, etching the name of its birthplace, TOKYO into the brand name, which is now called KATE TOKYO.

I grew up using KATE products especially its eye makeup range, and I love how they compliment Asian skin and features. KATE's products are known for creating illusion of bigger eyes, sharper features and contours on our faces. There is no doubt that Asian features are much flatter than that of the Caucasians (sad, but true!), but that does not mean that we can't "create" them with makeup!

I guess that's the fun part about playing with makeup! Aside from looking good in the end, the process of making a particular look happen from scratch is one that I enjoy the most! Different shades, textures and products bring out different looks. I always liken putting on makeup to painting on a blank canvas. We determine our look simply by how we "paint" our faces with makeup!

The look that I'm going for is the 'thick and sharp' sultry makeup look, that focuses a lot on the eyes and using the eye shadows to create a nice contour, as well as the eyebrows to thicken them just a little to create an illusion of deeper-set eyes.

Here's the 'before', where I already had my foundation, blusher and lips done. 

And here's the 'after'.

In my makeup tutorial video below, I'm going to show you step-by-step on how you can achieve the look below, simply by using:

1. KATE Monochrome Shine Eye Shadows [Shade: BK-1]
2. KATE Super Shaper Liner A [Shade: BK-1]
3. KATE Lash Maximizer in Black
4. KATE Black Feather Lash [Shade: BK-1]
5. KATE Lasting Eyebrow W(FL) [Shade: BR-3]

Hope you guys enjoyed the video! 
It's my first makeup tutorial video so I was really nervous about putting it up!

If you're wondering whether getting all of the makeup items mentioned above is going to cost you a bomb, don't worry. One of the reasons why KATE is so well-loved all across Asia is because it is of super value! They're all quality products priced reasonably for the everyday use of us Asian women. Walk into any local drugstore or pharmacy, and you can easily spot a KATE counter displaying all their makeup products!


Now YOU can win yourselves some KATE makeup products! KATE is holding an Instagram contest, 'Show Us Your Perfect Brows', where they're giving away x50 KATE TOKYO hampers worth RM380! That's super a lot of makeup products in there!

All you gotta do is:

1. *Like* KATE Malaysia on Facebook and Instagram (@KateMalaysia).

2. Record a video of yourself drawing the perfect eyebrow using KATE Lasting Eyebrow Pencil.

3. Upload that 15-second unedited video on Instagram, tag @KateMalaysia and hashtag #KateMalaysia.

You can check out KATE's Lasting Eyebrow tutorial HERE. Be sure to follow it closely ;)
More info on this giveaway here at this LINK.

Closing date for contest submission: 30th September 2015 (Wednesday) at 11.59pm.

Don't miss this chance to win them KATE makeup products! 
All the best, ladies! :)

love, Careen.

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