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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Evening Gown by Yes I Do Gallery

It's the 8th day of January 2015 and we've already got a pretty amazing start to the year thus far, kicking off with the husby's eldest sister's wedding on the 3rd of Jan, which was only last weekend!

Posted this photo up on my Instagram and Facebook, and got lots of positive comments about my dress! Quite a number of friends and followers messaged/emailed me personally to ask about where I got the gown, how much it was, etc..

So I figured writing a detailed post like this one would help all of you who have been curious and hopefully answer all your questions! :)

So I'd been on a long search for the perfect gown to wear to the sis-in-law's wedding but to no avail. None of them seemed to fit what I liked and wanted, until one day I just decided, "You know what, since I can't find my gown, I should probably just make it since it's the sis-in-law's wedding and it'll be worth spending that money." Immediately Yes I Do gallery came to mind, and I started a long Facebook conversation with its founder, Shawn Wong to plan and discuss on my design!

For those of you who had been following my wedding planning journey or read my wedding post would have heard of Yes I Do gallery, as they were my kind sponsors for my wedding gowns!

My first gown was the one I wore for my pre-wedding luncheon. 
Read HERE to see more pics!

Second gown was the one I wore for my wedding dinner reception, a lilac coloured mermaid gown with long train. You can read more about it HERE.

So yes, Shawn and I exchanged photos we found on the Internet to explore different designs that might suit my preferences, and slowly narrowed down our options and came to a final decision! I knew I wanted mesh top with lace and a flowy tulle dress, and I started looking for photos and found these!

Images from

I LOVED the cobalt blue gown on the left, but I wanted a more subtle and feminine colour which was the grey/silver on the right. Shawn then got it right away, asked me to do send her my body measurements while she came up with a drawing of my dress a few mins after.

I was truly impressed because she was so swift and efficient! She asked if I wanted a satin or tulle sash around the waist, I picked tulle, and my design was then submitted to be made straight away!

I was initially worried if it could be done on time because I messaged her on Dec 16, 2014 and the wedding was 18 days away! She said the schedule was tight, but she would try her best to get it done ASAP. Turns out, she did! 12 days later Shawn asked me to go for fitting at her studio, and there I was, putting on my dream gown.

I fell in love the moment I put the gown on. 
It was everything I imagine, and it fit me just nice!

It was my first time visiting Shawn's new bridal studio too! The previous time I visited her was when her studio was still in her house, but now she's got her own bridal studio 2 years later! So happy for her :)

Yes I Do gallery carries ready-to-wear bridal gowns and evening dresses, but their forte is in made-to-measure/custom made wedding and evening gowns.

Was enjoying looking through all the beautiful gowns while in my new dress. Didn't wanna take it off cos I felt so good in it! It fit just nice and I love the princessy feeling I get wearing it :P

All Yes I Do gowns are made-to-measure and handmade using the finest materials, especially laces from Korea and Taiwan. Some of the common laces used on Yes I Do gowns are Chantilly, French, Cottony and Prada laces.

Heels of different sizes and heights to be matched with the gowns during fitting. How thoughtful!

Just some of the many colour swatches available for choosing, and that's a WIP draft by Shawn for one of her customers.

While we were busy trying on the gown and chatting about life,  marriage and pregnancy (my topic these days with my mama friends), Boon kept himself busy by playing with the cutie baby Emma.

Awwww look at her :)

Founder Shawn is a certified image consultant who is experienced in advising her clients on the designs, cuts and colours that best suit and flatter them according to their frames, silhouettes and the occasions they're going for.

Custom made gowns normally take 2-3 months to be completed, unless there are special cases according to Yes I Do's discretion (like my urgent case lol!). After dealing with Shawn for the third time now, I can safely say that you can be rest assured she is someone who is absolutely dependable, responsible and excellent in all she does, and will do all she can to fulfil her clients' requests and meet their needs.

Since the day I got my hands on my gown, I couldn't wait to put it on again!

Last Saturday finally arrived, and that's my gown bag provided by Yes I Do along with the husby's suit.



I love how the nude mesh, lace and tulle came together.
Everything I love all in one gown.

There were altogether 5 layers of tulle mesh to create the volume and flow of the gown.

Love this photo captured by the husby :)

Us all dressed up! After taking this photo I told the husby that it looks very misleading. Like some preggers shot wei hahaha.

I knew by the end of the wedding I'd be too tipsy and tired to take any photos, so we stole some shots before heading down to the ballroom!

Painted the nails especially to match the gown. It makes me feel complete when everything matches each other haha. #ocd?

Back details of the gown. Super loveeeeee.

And here's a shot with my parents before the beautiful wedding reception :)

Will be writing another post solely on the wedding itself! But in the meantime, here's a post dedicated to all of you who might be interested to inquire about Yes I Do gallery.

The most common question I get are:

Q: Is their service good?
A: Yes. Shawn is one of the most dedicated individuals I know, and I'm confident she will service you to the best of her abilities.

Q: How much does it cost to custom make a gown with Yes I Do?
A: For my evening gown, it cost RM800 as according to Shawn, it is considered pretty straightforward and not so many intricate details involved. For gowns that require more detailed hand work, it would be RM1,000 and up. For lace wedding gowns, it would cost average from RM1,800-4,000 depending on material and design. I know places that charge double to triple the price compared to this with the same quality, so I think it's really worth getting your dresses done at Yes I Do instead.

Hmmm I think I should have pretty much covered all the potential questions you might have! If you're looking at enquiring, you may contact Shawn at, or simply drop her a Facebook message at

If you have any urgent questions, you can also reach her at 016-8943450, and take a visit at her bridal studio at the address below:

Yes I Do,
Madu Mas Condominium, Jalan Ayer Madu,
53200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

For exact location, do contact Shawn for more details, and be sure to make an appointment prior to your visit to avoid disappointment :)

P/S: Thanks Yes I Do for deciding to sponsor me yet another gorgeous gown. Always appreciate your amazing service!

love, Careen

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