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Monday, May 12, 2014

My Favourite Brunch Cafe- Nutmeg KL

Aside from my passion for fashion, I have a strong love for the other F word- FOOD. Family and friends who hang out enough with me would know that I live to eat, and I eat A LOT.

I can safely say that food is sacred to me. Any time I'm served with bad food (especially if I pay a good sum for it), it'll ruin my mood immediately. While on the other hand, having good food makes my day, and sometimes, week (yes, the satisfaction lasts that long)! Every time I'm on the topic of good food, I'll go cray cray recommending a long list of them to my friends, especially those who are from out of town.

I'm not one of those coffee enthusiasts who go around town searching for the best coffee place cos I'm still learning how to appreciate coffee, but I do love going around hunting for the best brunch places. These days, most cafes serve All-Day Breakfasts so it's great news for people like me who would choose Breakfast meals over ala carte anytime of the day!

One of the cafes that do just that would be Nutmeg KL.

Nutmeg opened its doors in July 2013, but I only managed to visit about a month ago. Here are two of my dining experiences over the past month! :)

It is located in the land of awesome foods, Bangsar, tucked away in the peaceful Bangsar Village II.

Before I start, let me clarify:
This is not an advertorial :) 

Bright and colourful cafe decors.

They have a cozy area at the back of the cafe which looks a little like a yard. Ah, yes, they've got really good waiters who are friendly, helpful and efficient too! I love the service there.

Another thing that I love about Nutmeg besides the decor and service, would be the Menu. Nope, I'm not referring to just the selection of food and beverages, but the menu itself. Love that everything is so neat, clear and easy to find! 

My first visit to Nutmeg was with Nat about a month ago. It was our girly catch up session which happens every other month. Instead of meeting in the usual Subang area, we took our bonding session to Bangsar instead! :)

 Hot Chocolate- RM10

Iced Chocolate- RM12

All their chocolate beverages are added with hazelnut paste, which gives the drinks an extra boost of taste and fragrance. It's a brilliant idea. Love it so much! Possibly my favourite iced choc now.

And here's what we had!

Heeeee lazy no makeup day.

Nutmeg Gravlax "Crossaint-wich"- RM26

- Croissant (!!)
- Salmon Gravlax (!!)
- Scrambled Eggs (!!)

Having all my favourites in one dish makes me super happy. The feeling is indescribable! I feel like there are finally no "obstacles"in my food. You know sometimes you have just this ONE thing in your food that you don't really fancy? Yea not for this one. Everything was just...perfect.

Nat the glowing baby mama! Can't tell that she's preggers from this photo eh? ;)

Nutmeg Big Breakfast- RM26

Nat's dish was really yummy too! She chose Salted Beef over Salmon, and Hashed Potatoes over Mac & Cheese. Everything was yummers! From the Salted Beef to the Sautéed Mushrooms, to even the Grilled Tomatoes!

Since our trip then, I had been thinking about Nutmeg (side effect of good food), so I suggested that we celebrate my mummy's birthday there early this month! Here's my second visit.

Mummy and Evangeline.

Nutmeg Big Breakfast- RM26
Fresh Carrot + Apple Juice- RM12

Mum chose Mac & Cheese over Hashed Potatoes, Salmon over Salted Beef.

And for the choice of eggs, she picked Poached Eggs over Scrambled. 
Their Poached Eggs are purrrrfect. Just look at how poke-able they are.


Nutmeg Gravlax "Crossaint-wich"- RM26
Iced Chocolate- RM12

When I fall in love, it will be forever. Thus, I always order back the same dish that I got hooked on. Got no problem eating the same thing everyday. That's the boring loyal yours truly hahaha.

Soft and fluffy Scrambled Eggs over Gravlax, wrapped in a soft-enough, crunchy-enough Croissant. I tried the same thing in another cafe in Telawi (that starts with an 'A'), and it couldn't even come close! Their croissant was really hard and cold. Should have known better and just stuck with their regular Big Breakkie. Anyways rants aside...

Eggs Benedict- RM26

It was yummy too! But I would recommend the Croissant-wich over this anytime. Only difference is in the bread and Croissant wins hands down. #TeamCroissant

Southern Fried Breakfast- RM26

Fried Chicken, Poached Eggs, Hashed Potatoes, Biscuit (which tasted slightly like scones, very yumssss) and Salad (which was good too).

So far the only ones I tried were all Breakfast sets, and I must say that their Breakfast dishes are of another level of quality and standard. 

Of course, having said that, the price of the menu are slightly higher than other cafes in town by a few bucks. Nevertheless, I would rather pay a little bit more to enjoy a good meal since I have already made my way all the way to Bangsar anyway, than to mind that few bucks to have something served and prepared half-heartedly. 

Their dessert spread looks amazing too! Would definitely be back to try the Lunch & Dinner menu as well as the desserts! :)

More info about Nutmeg KL:

UGF-28A Bangsar Village II, 2 Jalan Telawi 1, Bangsar Baru
59100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Til' then!

love, Careen


  1. Fried chicken for brekkie! This I must try!

  2. I love the same dish as you! HAHAHA! pure bliss from every bite! :D:D
    I tried the orange something something cake before( cant remember exact name :<)
    it was good!

  3. & it's good to see nat looking good! :)


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