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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Casio TR150: Suspended Shooting + Decorative Function,

After my first post on Casio Exilim TR150, many people (girls and guys alike!) have been asking me whether this camera REALLY is as awesome as it seems, cause it's really unbelievable how a camera can function in so many amazing ways.

Well, in this post, I'm gonna share with you other amazing features that the Casio TR150 has! Now, aside from the super awesome Make-up Mode (you can read and see all my picture comparisons HERE), this camera really caters to the needs of camhos like you and I ;)

Let me show you just why.

This was taken on a random brunch date with my buddy, Jane. I was wearing only eye liner and compact powder. Yet, I looked like I had more makeup on than that!

Photo was taken in Make-up Mode: Level 6 ;)

So this is the excited Jane Leong experimenting with my new baby.

This, my friends, is one of the special features that the Casio TR150 boasts about:


You can hang the camera practically ANYWHERE and EVERYWHERE, and take pictures from ANY angle! This is simply amazing!

As much as I love to camho (because no one knows my best angles better than I do :P), I absolutely hate the fact that while holding our cameras, our elongated arms will inevitably appear in our camho photo. Especially in a group shot, the side person who holds the camera will be the most kesian because he/she would tend to look bigger, fatter, and have elongated arms.

Now with the Suspended Shooting feature where we can place or hand the camera ANYWHERE, everyone can appear pretty and hensem in all the group camho photos! ;)

Look! No hands attached! :P

But of course, this wouldn't be possible without the Timer Function! :)
You can set your timer to 2secs or 10secs (My favorite. Ample time to prepare and strike a pose), and it activates the moment you tap onto the LCD screen. Just like that! :)

This seriously makes camhoring a bliss.

The timer I mentioned earlier. 
Super awesome!

Here's another fun & interesting feature of the Casio TR150:

Decorative Function

Whoever said we can only edit our photos on phones and computers obviously isn't updated enough to know about this camera ;)

Let me show you how fun this is. First of all, let's choose an item!

I chose my red rose hair pin.

Took a picture of it with the TR150.

Go to Menu -> Cut Out Subjects

Start lining the subject with the given stylus.

Andddd we're done! The red rose is now cut out!

Next, let's choose a photo for us to place the red rose on.

I chose this photo of me & Boon on his birthday celebration :)

Go to Menu -> Paste Subject

This would be my Background Image.

While this would be my Subject.

Now, the red rose has appeared on my photo! Let's resize it :)

Simply resize by 'minimizing' or 'maximizing' the red rose, and move to your desired spot.

Anddddd we're done! I know have a red rose on my hair ;)

It kinda looks real & believable afterall! ;)

Now let's try another style of Decorative Function!

Chose one of the pages of my planner.

Drew a heart right in the middle of the page.
See where my stylus was at? If you press than 'Switch' icon, the cut-out would be reversed!

Next, we go to Menu -> Paste Subject

I chose my Background Image to be another photo of me & Boon during his birthday ;)

And my Subject to the my planner page.

Then, I placed the heart shape right in the middle...

 And there we have it!
Boon and I are living in a heart, right inside my planner! ;)

I always have lots of fun exploring with this camera. Love it! 
More functions to be shared with you in the coming posts! :)

You can purchase this wonderful camera at any participating Fotokem outlets, or if you wanna get their contacts straight, you can Facebook Message Casio Exilim Malaysia Facebook Page and ask for further details :)

It is now retailing at RM1899, which is really worth the money!
Many places have already has this completely sold out, go grab em while stocks last :)

love, careen

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