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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

adidasNEO #4: NigaHiga LOVED IT!

Remember the previous blog post 'Toppin' the Town NEO' where I posted about a video I shot for adidas NEO? :)

It was a random, spontaneous video when one day, Gladys the sis and I was watching Niga Higa's Top Raving video and decided that we should do it, in conjunction with my adidas NEO brand ambassador competition!

Took a camera, threw on my adidas NEO outfits top to bottom, after a hearty brunch at Levain, we went ahead, conquered our fears (you have NO IDEA how long it took us to first shoot at Levain. The hesitation! We were practically shivering!), and finally did it!

After a few locations, my skin has thickened and it became a fun process of making people curious, stop and stare and give random frowns along the shoot :P

After a full day (and I mean FULL DAY) shoot, and a 2-hours TOPS (he's thatttt pro!) video editing by the 16 year old tech genius, Tze Ken from Rift Pixel who took instructions so well and came up with EXACTLY how I envisioned it to be, and THIS my friends, is the final result!

WATCH and tell me if you like it :)

Put it up on my Facebook page and the next thing I knew, I received an overwhelming response from my own friends on FB!

Never expected such to receive such strong support at all! Pleasantly surprised, and super touched :')

My friends and Twitter followers been spreading the video and helping me to get votes on my adidas NEO Facebook app, and all at the same time, tagged @TheRealRyanHiga on Twitter to get him to view my video response to his Top Raving video.

Never expected any replies or RTs from Ryan because, well, he's RYAN HIGA! With close to half a million Twitter followers spamming his account everyday, what makes me think that he would view my video!

But I guess, dreams do come true/nothing is impossible/impossible is nothing/God is awesome! :) Gladys the sis called me and told me, "Jie, please check your Twitter mention".

Clicked on my mentions and GUESS WHAT GREETED MY EYES??

And this was my response to his reply.

I screamed, and continued screaming some more when Loveen the sis joined me on a screaming fest. We couldn't believe that the Ryan Higa that we watch on Youtube almost EVERYDAY (seriously) just replied that HE LOVED MY VIDEO + SMILEY!!!!!!!!! :))))

Clicked on the reply and found out that he replied to the tweet which I retweeted Bobby! OMG Bobby thank youuuuuuuu :DDD as well as the rest who helped me get Ryan Higa's attention :') <3


Sorry if I'm acting all drama mama, but it's my Favourite Youtuber (I only subscribe to one) who cracks me up even with his old school "Snuggo" video EVERY SINGLE TIME I watched them, who tweeted me :) #MAJORSTARSTRUCK

As if Ryan Higa replying me wasn't massive enough, I got another heart attack when I saw THIS!


Ryan Higa followed me on Twitter?? Like, the one who made "Snuggo" and "Nice Guys" and "Daily Life of Rustin Bieber", all my favorite videos??? :')))))))))

It means that whatever I tweet from now, Ryan can see???? :))) OMGGGGG......

AND, as if those were not EPIC enough for a day, look what else Ryan did!

Had another round of screaming session with the sisters and IMMEDIATELY went to see the comment on my video. 

He had 76 likes on his comment on my video within just 13 MINS!

OMGGGG Ryan...... :)))))

Which as of now, is as such below! :)

Ryan Higa *liked* and commented on my video................. :'))))))) *talking with self*

As if those were not enough to give me a major heart attack/stroke (which by then, I was already all tired from continuous screaming and felt all weakly cos I was SOOO majorly star struck), I received news that Ryan ACTUALLY promoted my video on his Facebook Fan Page and WROTE THIS!

 "Probably my favorite TOP RAVE vid response so far :)"

My heart skipped 1,028383728271 beats. I was THIS close to dying with a frozen smile on my face and sore throat from all the screaming.

Did he just say that it's his FAVORITE TOP RAVE VID so far? :)) Really?? :)))) Really really?? :"""")))))

OMGGGGGGG SPEECHLESS :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

First, it was a reply on Twitter :D
Second, he FOLLOWED ME OMG!!! :DD
Third, he *liked* my video on Youtube :DDD
Fourth, he COMMENTED on my video on Youtube :DDDD
Fifth, he PROMOTED my video on his Fan Page :DDDDD
Sixth, he said it was his FAVORITE TOP RAVE VIDEO :DDDDDD

and just when I though I could catch some breath from all the screaming and fast heart beats causing a major heart attack, he posted THIS on his GOOGLE PLUS ACCOUNT!!!

Not only did he promote it on his Google + account, he even asked his fans IF THEY LIKED THE VIDEO TOO! He's the sweetest Ryan in the world :'))))) 

OMG can I meet him before I die? *adding to list of things to do before I grow old* :')))))

Too many pleasant surprises from Ryan in a day...resulting in me smiling silly to myself the entire day :) Ahh so happy :) What a day to remember.

I'll definitely save these screen shots up and show em to my future grandkids, and grand-grandkids that Uncle Niga Higa *liked* Popo's Top Raving video before, and said it's his FAVORITE :)

Okay, after all the emotional (and dramatic) release, I may now fall asleep with a silly smile on my face and wake up with sore cheeks. #worthit

Note to Ryan:

Dear Ryan, 

You have no idea how those gestures made a little girl (not so little anymore but OH WELL) from a little country called Malaysia the happiest girl on 15.11.11 :) You have been an inspiration for her to become the crazy and random chick that she is today, and increased her level of sampatness after each video you posted. This is your HUGE fan telling you that she's really over the moon, and it's definitely a historical day in the course of her life :) 

Continue to rock my socks! Would love (and I mean LOVEEEEEE) to meet you one day :) *shy*


Time to snuggle in my snuggo and never, NEVER be cold again :))

P/S: Do *like* my Top Raving video (along with other videos and pictures in various albums) in my adidas NEO FB app HERE! Appreciate LOTS! <3

love, careen.


  1. Haha totally understands how you feel and I am in awe and at the same time super happy for you ^^


  2. Careen, i dont think that he knw what is 'sampatness'. haha. GLOSSARY LEHHH?!

  3. I watched your vid and I just love it <3
    your awesome for doin that in public ;D

  4. Thanks guys!! Appreciate all your support :) <3

  5. Hahaha~ It's really cool. It needs a lot of guts doing it doncha? Hahahaha!! I can't help laughing when u do that for the Chatime!! Hahahaha!! Awesome!! =D

  6. omg i just saw this! i was away for a while and decided to click on ur blog to see if there are new updates and wow!!! love the epic chatime part!! lol!! supporting u!! and congrats on your engagement!! super excited for it and looking forward to more updates! yumchar soon? :D

    p/s: i think you should email ryan about meeting him, i really think its possible:D who knows!!


  8. Your friends are so amazing helping u with the video and also your followers!
    I can totally imagine how is it like to be getting REPLIED, LIKED, COMMENTED AND SHARED by the one and only ryan higa!! i hope that means u guys are pretty much internet friends now!!!


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