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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Belated mama's day to mamaling :)

my mum's probably the most understanding person on earth.

i know this will sound rather cliche, but really,
there are no words good enough to describe her.

she's giving, generous and gentle.

that's mummy with baby Keira;
while serving in the nursery on Mother's Day weekend.

she's motherly, wise and comfortable to be around with.

mum & charity in Uno's on Mother's Day.

she's probably the most non-threatening person i know too.

she's a great wife. perfect epitome of submission.
her motto in life is probably think others. (i'm not too sure..i gotta ask her after this. heh)

sometimes i think she's too nice.
i don't believe in being too nice to the extend that people can take advantage of you,
or take you for granted.

but for her, it's different.
she has an extraordinarily huge capacity for patience, endurance and tolerance.

she's really the best mum, wife, bff, friend, and anyone you can think of.

she's so pure and good-intentioned all the time.
i think she's a God-sent angel into our lives.

mie, you are my idol. you are the example to follow.
you are the listening ear to go to. you are the shoulder to cry on.
you are the best. and i'm lucky because you are very own mummy :)

happy belated mother's day, mie.
i love you :)

that's melody waiting for food to come :)

one of my fav dishes. the meal was one of the best we've had.
it was meaningful :)

that's daddy praying for food.
note the thumbs up. it's our CHC culture that the one who thumbs-up the latest prays..who happened to be dad during our meal. hahaha but the thumbs-up throughout prayer thing was not part of CHC culture. hahahaha :P

this is my family.
i my family.

love, careen.

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