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I love to write, and I hardly have any problem expressing myself with words. BUT, I always struggle with this part. Yes, the About Me part. If possible, I would like to skip this part altogether, but I know that you arrived at this page to get to know a little bit more about this blog, so let me give you my best attempt in introducing myself. *clears virtual throat*

My name is Careen, and this is my humble space where I try to pen down as many memories as I can. I strongly believe that life is too beautiful to not be shared. There are so many amazing places, heavenly food, wonderful people and priceless memories that are worth mentioning, and here’s the place where I document all of these things. My long-term vision (wow…) for my blog is that I would one day be able to read back all my posts when I grow old and grey. This space will help the future forgetful old woman recall of all the blessings, ups and downs, and milestones of this life that God has given to her. I mean, me.

Here’s a crash course to help you get to know me the express way.

10 Fun Facts About Careen:

#1. I am the eldest of 7 siblings. All my siblings are girls. Yes, my amazing parents have 7 daughters. It’s a sleepover party at home everyday! Till I got married and moved out, of course.

#2. I married my highschool sweetheart and first love (erm, it’s the same guy btw. just realised it can sound misleading lol!) on Nov 3, 2012. Been growing happier and fatter ever since.

#3. I am shorter than you think. People say I have a “170cm” face (which doesn’t even make sense!), and then they get surprised when they see me in real life. So before you ask me why I’m actually short in real life, let me first manage your expectation. See, I’m so nice!

#4. I’m not an animal lover. Before you start stoning me, no I’m not one of those typical animal abusers that you see on Facebook. I don’t hate animals, I don’t even dislike them. I just am not particularly fond of them. In fact, I’m afraid of almost every kind of animal. Particularly the bird and fish family. And I’m pretty sad about it :(

#5. I sometimes wake up in the morning and decide to do something crazy. Like THIS.

#6. I prefer to have a cockroach land on my hand than a cold, sticky, ugly, yucky lizard. #teamcockroach

#7. I would rather spend my money on travelling than buying a Prada or Chanel. But it’s a different story when it’s a gift la *cough*

#8. I live to eat, and I can go to a restaurant and order the same old thing that I love every single day. Having said that, discovering a new, awesome eatery gives me indescribable joy! Bottom line is, I just love to eat.

#9. I am super terrified of needles. So yeah, I have not undergone any plastic surgeries before. And I never will.

#10. Blogging makes me happy. And knowing that there are kind visitors like you reading my blog makes me even happier! Thanks for making my blogging journey amazing :) #everyviewcounts

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