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Monday, March 2, 2020

Clean and Safe Toys and Accessories with Sleek Baby

Who's this big boy over here?? 😱

Just like that, Lucas has turned 7 months old. And with every 7 months old, they're starting to really explore their taste buds (started taking solids for one whole month already!), and that means EVERYTHING goes into the mouth.

Everything- including toys, and everything he could possibly lay his hands on!

His current favourite "toy"? This powder orange powder spoon on the floor *smacks head

Lucas started semi-crawling since before turning 6 months, and went full force at 6.5 months! So it's been one full month of exploring the house and everywhere he goes on all fours. That means we gotta really watch him because he is mobile now (so fast!), AND really watch what goes into his mouth especially with all the virus going around 😔

I'm pretty particular when it comes to what we use to clean our boys' milk and water bottles, toys and accesories like pacifier, etc. We sterilise them daily, but what we use to wash and clean them before putting into the steriliser matters too!

Been recently introduced to Sleek Baby- a bottle, nipple and accesories cleanser which is antibacterial, made from natural ingredients and is 100% FOOD GRADE so it is totally safe for babies!

It also contains stain removal formula which effectively removes milk residues from milk bottles, and oil from water bottle nipples, which is really important cos milk residue that is not removed or cleaned can develop into bacteria that can be harmful for your baby's guts!

Having said that, it is also safe and is paraben free and anti-irritation tested, which is what every parent wants to hear! Last thing we want is for our little ones to ingest chemicals daily.

1. Toy Cleanser

I use Sleek Baby for a few different purposes and one of them is to clean their toys! Oh man, these toys go everywhere. One moment they're in the kids room drawers, another moment it's all over the floor and THEN in their mouths 😑

And when we bring toys out, they're in the plastic, then in their hands and mouths, on the table and baby chairs, and most of the time ending up on the floor 😑😑

So toys, as innocent as they look, are actually full of germs and are very dirty (which is invisible to the eyes so we always ignore). Which is why it's important to wash and clean them frequently!

What I do is that I would usually soak all the toys in a tub with water, squeeze a little bit of Sleek Baby cleanser into the tub, and use a bottle brush (we love this one from IKEA!) to clean the toys!

2. Bottles, Nipples and Accessories

Some may think it's okay to just use regular dish washing liquid to clean baby's bottle, teats and accessories like bibs and bowls, cups, but I personally feel it's better to wash with food grade cleansers that have been proven to be safe for babies and kids.

Same thing, I'll soak the items with water inside a tub, squeeze in some Sleek Baby cleanser and use a bottle brush to clean thoroughly. For times when we are washing just one single bottle or bib, we will just squeeze a very small amount onto the item and wash with the brush too!

3. Fruits and Vegetables!

Yes, Sleek Baby isn't just for babies and kids, but adults can use it as a fruits and vegetable cleanser too, given that it is safe and food grade, and is effective in getting rid of pesticides!

Works the same way as above, except that this time with fruits and vegetables, I don't clean them with a bottle brush lol, but just use my hands to rub off the sometimes sticky chemicals that get stuck to fruits especially!

Our daily kitchen sink situation!

You can find out more about Sleek Baby on their Facebook page:!

That's all from me today.
Be back soon with more updates!

Love, Careen.
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