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Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Our Surprise Baby Showers!

Countdown: 12 days to go!

As we're nearing Baby Dumpling's arrival, apart from getting all the last minute preparations done and finishing as much work as I can, I've been doing a lot of reflection over the last 9 months of pregnancy and realised that I have a lot to thank God for.

This pregnancy has been overall an enjoyable one. Even at Week 37 right now, I don't feel the desperation to pop the baby out ASAP due to discomfort. Aside from feeling heavy, difficulty standing up from sitting or lying down and occasional lower back pain, I'm feeling really good and am enjoying every bit of my remaining preggy days.

Throughout these months, we've also received lots of love and support from our friends and families. And they've gone over and beyond in extending their love towards us, and even went the extra mile to throw us surprise baby showers 😭

Told myself no matter how busy I am, I gotta document these precious baby showered thrown for our little family, in anticipation of Baby Dumpling's arrival.

Surprise Baby Shower #1: Our Connect Group Fam!

It was a a very successful surprise baby shower cos I was literally conned into it!

Pat told me on Thursday that he was invited for a food review/tasting on Sunday at this cafe that wants to collab with the company that he's managing, and they'll be serving lots of food so he asked us to get the whole CG to come along.

For the remaining few days leading to the "food review", I looked forward to it cos I love food reviews. Basically I just love to eat, especially sampling different menus! And for some reason the whole CG turned up in church that weekend in white and blue, but I was too blur and excited to notice. I just thought, wow this food review really can attract to whole CG to turn up in church leh! Hahahhaha how naive of me seriously 😂

They planned with Boon, who made a last min run to the convenience store to get some bread for Tyler (which is completely normal), but it was to stall time cos some of them hadn't reached the venue yet. Again, I was blur and totally not suspecting anything.

Went into the cafe and taddaaaaaa! Everyone was decked in white and blue, and there were blue napkins for everyone and a cake in the middle! Took me a while to realise was our baby shower!

For BTS videos you can check out my IG Post HERE!

The organizing committee really made sure the afternoon was well spent! After we finished our lunch, everyone was split into two groups to compete in making the most legit diaper cakes. No prizes for guessing who won cos the winners were quite obvious in my opinion! Sorry Boon, even you the papa had to be in the losing team 😛

And throughout the whole afternoon, we were banned from saying certain words and each other's names. Guess who lost big time and was punished to finish a bottle of soy milk from a baby's bottle? 😂

Of course, Boon had to show off his tummy expansion skills. His real tummy size (though not small), isn't THISSSS big la hahahahah!! After he took those photos he was like OMG that was painful lolol.

With all our lovely ladies 
(the guys were busy talking nonsense with each other at the table as usual).

It was a combined baby shower for us and Sze Nee + Johnson cos we are due just a few weeks apart! Two more baby boys in the CG soon!

Thank you everyone for taking your precious Sunday afternoon off to celebrate with us, and to shower us + Baby Dumpling with so much love. Especially the girls who planned and put everything together- you girls know who you are ♡

Surprise Baby Shower #2: My #CompetitiveAunties!

This was a funny one cos it was supposed to be a surprise, but one day it was exposed in the cutest way possible thanks to our dear Audrey 😂

You can see what went down over on my IG Post HERE!

So yeah, I arrived at the venue knowing it was a baby shower for me hahahahah. Just feeling so damn grateful that these busy ladies (and mamas) took time to plan and do this for me. Surprise success or not, it really didn't matter. It's my second baby shower that they threw for me (first was for Tyler 4 years ago!). 

Made me realise how far our friendship has come really. My heart was full ♡

Not many pics cos we were too busy chatting and catching up all night as usual!

Surprise Baby Shower #3: Our Nearest and Dearest!

Look at this beautiful setup!! Can you guess the theme of the party already?

This one was a SEMI-surprise, cos Gladys sorta had to spoil it for me just to book my date 😅

For full backstory you can read it on my IG Post HERE!

That's me checking out the beautiful details on my seat as everyone was chatting and eating away!

It's such a detailed Oriental Dumpling themed party. All the decor and styling were on point.

More dumplings! Oh my heart 😍😍

It was a relaxing, casual afternoon of just hanging out, catching up, taking photos and laughing with each other- just the way I wanted it.

Sorry for the spam, but these two gave the BEST smiles for these photos. So I HAD to post everything 😍 #tylerie

While we were busy taking pics and talking to our guests, these two were also busy playing with each other and taking photos together 😍

Grateful for all that took their precious time off to be with us- both sides of our immediate families and our close friends, every single one of them are busy people, and yet they all made time for us. 

I also want to specially thank these following individuals for initiating, planning and putting everything together.

Finally some nice photos of Chinhar and I. 
Love this big sister I never had. And single and available.

Another sis from another mister- Cheryl who's pretty, capable, 
and also single and available! 😛

QQ (and Pat) who arrived early to help with setup too!
Thanks for always being there for us!

And of course, my dear sis Gladys who planned all these with Yin Har, and took all of these beautiful photos of the party. I love all these photos not because she's my sis, but because she managed to catch the moments and those mean so much to me.

She does photography professionally too! So if you're looking for a photographer to capture moments of your big day- weddings, parties, maternity shoot, newborn shoot, products and events, check out her website HERE!

And last but not the least, my dear friend/friendor Laverne who thoughtfully put together the decor and styling of the party. When I entered into the restaurant I knew all these were done by a professional. And then I saw her and knew it was her work!

Thank you so much Laverne for taking time out to do this for us, putting in so much effort and thought into everything! Love every bit of the decor, and super touched by your generosity and kindness.

Laverne is a professional wedding planner/coordinator and event planner/stylist at Eventistry! Check out the work that her team has done HERE!


Signing out of this post feeling extra blessed and grateful to be surrounded by so many amazing individuals in our lives, and so much love.

Thank you, Jesus for placing each and everyone of them in our lives.

Love, Careen.

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