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Thursday, March 28, 2019

Mighty Mighty Squad School Holiday at IPC Shopping Center!

Just like that, we have come to the end of Quarter 1 of 2019! That means Tyler would have been in school for 3 months now, and time for his first school holiday break ever! 

Still can't believe I'm saying this, but we have now joined the parents club who crack their heads on how to occupy our little ones during the school holidays 😅 While school holidays are great ways to spend quality time together as a family, it's also challenging for us parents to think of good and healthy ways to occupy our active little ones. Staying at home all day would mean screen time involved somehow, and with the extremely hot weather these days (plus HAZE!), it's also not a great idea to play in the outdoors lately.

So when I came to know that IPC Shopping Center is organizing a school holiday event for the kids, I knew we had to let Tyler go for it!

IPC Mighty Mighty Squad School Holiday event is held from March 22-31, 2019, in conjunction with the school holidays! It's located at the concourse, right opposite DOME and Magnum. With a huge set-up like this, it's definitely hard to miss!

First things first, we registered for IPC's Sma Club membership for Tyler at the IPC Information Counter (opposite Padini) which entitles him for free entry at any IPC's kids related events for one whole year! It's better to register online on IPC's official website HERE beforehand so that you can just pick up your membership card right away (might take up to a week to process the registration)!

Tyler received his entrance tickets from the counter and also some goodies (a teddy bear plushie and IPC Sma Club wrist band) upon registration. In the future we just have to bring along the IPC Sma Club wrist band whenever we go to IPC Shopping Center for Tyler to be entitled to enter any kids related event/activity for the whole year!

These are some of the other benefits of IPC Små Club:

  • FREE 1 year membership (renewal fee – RM30)
  • FREE gift upon registration
  • Enjoy selected promotions & discounts at selected outlets
  • Birthday gift during birthday month
  • Seasonal gifts (selected occasions)
  • Minimum spend of RM30 anywhere in IPC Shopping Centre to redeem a SmÃ¥ Club Sticker
  • Recycle selected items with a minimum weight of 1kg at IPC Recycling & Buy Back Centre to redeem a SmÃ¥ Club Sticker
  • Priority sign up for IPC Shopping Centre kid’s workshop & activities

I was so mesmerized by the set-up, beautifully decorated in colourful pastels everywhere! There are 11 checkpoints in total and all of them are carefully designed for kids aged 1-12 (younger kids would need more assistance but they can still have fun!).

There were facilitators all around to help the kids with each station, so no worries if you're bringing the kids by yourself! I couldn't help Tyler much since I'm pregnant, so I was the designated photographer of the day 😛

This boy was so excited for all the obstacle courses, but unfortunately scrapped his knee right from the beginning. The cut was pretty deep and started bleeding, but he still held it in and soldiered on like a boss 😭

If you look closely you would be able to see the cut which is pretty deep. We plastered his knee up after that and he just continued on with the rest of the activities. So proud of him 😭😭

Boon and I always tell each other how Tyler is more towards the creative side, musically inclined and all that but his motor skills are not as good compared to some of his peers. But today he proved to us that while he's not great at it, he's willing to try until he can! There were a few obstacles that he didn't do too well in the beginning so he requested to do it again. That's the spirit, son! 💪

Erm, they're supposed to go through the obstacle courses alone but somehow Tyler volunteered to help his new friend 😅 He loves friends so he was very happy to see the playground slowly filling up with more kids!

Another thing we realised is how our cheers and claps encourage Tyler to keep pushing himself forward and doing better! He also cheers for himself and tells himself "Well done" at the end of each course hahahaha, which is honestly really good! Cos in life we gotta learn to encourage ourselves! #truestory

Aside from the obstacle courses, there's also an activity corner at the end of it for kids to play.

Tyler and his new IPC Små Club wrist band, which he fondly calls "Tyler's Watch" 😅

Each kid receives a certificate of completion after all the activities! Here's Tyler holding his cert and feeling super proud of it 😍


Couldn't help but take a photo with all the pastel tyres here! So pretty! Here's the two of us taking a chill pill after the whole morning of activities 😊

Now I understand why school holidays are so precious to families, cos once our kids start school, we get to spend less time with them. Tyler's been telling us he wants to go for holiday with papa and mama, so family outings like this is perfect for a fun day out!

Plus, IPC Shopping Center is our favourite family-friendly mall. Love that there are so many kid-friendly eateries, play areas and washrooms/diaper rooms! Everything is very well-maintained and makes changing our kids and bringing the to the washroom a pleasant experience.

Oh yes, you can also be entitled to a one-day pass for the Might Might Squad School Holiday event by spending a minimum of RM50 in a single receipt!

Few more days to go, so do bring your kids down to IPC Shopping Center and enjoy a fun family time together! 😍

You can read more about the event details over HERE as well.
Have a great school holiday with your little ones!

Love, Careen.
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