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Friday, December 28, 2018

Dressing Tyler in 2018 ft. MamyPoko

It's the very last of 2018, and a few days til the brand new year!

Each time we arrive at this part of the year, I can't help but to look back and reminisce on all that has happened this year. It's definitely been a very eventful 2018, with a lot that has happened and a lot of changes and growth especially with our dearest Threenager (yes, he turned 3 on Dec 10!).

Toddler tantrums and meltdowns aside, Tyler has been a real joy to hang out with now more than ever before. He has advanced a lot on his speech and can hold a proper conversation with us that goes on for minutes (and hours if we allow!), though many a times it's still all jumbled up with his baby language which we are still trying to decipher 😅

He has become a lot more expressive than he already is, and his joyful personality has been shining through especially more so this year! He's becoming more confident and aware of himself and what he wears, and would often pick what to wear too. Oh dear, I can't believe we have arrived at this stage as a family!

Throughout the year, there are more OOTD (outfit of the day) shots of Tyler than there has ever been! Simply because he can now take instructions and would actually pose nicely for mama's camera. And also cos he knows he will be able to see the photos on my album later on which he finds very amusing 😀

So before the year ends, this mama shall chronicle some of her favorite OOTDs of Tyler in 2018!

Starting with some of his more casual outfits! We don't always buy clothes for Tyler, but when we do, it is usually when there are sales going on or when we make a trip to Bangkok!

A lot of Tyler's tops are from Bangkok and most of his pants are from Zara. Footwear, OMG I can't believe this but they're all from Nike. And none that we bought for him cos they're all gifts from his grandparents and aunties 😅

Speaking of sale, there are actually a lot of good deals from Zara Kids! When they have sale, tops can be as low as RM25-29 and skinny jeans at RM79. Without sale, depending on the design but average RM39-79 for tops, and RM119 for skinny jeans? Their designs are nice and I love the quality, so I don't mind spending a bit more even during non-sale period. Cos thing is they do last long!

This is Tyler wearing a hipster v neck tee we got from Bangkok (RM20+) and skinny jeans from Zara (RM119). Last him super long hahaha.

Awww this was taken in March! Look at how he's much he's grown! We love dressing him up in skinny jeans cos it's just so cute la. Like he's some sort of little dude omg 😍

We stock up quite a bit of collared shirts from Bangkok which can be easily found in Chatuchak market! They're usually RM19-25 per piece and the cheaper it becomes when you buy 3 pieces and above! I loveeeee collared shirts on Tyler cos he looks so hunky in them (sorry biased mom alert!). We usually like to fold up his sleeves a little for that extra hipster vibe hahaha.

And these days, we're dressing him in oversized tops a little bit more. Cos firstly, it's in trend hehe. Secondly, like every Asian parent would say, buy bigger can wear longer ma 😂

This top was a gift from Sea Apple, a kids online store in SG! It's from their collaboration with Disney. Loveeeee the good quality fabric which is thick enough to be worn in Genting even without a sweater!

Here we paired the oversized top with a denim jacket, when it was getting colder in Genting. Do you notice how his skinny jeans have gotten skinnier and shorter compared to the photo taken in March? Hahaha still can wear la but time to get new ones already cos it's been a year since we bought them!

And this one was more recent! Taken during our family photoshoot with One Way Tix.

Both top and bottom were gifts for Tyler from friends a long while ago, and now he can finally wear them! For long sleeved shirts, we love folding his sleeves up a little for a more casual look in the day time.

And for night time or a more proper/formal setting, we will leave his sleeves down. This awkward smile was not by accident by the way. He purposely posed like this one 😅 Taken during our Christmas family dinner!

Of course, one of the main criteria when dressing Tyler up is that he has to feel comfortable. Outfits that restrict him too much or fabric that scratches his skin are usually out of our list, because when a kid is uncomfortable, it shows. And when toddlers get agitated it's never a good thing, trust me!

So we make sure that his outfits are soft, airy and comfy (unless we're going to full blast air-conditioned venues or places like Genting then we dress him in thicker clothing). And the same applies for his diapers, which is also a part of his outfit (just that it's not usually seen hahaha).

We've been trying out MamyPoko's Air Fit Diapers for Tyler and so far he's been really comfortable and loving them! Here he is being all cheeky before bedtime and refusing to let us change him out of his diapers as usual 😎

Getting cheekier by the day. Just like his daddy 😏

Hahahaha ok his diaper very full liao 😂

They say "Comfort never runs out of style", and it's true! Even for myself, my top priority for any outfit is comfort. No matter how gorgeous the piece is, if it's uncomfortable for me I wouldn't wear it again regardless of how much I like it!

I've previously shared my review on MamyPoko's Air Fit Diapers back in July on my post HERE, so click on the link and read all about the review!

And now that the packaging and design of the diapers are new, it's even nicer than before (but comfort level and quality still as good as before!).

Our little one will be starting school in January, and very soon becoming a fully potty trained toddler. But until then, I'm glad we can provide him with comfortable diapers to wear.

Oh yes, MamyPoko is still running a contest for Japan Fiesta 2018 on their Facebook Page where you can win your family a trip to Japan! Head over to their FB page HERE to find out more! Contest ends on Dec 31, 2018 so hurry and participate if you haven't already!

That's all from this emo mommy this time. Hope you enjoyed the little outfit sharing from me!
Wishing all of you reading this a blessed new year ahead! :)

Love, Careen.

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