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Saturday, November 10, 2018

3 Money-Saving Tips from Boon & I

Hello guys! It's been so, so long. No points for guessing where I've been this whole time!

Been working hard on building The White Atelier, in between juggling mommy and wifey duties on a day-to-day basis. It's been quite a special year for Boon and I, cos ever since we got married 6 years ago (oh yes, we just celebrated our 6th year anniversary last week!), we had been on at least one nice overseas holiday each year. Back then, it was just the two of us and no Tyler in the picture yet, so financially we had more flexibility since there were no milk and diapers to buy, and education fund to save up for.

But now, things are so different. With an addition to the family, we have naturally changed our perspective on money and how we should use it. With Tyler starting school next year in January (which will go on for the next 20 years at least), we have a lot to save up for in preparation for his future. Education fund, savings for his future music and sports classes, and the list goes on.

So this year, we decided to not go for any big holiday overseas and focus on saving up for the future. Apart from one mission trip to Cambodia and a short getaway to Bangkok, we have only made short local trips and staycations this year, which proved to be really nice too! The short breaks in between have helped us to breathe in between the daily hustles, and have enabled us to spend a lot more quality time with our loved ones.

In conjunction with World Savings Day which happened less than two weeks ago, I'm going to be sharing some practical money saving tips that Boon and I live by, especially in this year alone.

1. Fancy Food for Fancy Occasions

This one is something Boon loves taking credit for. I'll admit that I was one of those who would only opt to have nice café brunches on weekends, and hang out at hipster café joints for drinks at night. But ever since we got married, I guess I was somehow influenced by Boon to love cheaper street and hawker food (well, according to him at least!). It's either I was subconsciously influenced or my taste buds did evolve after all these years, but I am loving my Char Kuey Teow, Prawn Mee, Chicken Rice, Mixed Rice and Chili Pan Mee a lot more than fancy café food and big breakfasts these days. These local delights are yummy AND at least 3x cheaper than a café brunch meal.

Don't get me wrong, I still love a bit of fancy café brunches every once in a while, but those have become an occasional affair instead of what used to be a weekly one! It may not seem much, but over time it does save us a lot of money.

2. Redeem Them Points!

Got a credit card that enables you to save points that are redeemable for purchases? Remember to use it! I can't remember just how many items we have purchased using Boon's points that he collected from his credit card usage. He used to travel a lot for work, and the paid for his hotel stays and flights using his credit card. I think with the accumulated points we have bought our washing machine, oven, etc, and more to come!

We've also redeemed many stays at hotels and got flight tickets with his points too! Many a times we are drawn to the perks of a credit card and sign up because of them, without remembering to actually use them. So here's a reminder that you can truly save a lot of money if you use your credit cards wisely!

3. Keep Them in Your Cart

Is Retail Therapy real? If you asked me, I would say hell yeah!

After a long week at work, it's only natural for me to start browsing online and start adding stuff to my cart cos I absolutely deserve it 😂

There had been so many times that I just impulsive shopped and ended up with things I actually would not use or wear. Especially when there's a sale and everything seems super cheap and worth it.

So what I've learned is to keep those stuff in my shopping cart first without actually checking out and purchasing them. If I truly want or need those items, I will definitely head back and buy them. But if I forget about them after a while, it means I don't actually like those items as much as I thought I did.


These are just some of the tips from Boon and I! Nothing exceptionally profound, but practical everyday tips that you can easily practice too.

Saving up and spending less is becoming a rare practice in our generation these days, because it's just so easy to buy and spend with just a few clicks. But it is extremely important if we want to have a secure future. Those few hundreds that you save each month would amount to much if you keep the habit for the next decade :)

Together with VISA and AKPK, I'm here to encourage everybody to start saving and practice spending wisely! I've been running a Giveaway Contest on my Instagram account where I'm giving away 1x Apple Watch Series 3! It's very easy to participate:

Simply take a quiz at and find our which of the 4 Money Management Personalities you are:

Are you a...

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It's a very fun quiz to find out which group you belong to, and understand your money management habits a bit more to know how you can improve!

For me, I am a Ringgit Sayang! I love my hard earned money, and now that I'm a parent and running a business, I value money a lot more because I know how much we can do if we use them wisely!

How about you? Let me know which one you are on my Giveaway Instagram post below!

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All the best, everyone! 💪

Love, Careen.
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