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Wednesday, July 4, 2018

MamyPoko Omoiyari & Air Fit Review

Hello everyone! Tylerboi says hi 😚

Am back this time to share on a new change in our family:


And I have a legit reason for it. More on that later in this post but first! 

Here's our diaper counter with only the essentials. I'm pretty proud of this little corner because it's finally looking so tidy with only the things that we truly need and will use.

Been so busy that it's only lately that I took the time off to remove a lot (A LOT) of things from our home. All these years of keeping stuff that we thought we would use some day, which clutters our space and makes it so hard to look for things when we need them, and not to mention subconsciously cluttering our minds too.

Been inspired by Marie Kondo's motto of keeping only things that Spark Joy to us. So these days, I try to not keep too many things, and only use products that truly Spark Joy.

Boon and I are not one of those couples that are super adventurous in trying our new brands for the products that we use every other month, because when we find something good, we will just stick to it. 

And one of the things that we have been sticking to is MamyPoko's Air Fit diapers for Tyler! We've been trying this range of pants diapers for Tyler for months and it's so far so good! It's been suitable for his sensitive skin, and we're pleased with the overall quality! It truly sparks joy to us for many reasons.

And of course, MamyPoko is undeniably one of the top diaper brands in the market, and the No.1 baby diaper manufacturer in Japan! And the MamyPoko Air Fit is the top range of MamyPoko products, which is fully made in Japan.

Apart from that, I recently learned that one of the things that make MamyPoko stand out from the rest is that the brand practices Omoiyari, which is the Japanese way of being 'caring, considerate and compassionate' towards the needs of others.

In fact, one of the reasons why Boon and I LOVE Japan so much is because of the courtesy of the people. The Japanese have a beautiful culture of courtesy and putting careful thoughts into their service and inventions. 

Some of the examples would be heated toilet seats (God-sent during winter!), restaurants providing baskets to put women's handbags and providing blankets to warm our laps during Winter, and providing pregnant mothers with a tag so that people can be aware of their pregnancy and look out especially for them by letting them have a seat in the train or go on a priority lane in queues. These are just some of the examples I can think of at the top of my mind, but I'm sure there are many others!

MamyPoko combines science and technology with the Omoiyari philosophy in their production, which is reflected in the quality of their products, and diapers that are effortlessly convenient for the parent, and reassuringly comfortable for the child.

The MamyPoko Air Fit diapers have a leak prevention design that fit snugly and softly against baby's inner thighs for maximum comfort! And not to mention it's very soft to touch. There won't be hard marks on Tyler's thighs when we remove his diaper after a full day wear!

With its breathable cotton-like cover, the MamyPoko Air Fit diapers remain dry and help Tyler with his sensitive skin. Sometimes certain diapers that he wears will result in redness and itch on his butt and at the side of his thighs, but with this he doesn't have any issue!

One of the reasons why we have converted Tyler to diaper pants?


Look at this cheeky boy who refuses to get dressed after bath! He's so active these days that I struggle dressing him, especially after bath when he just wants to roam free and roll on the bed nekkid 😪

Sometimes I give up and just let him roam nekkid on the bed while I quickly put away his laundry, only to find that somebody has peed on my bed while I was gone...for 2 minutes 😑

So these days, what I do is that I'll dry him with his towel and then quickly pull up his MamyPoko Air Fit diapers while he's standing and trying to escape my grasp. And then I'll let him roam free in his diaper pants while I get my stuff done, until he happy then I'll wear his clothes for him 😒

Yeap, this is how we wear his diapers these days- with him standing while playing with this and that. Not kidding when they say toddler boys are very active. My son is like a worm 😅

Which reminds me of a meme I saw a while ago. When I saw this I really laughed cos I can relate 100% 😂 Okay sorry, I mean my son is like a crocodile hahahaha!!

See! Change him halfway come and sayang me 😅 Okay this one I don't mind hehe.

And then turn round and round, and I just have to be agile follow him. Thank God for diaper pants!!! It makes our lives as parents so much easier 😂 Change him in public also don't have to worry whether the changing counter is clean or not, cos we will change him standing anyway 😂🙌

Oh, and one of the best things about the MamyPoko Air Fit is this!! See the blue clear strip of sticker in the middle? It's not just part of the design...

It's the most practical thing ever! Did you know that you can easily tear the sides of the diaper pants for easy removal, especially when your baby does a no.2 💩 and you don't wanna risk the stools bouncing off the diaper when you remove it? Even if you don't tear the sides, it's still difficult to dispose the soiled diapers if the pants aren't wrapped nicely (unlike tape diapers where we can use the tapes to wrap the diaper together).

So for diaper pants, you can simply just roll it up and pull the sticker out to fasten the diaper before disposing! Such a genius idea. I don't know who came up with this but thank you!! 😭

Sometimes I also just let Tyler roam around the house with just his shirt and his MamyPoko Air Fit pants on, especially on a hot weather! It works perfectly as a pair of pants too since it's super comfy and secure!

Can pass as a baby fashion look or not? 🙈

Once in a while he will pick up his diaper packet and have a long hard look, reading the alphabets...

And smiling at his Japanese friend... 😂

A happy baby makes a happy mommy!

I strongly recommend trying out MamyPoko's Air Fit diapers if you're toying with the idea of switching to diaper pants (for any of the reasons above)! 

'Til the next post!

Love, Careen.
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