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Sunday, July 1, 2018

Hello July, Hello Judah!

Hello July, you arrived sooner than I had expected!

This year is seriously the craziest yet. The meaning of 'busy' has taken a whole new meaning, but it's all good. The White Atelier is growing well, which also means I'm spending more time working, meeting clients, sketching designs, working on the gowns, fittings and replying enquiries on all our platforms! I would say I'm literally working everyday except Sunday (which I still have the habit of replying work messages cos I simply can't stand the thought of someone waiting for my reply hahaha).

But I know it's not good to be working ALL the time. Had tried working daily previously (taking appointments on Sundays after church) and man, it wore me out sooner than I thought it would. I started to dread work cos I would feel so exhausted, and I would miss spending time with my loved ones so badly that I questioned why I started the business in the first place.

Slowly I started pacing myself a little better, and was firm about leaving my rest day untouched. Cause if I'm not well rested and recuperated, I can't be inspired and creative- which is necessary for me to create beautiful designs. One thing I've learned in the first half of 2018 is to 'Protect My Rest', even for just one day in the week. And so far it's done wonders and helps me carry on and hustle for the rest of the coming week.

Another change that has taken place this year is the very fact that I'm spending a lot less time on social media these days. I used to post a lot more regularly on Instagram, IG Stories, Dayre and even on this blog. But each year my number of posts are declining 🙈 Not because I'm lazy or not keen anymore, but simply because I don't have the time.

My day is usually so packed that I can't even spare 5-10 minutes updating my IG Stories. If I have to choose between replying the 101 work messages waiting for me vs. updating my IG Stories, I would definitely choose the former cos #priorities. And also, what would my clients think if I can update my IG Stories but not reply their messages right? I'll be upset also lo if I were them 🙈

But that's only one of the reasons why I hardly update as much anymore. So when I do have the time, I'll do lots of throwback IG Stories all at one go. It's like micro-micro-blogging of my week like that 😂 Whatever works these days, you know. Hahahhaha.

But I do want to take the initiative to set aside time to still write and blog, to record down special milestones and stories of my life that I can look back on. 

Like this one.

30 JUNE 2018

The first half of 2018 was wrapped up beautifully with the arrival of my baby nephew! My sister Gladys had given birth after a long and arduous labour. What she went through surpassed what I did by many folds, and if mine was difficult, hers was just super tough. I'm gonna leave it to her to share about her experience on her blog, but for now, here are some photos of my baby nephew!

Everybody, meet little Judah :)

This aunty was completely smitten by Judah. 
I don't know if I'm being biased but isn't he such a cutie?? 😭

Love at first sight

Carrying Judah felt a lot like carrying Tyler when he was a newborn. Not sure if it's cos they're cousins or most babies look alike, but they really spot some resemblance!

I mean, look!

I mean, they look like brothers leh! 😍
Can't wait to see how Judah looks like when he's older! And totally can't wait for these two to start playing together.

But for now, we know he is already one cheeky and funny baby who has a colourful personality.

I mean, check out these poses.

The most confident and sassy 1 day-old, everyone. 

Oh in case you're wondering, Judah has a bit of jaundice so he had to be placed under Phototherapy, just as 90% of newborns do hahahah.

"You guys are too noisy" 🙉🙉

"Hmmmm yeaaaa this the pose. This the life" 😎

*In deep thoughts*

This face! With these cotton shades look even cuter hahahahaha I cannot!

Excited aunty creepin' up on the nephew.
Can't wait to have Gladys and Judah back home soon!

God has indeed been faithful to us and our families. In this year our family has two additions (Boon's sis has a newborn too!), both healthy and super adorable babies!

And I know the second half of 2018 is just going to get better, healthier, more exciting and beautiful. And let's also hope I get to update here more often too heh.

Wishing you a blessed rest of 2018 too, everyone
'Til the next post!

Love, Careen
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