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Friday, December 8, 2017

Cleansing with Hada Nature

This skincare junkie has got some news to share! I've recently started using a new cleanser unlike what I've tried personally before. 

Was introduced to the Hada Nature Rich Moist Cleansing which is popularly known to naturally brighten and whiten skin! As such, Hada Nature has achieved 3 crowns and high rankings at Japan's famous mail order sites such as @cosme, Yahoo and Rakuten, and highly rated by world famous magazines, media and celebrities!

Here's a little info about this amazing cleanser:

Hada Nature is a carbonated cleanser that promotes metabolism with carbonic acid, which helps our skin regain its self-regeneration function (anti-acing), removes dullness of the skin, spots, minimises the visibility of pores on our skin which in turn brightens and whitens the skin! ✨

For someone who is always wearing makeup, I find my skin to look dull after a long day of makeup. Which is why using the right skincare and being disciplined enough to follow a skincare routine is vital! Especially one that fits the needs of your skin. For me, my struggle is always my dry and dull skin at the end of the day.

Cleansing with carbonated water may not be very common in Malaysia yet, but it's a popular practice in Japan, which has spread to Korea and Europe as well! Aside from being a cleanser, it also works s a makeup remover!

Due to its carbonic acid content, it has the ability to thoroughly remove makeup from the skin gently with minimal rubbing. The bubbling action from the cleanser deep cleanses pores, removes dead skin and firms up the skin while removing makeup. It can be used with both dry or wet hands, and also on waterproof makeup (which I always wear!). It also contains a special absorption type of hyaluronic acid, which leaves a moist and hydrated feeling even after cleansing! 

Look at it go! This collage is to show you how the cleanser looks like after it is being pumped out from the bottle, and how it gradually deflates into serum in a matter of seconds! This is to show you what happens when I apply the cleanser straight to my face right after pumping it out, where I would be able to feel the bubbling sensation on my skin which gradually lessens while removing dead skin cells, and I would be left with what feels like a regular cleansing serum to massage my skin further!

How it looks like after the cleanser deflates from bubbles to serum! In fact, the serum after cleansing can be used as an essence for the skin, which makes it an all-in-one cleanser that saves us time, steps and shelf space! After cleansing and washing, just pump some more onto your palm and massage onto your skin just like your regular serum!

So what I usually do is that I'll remove the makeup on my face first- cheeks, chin, forehead, then slowly move to my eyes to remove my eye makeup, and then massage the rest of my face again to thoroughly remove all makeup and dirt!

This makeup remover + cleanser + serum is pretty amazing in a sense that it is gentle on the skin, yet powerful enough to remove makeup and blemishes from the skin! Only a few gentle rubs on my eyes to get my eye makeup removed nicely!

After washing off the cleanser, my skin feels clean without the need for a double cleansing. My skin feels brighter, fairer and smoother after using it. This is really convenient especially for travelling when you don't really want to bring along too many products!

The cleanser contains 53 different natural beauty ingredients from all over Japan, and can be used for sensitive skin as well! It is paraben free, contains no mineral oil, no synthetic fragrance or colouring added. True to its name, it is as au natural as it can be.

I can't help but to think of oranges and grapefruits whenever I wash my face, cos the scent of the cleanser is very much citrusy due to its acidic nature! It's a very refreshing scent and I love it!

If you're looking for a cleanser that acts as a makeup remover, cleanser, serum and essence at the same time, try out Hada Nature

You can find out more on their official website at Hada Nature Malaysia! They are running a Buy 3 Get 1 Free launch special now :)

'Til then!

Love, Careen.
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