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Monday, November 20, 2017

Repelling Mozzies with Tiger Balm!

It's Autumn vibes in most parts of the world right now! Sometimes I really wish we have 4 seasons in Malaysia too. Wouldn't it be nice if we get to layer up in nice winter clothing every year? 😌

This reminds me of a sad joke that I read online somewhere, that we have 4 seasons in Malaysia too!

The hot season, rainy season, haze season and mosquito season 😂 For some reason I feel that Malaysia is always mosquito season though!

Tyler and I belong to the mosquito-magnet category where we would always be the preferred choice for mosquitoes to bite! No matter where we are, indoors or outdoors, we will somehow land ourselves some mosquito bites.

The location of our condo unit doesn't help also, cos we're located right above the garden so mozzies are literally our neighbours 😭 We didn't realise how this would affect us until we moved in and my mozzie bite count increased significantly! It got so bad to a point I bugged Boon to install mosquito netting on all our glass doors and windows! Now it's much better but somehow mozzies will still end up flying into our home whenever we open the main door 😌

So anything that can potentially help with repelling mosquitoes, we will go for it! And one of our personal favourite methods would be this!

Taddaaaaaaa! The mozzie patch!
So far it's been working well! Whenever Tyler has got a mozzie patch on his clothes, he won't get bitten 🙏

So these days whenever I can see mozzies flying around at home, I'll just stick a mozzie patch on his clothes (usually on his back so he won't see and peel it off!).

This mozzie patch was by Tiger Balm! I was so pleasantly surprised when I came to know that Tiger Balm released mosquito repellent sprays and patches!

Sharing some photos that I took the other evening when I brought Tyler to his grandparents' neighbourhood park!

Adam, Tyler's cousin joined us too! These boys wait all day for 6pm to go to the field! Which I truly encourage cos kids these days are so glued to screens and gadgets, that they don't find the fun and thrill in playing outdoors anymore. Which is why Boon and I want to encourage Tyler to play outdoors as much as possible, so that he develops a love for the outdoors all the way into his adulthood!

The sunset was perfectly captured in the frames :')

As usual, whenever it's field time, mosquito patches will be out to play too! As much as we encourage Tyler to play outdoors, we also know that the risk of getting bitten by an Aedes or Zika mozzie is higher than when he plays indoors. So these days whenever he plays outdoors, we'll make sure that we spray on mosquito repellent and put on mozzie patches!

When I took out the mozzie patch to stick onto Tyler's clothes, my mother in-law was like, "Ehhh I bought the same brand for Tyler and Adam also!" Looks like Tiger Balm is really popular for mosquito patches!

So far liking the mozzie patches a lot cos I found that the smell is stronger than other mozzie patches that we've used before. Each patch is individually packed, which helps to retain the smell! Literally when the packet is opened, the smell fills the air (which I find very aromatic actually ahaha I like the smell a lot 😂).

Outdoor essentials! Tiger Balm's mosquito repellent range comes in the form of patches, aerosol and spray! 

We usually use the patch on Tyler (and sometimes for ourselves too heh), and the aerosol and spray for clothing when we go outdoors, and sometimes to spray onto certain darker parts of our bedroom to repel mozzies! I really like the aerosol cos it's in a misty form which is light and wouldn't feel wet on our clothes or skin at all! Will usually use the spray in the evening or before bedtime!

As a working mom who leaves her child with her grandparents frequently, it gives me a peace of mind knowing that he's well taken care of all the time, including feeding and napping well, and even playing well! It gives me so much joy whenever I get Whatsapp updates that the boys are eating, napping and playing together in the field :')

I used to be worried whenever they go outdoors cos one of my greatest fears (apart from Tyler falling and being severely injured) is Tyler getting dengue. Seeing how mosquito bite-prone he is, it seriously worries me if that one bite was by an Aedes mosquito 😭 So knowing that Tyler's caregivers are making sure that he wears a mozzie patch each time he's outdoors gives me a peace of mind when I'm not around to care for him.

You can find out more about Tiger Balm's mosquito repellent range at, and purchase them at majority of the pharmacies or shopping malls near you!

Love, Careen.

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