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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Bath Time Bliss with Cetaphil Baby

One of my favourite parts of the day would no doubt have to be bath time for Tyler! Ever since he was a newborn, his favourite thing to do would be to take a bath- from the days when he was pretty immobile as an infant, to the time he just learned to sit and play in the bath tub, and now, sometimes walking around the bathroom while we chase him down to shower him- bath time has always been a very fun activity for Tyler!

Throwback to a year ago when he was barely one. Wrapped in his favourite bear towel! 

Fast forward a year later...

Still has a baby face but he has grown and matured so much! So much taller, so much smarter, so much bigger. Seriously how time flies 😭

Many things have changed in this one year. His choices of TV shows have changed from just that same few episodes of Barney and Friends to Hi-5, Super Simple Songs, and now- Dave and Ava and all the educational and repetitive ABC videos 😅

His choices of food...okay sadly didn't change that much. He's still a picky eater and still likes his porridge (only). But over that one year he has learned to accept fruits with his favourites being apples, bananas and grapes, and he loves biscuits. Erm sadly the list ends here 😅

But one thing remains, and that is his love for bath time. He can seriously can take multiple baths a day if we let him!

Bath time is of course accompanied by his favourite towel, bath toys and my favourite bath wash and lotion! Since Tyler was little, he has been having rather sensitive skin. At one point he had a streak of diarrhoea and it damaged the skin around his butt really badly to a point that it was all red and moist, and the flesh was showing 😭 We tried many different types of nappy creams but they didn't really help, until a few mommy friends recommended using Cetaphil. My mother in-law had bought a bottle of Catephil Baby Daily Lotion for Tyler and I thought, it shouldn't help since it wasn't a specific rash cream or nappy cream, but only the Daily Lotion. But guess what, his skin healed within a matter of days and I was just amazed. It was only the Daily Lotion and it worked so well compared to many other nappy creams that we tried! 😱

Since then we've been keeping a bottle of Cetaphil Baby Daily Lotion at home for Tyler, and recently I've introduced the Cetaphil Baby Moisturising Bath and Wash during Tyler's bath time and he's been loving it!

Stalking my son in his happiest mode- bath time mode! 😍💦 

Been using the Cetaphil Baby Moisturising Bath & Wash for a while now and personally, I love it I found it to be more moisturising than some of the brands that I've tried on Tyler previously. It's a lot richer, smoother to lather and it's easy to rinse off too!

Love it that it contains 0% colorant, mineral oil and paraben, and it's paediatrician recommended with a total of 200 dermatologists and paediatricians in Germany surveyed online from Feb to May 2015! In fact, Cetaphil was also one of the brands that Tyler's paed recommended when he had the severe butt rash!

Tyler loves the little bubbles formed and he would always stop whatever he was playing with earlier and try to burst the little bubbles in the water! Bath time may seem like another play time for the babies, but I believe it is also a multi sensory experience and "classroom" where they're able to touch and feel different things! Like these days, Tyler loves putting his palm on the water surface and feel the sensation on his palms as the "waves" move back and forth. Little things like that during bath time helps them be more aware of their senses!

After bath, we would always put him in his towel and stand in front of the mirror to let him see how cute he looks hahahaha. Usually he would be pleased and amused with what he sees #vainbaby hahahah.

And to keep him laying down properly while I dry him, apply his lotion, wear his diaper and clothes, I would hand him a toy (or non-toy which is also what he usually prefers ahem), and sing his favourite nursery rhymes to keep him distracted from wanting to move about. So bath time is more than just a time of cleansing but also a time where I get to bond with him as well. Which is why as much as Tyler loves bath time, I love it too cos I get to bond with him and experience this cheery side of him ♥

This is the Cetaphil Baby Daily Lotion that I mentioned earlier! It contains Shea Butter and Almond Oil, which honestly smells amazing. Apart from the smell, it's rich yet non-sticky which I love! I can easily glide and lather the lotion on Tyler's skin without making him feel uncomfortable. 

These days he prefers to DIY cos you know, he is like a two-anger (like, teenager you know?) soon 😏 He's been trying to do a lot of things independently like taking off his shoes and placing them nicely before entering the home, and also things like applying lotion onto his own skin #vainbaby again hahaha.

So pleased with himself! Hahahahaha.

These days with The White Atelier, I'm undoubtedly much busier than before and spending way lesser time with Tyler now compared to when I was a stay-at-home-mom. So when I'm home with him during the day before I head over to the studio, it is my most treasured time, and bath time is always the highlight cos it allows us both to bond and have fun. It's easy to rush though everything including feeding and bathing the baby cos we're all so busy, but I'm learning to slow down, put my work aside first and spend a bit more time lingering in the moment, and enjoying this little one who is not so little anymore as the days go by 😔

Okay I don't mean to get all emotional now, but my point is- let's remember to have fun with our little ones, whether it's bath time, meal time or sleeping time even! Cos they're all really growing so fast!

Til' the next post! In the meantime, enjoy the little moments ♥

Love, Careen.
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