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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

A new season for our family

Hello hello! Man, it's been so long. Life has been zooming right past my face every single day, and before I realised it's already September now! 3 more months to 2018!! 😱

A lot has happened since my last update here. It would take me forever to try to update from where I left off so let's not do that hahaha. I update daily on Instagram Stories @careentxy though! And pretty often on Dayre! Feel free to follow my updates on those platforms cos it's seriously more convenient for me to update on-the-go. For blog posts, I usually prefer putting up more cohesive posts and to do that I would need to sit down at my laptop to do it, and that takes time πŸ™ˆ

So yes, a lot has happened, with the most significant one being a huge change for our family.

And no, I'm not pregnant 😏And neither is it Tyler's new haircut (which is indeed a really significant change to me!!).

It's Papa Boon! He was handpicked to join a new department about two months ago which required him to be more office-based. Which means he wouldn't need to travel for work much anymore, which also means he will be around more and we can spend so much more time together as a family 😭

This is like my secret wish coming true cos I've been secretly wishing that he wouldn't need to travel so much for work anymore. Ever since we started dating, we've been on a semi-long distance with him studying out of town, and since he started working he had been travelling for work a lot. Fast forward 13 years later, this is the first time that he is based here and not travelling anywhere for work, which feels really new to me cos all these years of being together, I've never really had him around for more than a few months straight πŸ˜”

Not that I'm complaining here, cos him travelling for work allowed us to be able to afford many things that we have now and also trips that we have made. But really at the end of the day, I'm willing to live simpler, own lesser and travel closer to home just to have him around. His presence is more important than any material things.

So for the past few months, we've been staying in our own home as opposed to moving in and out from our home to my parents' home like nomads on a weekly basis *sob sob*. I really appreciate all the help that our families have given us whenever Boon is away for work, but now I'm just really cherishing the times that we can spend together as a little family.

Since Boon is around more these days, we've been able to have some sort of routine at last. So for now, once a week he will do bible study with a cell group member, once a week we will catch up over different friends over meals, once a week we will have an exercise sesh together, and once in two weeks we will have a date night where we have a meal and catch a movie together without Tyler πŸ™ˆ So far this routine has been working out really well for us (of course in between other commitments like work, family meals, cell groups, church meetings, and so on!). And I realised that with a routine set in place, it is so much easier to plan for the weeks and months ahead. In the past there's no such thing as planning ahead cos we wouldn't know when Boon needs to leave again. Everything was KIV/TBC/TBD (kept in view/to be confirmed/to be determined) and it really made planning very difficult.

With more a organised calendar, I find that I'm able to be more focused on my tasks cos everything is more organised and in a way, stable. I realised that I'm so much more at peace and emotionally stable (not that I was an emotional hurricane before this lol, but I really do feel so much more stable as a person).

That's what having your loved one/support system around does to you. It's something that we can all take for granted so easily without realising, especially if our loved ones are ALWAYS there. So I'm making a point to count my blessings and be reminded on how I am very blessed to be able to have Boon with us more now.

He may not stay in this department and be office-based forever, but for as long as he does, I'm just gonna enjoy and cherish it.

See now I even have more time to take OOTDs lol. As in, I have someone to help me take OOTDs hahahaha.

Trying to make it a point to take more photos now before Tyler grows even bigger!

Papa and son ♥

Us before Tyler cried the entire salon down with his haircut hahahah.

Just a very quick and short update today that I really want to share with you guys. Updating on other platforms may be quicker and more convenient, but still, nothing beats updating here on my own blog. Archiving these special moments of my life whenever I can. Promise to try to update more frequently from now!

Okays, back to replying emails and sketching gown designs! 
Til the next one!

Love, Careen.
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  1. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Such happy news! Happy for you! <3


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