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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Jumping on the Bralette Bandwagon with Summer and Peach

Taking a break from parenting and wedding talks, and sharing a little about fashion today! As much as I'm a mom with a messy bun and practical comfy clothes chasing after an active toddler these days, I'm still pretty much a fashionista at heart okay 😏 *fake cough*

You'll probably have to peel through the layers to find that fashionista la hahaha, and I don't mean literally. I? 😏

Jokes aside, some of you who have been reading and following would notice that I'm not the first to jump on any trendy bandwagon. I got my first smartphone years after everyone owned the first iPhone, until my friends had to roll eyes at me when I asked them to SMS me instead of Whatsapp Sony Ericsson didn't have any apps 😂 They scolded me cos I made them spend money. And also for the fact that I was completing not feeling the need to convert to being a cool kid 😂

When everyone started wearing chokers, I admired from afar but didn't even feel the slightest itch to get one for myself cos...I don't feel it's very much my style. When everyone joined the sneaker obsession, I stand at one corner wondering how the brands make SO MUCH MONEY by releasing sneakers of different colours every other month and making everyone pay premium. I mean, I love a good pair of comfortable sneakers for walking and casual days but...I don't get the craze or hype la.

Then came the bralette trend that surfaced about a year or two ago? As usual me being me, I just admired from afar and never even thought of getting one cos...I was breastfeeding Tyler full time and feeling not an ounce of sexy 😂

Until one day, my friends started Summer & Peach, a Malaysian online store selling bralettes imported from the US and various European countries, and asked me to help them with their branding and social media. To be honest, that was the first time I was truly exposed to the world of bralettes. I never actually worn one in my life, until I was given one by my generous friends (and also cos I can't do no branding if I never even tried on a bralette!).

When I held up a bralette, I looked at it and was like, no way will this breastfeeding mommy look sexy in this la come on. I was still in the middle of recovery from my C-sec and struggling to shed my pregnancy weight, and my boobs were nothing but milk machines meant to nourish a perpetually hungry infant.

However, when I tried it on, I felt different. For the first time in a long time, I felt womanly. I felt soft, feminine, and pardon me for saying this, I felt sexy 🙈 There's something pretty magical about such delicate pieces of lace. I may not have spotted deep cleavages or extra lift and support (cos that's not what bralettes are meant to do anyway), but I felt comfortable in my skin. I felt like I was one with my pre-baby self again. It was a subtle boost of confidence.

And of course, it goes without saying that Boon liked the sight of it la hahahaha 🙈 
Okay enough of hamsap things!!

Aside from how it makes us feel, bralettes are undeniably versatile fashion pieces too!

Unlike lingerie, bralettes are fashion pieces that are appropriate enough to be worn in public, not necessarily just by itself, but it can be styled with various tops and outerwear to bring out a hint of sultry without getting unwanted awkward stares.

So if you're like me who shy away from it cos it's too sexy, etc, you'd be delighted to find there are many, many different styles of bralettes available! Some of them don't even look like a bralette, and more like a crop top instead!

More ideas on how to style a bralette over at Summer & Peach's Instagram and Facebook- @summerandpeach!

If you think Summer & Peach is run by some youngsters who love to dress skimpily, you'll be extremely mistaken! It is founded by two very lovely ladies, one of whom is an established power lady in the banking industry, and another being a mother of two! They got together for the love of bralettes, and decided to introduce the bralette culture to women here in Malaysia and the region! Each piece is carefully selected and imported from all over the world to suit the taste and frame of us Asian women!

For ladies in the western part of the world, bralettes are nothing new and have long become part of their wardrobe staple. But for us Asian who are more shy, it's still something new to us cos we've been so accustomed to choosing lingerie that is wired for the "lift" and "push". BUT, I must say more people have better understanding on bralettes these days seeing that Summer & Peach has been growing steadily in just less than a year in operations, securing themselves regular return customers and a loyal fan base on social media!

You know how we ladies always look forward to taking off our bra the first thing we reach home? That doesn't happen to me when I'm wearing a bralette, simply cos I don't feel restricted and confined. It feels so comfortable that I sometimes forget I'm actually wearing a bralette 😅

Check out Summer and Peach's website-, as well as their Instagram and Facebook to view their latest collections! Even if you're not a fan of bralettes (yet), it's still nice to see beautiful pictures everyday, so go follow!

That's all from me for now.
'Til then!

Love, Careen.
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