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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Thank you, son.

So, we're two days away from our family reunion! After a series of Boon's work travels for the past 6 months? Or 8 months or so (sure feels like forever), Boon is finally gonna be back for a much longer period of time (until the next project is confirmed).

It's been a tough few months for us. For Boon, the constant travelling back and forth weekly, coming back every Friday/Saturday, and leaving again on Sunday night/early Monday morning just so he can spend some time with us, coping with the stress at work and stress from dealing with renovations from The White Atelier, it hasn't been easy on him.

For myself, I've just been juggling- the never-ending work I have on my plate for The White Atelier (which is an extremely good problem!), the non-exhaustive to-do lists work and non-work related and taking care of Tyler every chance I get. Apart from that, whenever Boon comes home, we pack and go back to our little nest, and pack again when Sunday/Monday comes and head back to bunk with my family. The constant packing/unpacking, moving about nomad-style every week was nothing short of exhausting.

Many a times Boon and I would take turns thanking each other for being so hardworking, strong and amazing, and the encouragement we both give and receive helps us get through the difficult seasons.

Just a few nights ago, while I was lying on the bed with a Tyler nestled close to me all ready to sleep, as usual I would say a prayer for him- thanking God for his love and protection over Tyler, and for God to increase him in his health, strength and favour. Normally I would end at the prayer and pat him to sleep as soon as I can. But that night, I just felt just a sense of gratitude towards God for giving us such a wonderful child. I'm normally grateful, but that night I was just...overwhelmed. I looked over at Tyler who was lying on the bed staring into the dark, blank space in his own thoughts, occasionally smiling to himself (he does that whenever I'm close to him 😌), and I couldn't help but utter the words, "Thank you, son".

Thank you, son for being such an amazing baby. One of the (many) things we prayed for when you were in mama's womb was that you would grow up being flexible and easily adaptable, and looks like God answered our prayer. You have your moments but all in all, you're such a flexible and good baby. It must be confusing for you to switch homes every week, changing environment all the time, but you're good and happy anyway. It mustn't been easy having such "happening" parents who have social activities all the time, meddling into your routine (which is pretty much non-existent to begin with) and jumble up all your sleeping timing every night. But you cope anyway, and you become so flexible you can sleep anywhere, anytime, anyhow.

You have become such a trooper, such a great little boy that we are so proud of. Thank you, son for being so understanding. You are why we do what we do, and why we are able to do what we do. 

Obligatory baby-mama Instagram Stories selfie and video time each night I come home from work. Each time he sees me walk through the door, he would drop everything and run towards me to hug me tight (and pat me on the shoulders 😭) as if saying, "well done, mama".

Somebody wants to be as independent as possible these days! Loves feeding himself (tho not much goes into the tummy 😅).

Easily amused and laughs at the silliest things. Another thing we prayed for was for Tyler to have a sense of humour. In a harsh world like this, we feel it's absolutely necessary to learn how to laugh at things- laugh at ourselves, our mistakes, our shortcomings, our circumstances, and find the humour in every situation. I'm glad he has that cos it sure makes one a much happier person.

Cos, why so serious? 🙆

I used to look at these machines and think it'll be longggg way more before we have to camp around these things for Tyler to finish playing with them. Well, look at him now.

Good thing is he still doesn't know how to demand for it to move. So for now it's still free entertainment for him so yay! 😂
And just like that, somebody has turned 16 months old. Two more months and he'll be a full-fledged toddler. Too fast 😌

Happy 16 months, my son. 
And thank you ♡

love, Careen.
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