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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Inspiration: Black Milk Project

Just the other day I was asked how long I've been blogging, and man, I had to take a moment to calculate. I started blogging at the age of 14, so that makes it the 14th year of my blogging journey! Wowww 😱 (yes, that also makes me 28 this year hahaha secret is out).

In these 14 years, apart from the beauty of being able journal my thoughts, feelings and share special moments of my life with my readers on this blog, I've also had the privilege of meeting and working with some of the most amazing people and brands around, and one of them is Black Milk Project.

Black Milk Project was founded by a friend of mine, Wei Tieng who's extremely creatively talented. She's always been known to be able to draw and illustrate very well, and I remember envying her for being able to create super cute illustrations on her baby's photos!

Just some of the many that I stole from her personal Facebook page hehe. I remember being so inspired that I attempted doing the same for Tyler's baby photos. Well, you never saw me posting any of them because they totally cannot make it hahahaha. I gave up and continued to stick to blogging instead 😂

One of the first products that Black Milk Project offered were adorable personalised clothing for both babies and adults- from baby rompers and tees, to even plush toys, bags, key chains and so on.

Throughout Tyler's first year, he was blessed to own a closet full of personalised rompers and plushies with his name on them from Black Milk Project!

Custom designed pilot romper for Tyler's 100 Days party.

Cloud Tie and Name Tag Romper (Link)

Father's Day "Partners in Crime" Twinning Set! (Link)

Dream Big Little Tyler Digital Print (Link)

Pokemon Go Plushie (with personalised name at the back!)

Breakfast Set Mini Plushies! (Link)

Paw Bear Set! (Link)

Chinese Panda Romper for CNY!

I'm a super fan of all things personalized, so to be able to customize Tyler's clothes and toys during his tiny, cute years really brought joy to my heart! To see how he has grown out of his personalised rompers one by one made me realise just how long he's been wearing BMP rompers!

Wei Tieng's illustrations were loved by so many that there started to have requests for her to teach others on how to also do the same. That was when Black Milk Project started to organise workshops of various kinds to cater to the growing requests of customers. 

Some of the workshops that will be held in the month of March 2017!

The workshops were held in small groups, but as BMP grew, her team also grew and with more mentors, her class was able to accommodate more and more students in one seating. Some of the workshops they organize include watercolour painting, calligraphy, floral lettering, and one of the latest additions- Pyrography, otherwise known as Wood Burning!

Catching up with Black Milk Project's business is like following E! News- there's always something new happening! Wei Tieng and her team never failed to surprise me with how experimental and bold they are to try out different crafts and new things!

Just about a month ago, they moved from their small office unit into a corner house-turned-office-slash-creative-space in Subang Jaya!

BMP used to have their workshops in cafes, but not anymore. Their new creative space is used as their official workshop venue now, and they're also renting the spaces out for different occasions such as parties, meetings and so on that comes with a huge space and a chalk wall that you can scribble and draw on! How nice 😍

Wei Tieng is one who is always on the lookout for new skills to learn and perfect. She invited me to join her in learning calligraphy and I'm like, I know I suck at these things, and if I attend with you I'll know I suck even more 😂😂

As a friend, I can only say I've seen with my own eyes how Black Milk Project has grown over the years, and I cannot be more inspired by their entrepreneurial journey. And I hope that you're inspired by what I've shared in this post too! If you have something in your heart that you wish to start or venture into, know that with hard work, persistence and passion, you can make it. 

Anyways, last but not the least...

Black Milk Project is celebrating their new place by throwing a soft launch party called 'Pendidikan Seni' where various art vendors will gather to showcase their pieces, and everyone is invited! It'll be on 22nd of April 2017, and you can find more details/RSVP at this LINK!

You can find out more about Black Milk Project's latest offerings and workshops via their:

That's all from me for now!

love, Careen.
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