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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

TrumerX- New Marketplace App in Town

One of the things that has been keeping me busy (aside from Tyler) is that...

"I'm starting a new business venture!"

Can't wait to share more about it and unveil what I've been working on! Have been thinking and talking business so much that I get so excited whenever I come across products or services that aid in business.

Long gone are the days where businesses operate only as brick and mortar, and nothing more. Now, more and more businesses are getting their presence known online through digital marketing and advertising. Not only that, they're also selling BOTH offline and online. Because, why not? Audiences and potential customers are everywhere, and by putting your business online, you reach potential customers that you wouldn't otherwise do if you're solely a brick and mortar business, such as customers who are from another city or even country!

As a previous owner of an e-commerce business, I've experienced firsthand on how advertising and selling online help drive sales. In this post, I'll share with you this new app I've been introduced to that helps businesses list their products online and drive sales- The TrumerX app!

TrumerX aims to give business owners an easier and more convenient way of trading, where Trumer Members and/or Trumer Merchants can easily gain new customers without spending extra time and money on various marketing strategies. They can also buy for their respective businesses without cutting into their cash flow.

How it works?

Trumer Members and/or Trumer Merchants can start out by listing their products or services on the TrumerX Website ( in either full TRM or TRM + xRM (part cash, in local currency). When they make a sale, they can then use the TRM and cash (xRM) which they have earned to purchase for their respective businesses.

To safeguard users, all Trumer Members and/or Trumer Merchants must confirm that they are National Registration Identity Cards (NRIC) holders and are above the 18 years of age to be eligible to sell in TrumerX.

What I like about TrumerX is that anyone and any business can list their products and services online, because they have a long list of categories such as fashion, beauty, business, automotive, healthcare and medicine, home and garden, and many more.

And the way the TrumerX app displays all the information on the business, pricing and details makes it easy to understand at one glance. The user experience of this app is definitely friendly and easy!

And here are the stuff that I got from TrumerX- from food to beauty products! The good thing about TrumerX is that it offers a real diversified range of products and services that appeals to consumers of any age and background. So anyone would be able to find something they need on the app!
And guess what, here's a special treat from TrumerX!

Download the TrumerX app and sign up as a user, 
and get a free movie ticket or RM10 off your first purchase! It's that simple :)

For more details, 
head on over to TrumerX's official website-!

Til' then!

love, Careen.
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  1. so is this app is only for Malaysia or it is also being used in other countries as well ?


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