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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

My Chinese New Year Dish!

Hello guys! 

First things first, Happy Chinese New Year in advance! May 2017 be your best year yet! :)

As opposed to previous years, I've given up on New Year's Resolutions cos I'd usually get overly ambitious while drafting the list, and then 2 months down the road I'll forget everything. Then when it comes to middle of the year, I'll review my year and get all disappointed at how far away I am from achieving my New Year's Resolutions. And....that's it end of story. Hahahaha!

Since then, I decided that I won't have a specific list. Instead, I want to focus on the bigger things. Last year, I told myself that I ought to do all things excellently, in all things, big and small. And I'm glad I saw improvements in my quality of work, quality of time spent with people, quality of gifts given, and so on. I'm gonna keep doing that, while adding new goals to my new year.

In 2017, on top of being excellent in all I do, I want to learn up new skills, which include singing, baking and cooking. I love doing all three, but I never invested my time and effort into perfecting either of em'. Especially for baking cos I don't even have an oven to start with lol. But the husband got me one for Christmas, and I received a mixer from Wei Zhi, so I'm more than ready to get started on my baking journey!

As for cooking, I've cooked up meals for just me and Boon but they're very unadventurous Chinese meals 😅  This year, I aim to up my cooking game! And I'm starting with this Chinese New Year!

Here in this post, I'm gonna share with you what you can do for Chinese New Year with one of the most celebrated food ever!


Every kid would have snacked on Marmite in the kitchen without their mom knowing. And yeah one of them was me 😂

Marmite has been well-loved by every kid, every mom and every household for over decades! A lot of us take porridge with Marmite. It is so popular that you can easily find it in retail stores and Chinese medical halls. 

FApart from tasting awesome, Marmite is also full of nutrients with good source of Vitamin B and Folic. Since it tastes awesome, some people think that it's not healthy to consume Marmite. Well, good news is that not every tasty food = unhealthy!

Marmite is tasty, yet low in fat and sugar, contains no MSG, no colouring and no preservatives! Gotta love yummy food that is healthy at the same time!

So, here's the Marmite dish that I'm gonna share with you! *drum rolls*

Looking t the ingredients, can you guess it already?

It won't be too difficult to guess seeing the two pieces of chicken lying there on the plate right? 😂 You guessed it right! I'mma be cooking' up...


Before you applaud me for being such a domestic goddess, let me come clean with you. I stole the recipe from Marmite's Facebook page, and followed everything step-by-step hahaha! If a cooking amateur like me can do this, so can you! 😂

What made it easier to understand was THIS VIDEO!

It's so well done and easy to follow! Watch it and you'll know what I mean.

So yours truly followed the recipe step-by-step, and here are some pictures I took along the way!

Cut out chicken slices from two of the chicken thighs I bought from the grocer (as seen in the flatlay photo above). I love using chicken thighs cos it's more tender!

Recipe recommended 600g of chicken but since I was only cooking to test out (for me and my guinea pig, Boon), I used much lesser than that. Only two chicken thighs!

Mixed in the soy sauce, salt and white pepper and egg yolk (a little less than the exact measurements given cos I have fewer pieces of chicken). Stir everything!

Once stirred, add in some cornflour, mix well and leave to marinate for 3 hours.

Meanwhile, I prepped my Marmite sauce with the measurements below:

100ml hot water
3 tbsp of white sugar (instead of Maltose as per recipe cos I read some of the comments that said it works the same!)
2 tbsp honey
1 tbsp Marmite!

After 3 hours of marination, I put in the chicken pieces into 500ml of cooking oil for deep frying. Guess what, it was my FIRST time deep frying ever! Achievement unlocked! 😂

BUT...sadly, I took the deep frying a little too seriously, and fried the chicken too deep. My chicken ended up a little too burnt 😅

It's supposed to be more golden brown than this. As you can see some parts of the chicken were black-ish. Lesson learnt: Don't deep fry for too long! Once the chicken turn yellow, rescue them already! 😂

After you "rescue" them lol, place them on kitchen napkins to drain the excess oil, and clear the pan for the following.

Stir fry some chopped garlic, and add in the Marmite sauce that you prepped earlier. Stir.

Then add in your deep-fried chicken piece-by-piece. I used a tong to put in the chicken one-by-one in case I got oil-splashed 😂 #usefultip

Stir once in a while to let the chicken soak up all the Marmite sauce! BUT, don't let it stay for too long! Cos that's what I did and the chicken started to stick to the pan and it was hard to take them out. Hahaha #anotherusefultip

And now, ladies and gentlemen, presenting to you...


Nigella Lawson who?? Never heard before 😎😂😂😂

To make it look more legit, I added a basil leaf on top...

...with Photoshop. Hahahaha forgot to buy basil leaves! Here you go #yetanotherusefultip 😂

And just in case you doubt if I'm the one who cooked this,

Here you go! It's me with my Marmite Chicken, yo! 😎

This is a trial run for what's to come during CNY! I hope Boon will be proud hahaha.

Now it's your turn! Here's the full recipe.

Aside from Marmite Chicken, there are 101 dishes that you can cook up using Marmite! Some of the recipe I saw from Marmite's Facebook page include Marmite Chicken Salad *slurps*, Marmite Longevity Noodles *double slurps*, and many others!

That's all from me for now! 
Have fun cooking up a storm! :)

love, Careen.
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