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Monday, January 16, 2017

Doctor2U- Healthcare to Your Doorstep

I've always considered myself to be quite a carefree and "chill" person, and I always thought that I would one day be a "chill" mom. Until I became a mom.

As much as I'm not the ultra paranoid, worry wart momma, I still do worry a lot. This is bad but I seem to always find myself imagining the worst case scenario happening to Tyler, especially when someone (other than myself) is carrying or taking care of Tyler. I'd imagine people dropping him when he's a newborn, and now that he's older, I'd imagine him falling off chairs, tables, stairs (!!). It doesn't help with Papa Boon is exceptionally chill when with Tyler, not to mention super adventurous with him too, doing stunts you see in the WWE ring 😒

Whenever I imagine the worst case scenarios, my heart will drop and I'll freak out inside. These, of course, are just make believe imaginations that, thank God, never really happens.

After this one year of being a parent, I realised that while baby falling off things may be a nightmare, baby falling sick can be an even bigger nightmare. It is really no joke when a baby falls sick, this is because their immune system is still low and they can't really verbalise how they feel. So what do they do when they fall sick? Cry, whine, throw tantrums, refuse to eat, refuse to sleep, refuse everything! 😫

Which brings me back to middle of this year when Tyler had his first fever (click to read) when we were having a vacation in Penang. I thought he was being difficult but turns out he was suffering from a fever. We freaked out cos we didn't have any medication with us then, and weren't familiar with paediatrics in Penang at all. That was when we Googled everything we could, including symptoms and remedies, etc.

But you know how sometimes while Googling seems like the way to go, most of the time whatever we read online scares us more than they help us. Articles that pop up always seem to show us the worst case scenarios of the symptoms, which send us into further panic mode. With so much information on the net, it's not easy to find reliable sources that we can fully trust.

This is when healthcare apps like Doctor2U really helps in times like these. Developed by BP Healthcare, the Doctor2U app aims to bring healthcare to our doorstep, to get care for our family right in the convenience and comfort of our homes.

They have some really amazing features, among which are Free Live Chats, Doctor House Calls, and Medication Delivery.

For the free Live Chats feature, we can consult highly certified healthcare professionals such as Doctors, Pharmacists and Nutritionists via Doctor2U's messaging platform, where we can also send photos to enable the healthcare professionals to better understand our queries and concerns.

I find this really good because it's not all the time that we can get help from our Doctors, especially during off-business hours. During emergencies, what we need sometimes is just some reassurance and validation of our condition, get medical advice, instant prescriptions, or simply to know whether or not we need to visit the Doctor or head to the hospital urgently.

If our condition is serious, we can request for a Doctor via the Doctor House Calls feature, and a Doctor will be sent right to our doorstep within 60 minutes.

This is amazingggggg especially for elderly folks who may not be able to drive to find a Doctor in time, or moms like me who may not be able to drive to a clinic with a wailing infant who is unwell. Or simply when you're too sick to be able to drive, having a Doctor arrive at your doorstep is a wonderful solution.

Aside from prescribing medication, diagnosing and treating common viruses, infections and illnesses, the Doctor is also available if you're down with an injury, need help with treating skin conditions,  STD testings, vaccinations and injections, as well as IV hydration therapy for a quick relief from the cause and symptom of dehydration, hangover, food poisoning and exhaustion. 

And if you've run out of your medications, you can request for Medication Deliveries via the Doctor2U app and have your prescriptions sent to your doorstep.

In partnership with BP Healthcare and Lovy Pharmacy, you can simply snap a photo of your prescriptions, fill in the necessary details, and have your medicines delivered to your address as fast as within 3 hours.

One more cool feature- if you're a Doctor and would love to be a part of this wonderful solution, you can apply to be a partner at Doctor2U app here!

Overall, I really love the convenience of using this app and how it really makes our lives easier! We need more apps like this! Plus, I love the interface of the app and the user-friendliness of it, which makes it easy for anyone to use.

You can view more details over at, 
and download the Doctor2U app available on iOS and Android for FREE!

That's all from me for now!

love, Careen.
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