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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Thank you, Papa Boon.

Tyler just turned one three days ago. I know, it's so crazy. 

I mean, how did that happen?! Where did all the time go? Until now whenever I looked at him, I still struggle to brain that my little baby is now a one-year-old boy, hitting close to toddlerhood. Not too long ago he was just a fresh newborn, and I still remember his first cry, his newborn smell, carrying his light and tiny newborn self in my arms. And now? He is a strong and healthy one-year-old, eager to be independent, exploring the world around him one crawl at a time 😌

Weeks and days leading up to Tyler turning one have made me extra emotional and sentimental, which made me do a lot of reflections of how far we've come in this one year of parenthood. I've realised things that I've learned in these 12 months of being a mom, things we've done right and mistakes we've made as new parents, and how we've managed to team up so well in this thing called parenthood.

This post is dedicated to the father of my baby, to appreciate my other half- my best friend, husband, and team mate.

Many a times whenever a baby turns one, people will congratulate the mom and give her a pat on the shoulder saying "Well done on raising the baby, and making it through the toughest year." I can't speak for other families, but for ours, I must admit that while I'm the primary caregiver to Tyler since Boon has a full-time day job and travels for work quite frequently, I couldn't have done it without Boon. Not at all.

For that, I want to thank you, husby.

Thank you for loving our son even before he was born, for making sure that I was always happy, well-fed (important), and well-rested. You never missed a single check-up, always excited like a kid to see him on the screen in our gynae's clinic.

Thank you for being there in the first moments of Tyler's birth. From the moment he was delivered, you followed him into the nursery, watched him get cleaned up and weighed, and took the first pictures of him. I remembered feeling oh-so-lost and anxious lying there motionless in the recovery room, wondering if our baby was okay, wondering if I was going to be the last among everybody to meet him and carry him. 

The moment I was wheeled out after 3 hours of anxious waiting, I found a very, very happy new daddy, who greeted me with a kiss and told me that our son is strong and healthy, waiting to see his mama in the nursery. What touched me the most was when I asked you if our family members had seen Tyler yet, and you said, "Nope, Tyler has been in the nursery. I kept him there this whole time because I wanted you to be the one to meet him first". That touched my heart so deeply until today. Thank you for always taking care of my feelings.

Thank you for being a hands-on dad since the very first day. I was bedridden for days due to the surgery, feeling lousy that I couldn't be the one to burp and change the baby. But seeing how you rose to the occasion and handled everything from burping, changing to feeding Tyler warmed my heart. You never had any experience carrying or taking care of a newborn before, but with Tyler you became a natural overnight. You were the one who taught me how to change the diaper and burp the baby. I remember feeling so impressed.

Each time I sat there on the hospital bed watching you care for our newborn, I was reminded again and again how I married the right guy. How my predictions that you would be a great dad one day were so accurate. That one week in the hospital was crazy for you. You were so busy caring for me, Tyler and entertaining our guests that you had no time to even eat, shower or wash your hair. You could go home to sleep but you chose to stay up with me in the hospital, sleeping on the cold and hard daybed. You were constantly shivering under your jacket, but you insisted to stay on anyway because you wanted to be around.

Thank you for planning your work leaves nicely so that you could afford to take a whole month off during my confinement to help me adjust into motherhood. We were both new parents, overwhelmed with our new statuses, responsibilities and expectations from everyone around us to perform, and perform well immediately. It was beyond overwhelming for us both, but you chose to be the strong one and soldier on so that I could be the one to cry on your shoulder.

Thank you for volunteering to help in any way you can, always. For burping Tyler each time after feeds while I caught some shut eye, for feeding him whenever you can, for changing him multiple times a night, for fetching this and that for me all the time, for entertaining our guests on my behalf, for fending for me, for standing up for me, for loving me at my absolute worst.

After my confinement month, I concluded boldly that indeed, it is a test of marriage and a husband's love for his wife. I was literally at my worst- physically and emotionally. I was fat, bloated, full of stretch marks and a new wound. My hair was oily and smelled like death, and I was absolutely unattractive as a package. I was emotional as heck, no thanks to the hormones running crazy. I was in pain, struggling with breastfeeding and my limited movements due to my incision, and was always in a bad mood. I was insecure, unlovable, and even I didn't like myself. But you were so patient with me, and still loved me at my absolute worst. I was convinced more than ever that you truly, truly loved me. Because you had finally really seen me at the worst of my worst, and still loved me.

Thank you for always being yourself, with me and now with our son. Sure, your parenting ways are sometimes rather questionable, and many times heart-dropping for me. But you always managed to do it with flair, with so much fun and humour that made me loosen up too. You make Tyler a tougher boy (because of the things you put him through), and because of you, parenting is a lot more fun than what I had expected it to be.

Thank you for taking every chance possible to be close to Tyler. I'll never forget the times when you come up to me excitedly to tell me that you successfully burped Tyler in 5 minutes, and that you managed to put Tyler to sleep in your arms. Every little achievement was a great deal to you, because you loved him and wanted to be close to him every chance you got.

Thank you for taking over carrying and wearing Tyler every chance you get, so that you can lessen the load off my shoulders. Thank you for encouraging me to have girlie nights and staycations with my girl friends to take a little breather, while you took care of Tyler at home and faced his wrath singlehandedly 😅 

Thank you for making Tyler a happy boy. He always has so much fun with you. As opposed to what you always say, Tyler loves you and is so happy whenever he's with you. Just take a look at these pictures and you'll see.

Thank you for making me look decent whenever we go out, by allowing me to shower, makeup and do my hair while you handle the feeding, bathing and dressing of Tyler each time. Whenever people ask me how I managed to do my hair, makeup, and look presentable whenever I'm out, I'll tell them it's because of you. If you hadn't volunteered to handle Tyler, I wouldn't have been able to do all that. So now, everyone knows my secret to looking good when heading out! My secret is you.

Thank you for being so involved in our lives. Our friends coin you as being 'The most hands-on dad ever', and I always proudly agree with them. I will always tell others of how hands-on you are, and how much you help me with Tyler which allows me to still work and keep my socials alive. You may say that I'm bragging, but I, out of all people, am the most convinced that he is a great dad. And credit needs to be given to wherever and whoever it's due, so here it is. This post is to brag about you, Tyler's awesome daddy.

I tell you this very often, and I'll still tell you some more- you're an awesome dad. I'm very proud of you, and I'm so glad you're my team mate in this thing called parenthood. Can't imagine doing this with anyone else.

Thank you for always encouraging me, thanking me for the hard work and assuring me that I'm a good mom. You inspire me to be a better parent. Couldn't have done the first year without you.

Happy first year of fatherhood to you. Tyler is blessed to be your son, and I, your wife.

We love you, Papa Boon.
To many, many more years of parenting adventures with you ♡

love, Careen.
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