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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Matron of Honor Speech for #Sungladys

Hi, everyone. 

My name is Careen, the Matron of Honor, and I’ve known the bride for many, many years- 25 years to be precise. That’s right, I’m the sister of the bride.

To keep this speech short and sweet, I shall share with you some fun facts about Gladys.

You know how they say choosing the right names for your children is an important task, because it acts as a prophecy over who they will become. After wanting a 'caring' child, my parents wanted a 'glad' child. So they named her, Gladys. She is indeed a fulfillment of the prophecy.

Since she was a baby, Gladys was already glad and happy all the time. She was what the Chinese would call, a 开心果 (a happy fruit). Gladys was always the entertainer of the family. She loves making us laugh, and would break into spontaneous, ridiculous dance moves just to make people happy. Apart from loving to make people laugh, she also loves to laugh. For those of you who know her, you’d know you can hear her signature laughter from miles away. She’s always been, and still is, a happy and carefree person who isn’t afraid of being silly.

Being only two years apart, Gladys and I, we’re the best of friends. She was my partner in crime in everything, though I must add that our characters and personalities are very, very different.

Each time we played together, I’d play Barbie, and she’d play Ken. 

I’d play the Mother, she’d play the Father. 
I’d play the Sister, she’d play the Brother. Sometimes the Maid. 
I’d play the Princess, she’d play the Prince. 
I’d wear mini skirts, and she, the baggy pants. 
I’d daydream to Westlife, she’d rock out to Linkin Park. 
I’m mainstream, and she’s the hipster.

Growing up, we had always wondered who Gladys will marry, and what she would wear on her wedding day. I remember her confidently claiming that she will not wear a typical white gown to walk down the aisle, instead, she would dress in a black gown, or maybe black pants on her wedding day. Well mei, I’m glad that for once, you are mainstream.

On whom she’ll marry- with her love for rappers like Mike Shinoda, we had always speculated that she might just one day marry a black rapper.

Well, pretty close.

Sung ain’t black but he sure is a rapper
Ain’t no one could better match her
Their love story is for envy cos they grew up together
From Dubcube to SS, serving God in any weather
They started off just friends but he started to like her
She came home one day and said “Jie, I think I've found a lover”
She was already glad, but Sung made her gladder
A Godly relationship, they made each other better
After three years of dating, Sung asked my father and mother
If he could now take care of their precious daughter
He went down on one knee, in front of the twin towers
She said yes, and thus begins, a happy ever after.

Mei, look at how you’ve blossomed. From playing Ken and Father and Brother, you are now someone’s wife, dressed in a typical, mainstream wedding gown. Today, YOU are the princess, marrying your knight in shiny Under Armour. And I’m very happy for you, because I know you are in good, strong hands.

Sung, more than being someone who is full of fun and humor, you have shown yourself to be one with wisdom and maturity, someone any sister would trust her sister with. From our POS cheerleading days until today, I have seen you grow both in character and in muscle mass, and I just want you to know that I am very proud to now call you my first brother in-law. Thank you for loving my sister and our family. We welcome you into our family with open arms.

Sung and Gladys, after you’re done honeymooning all over the world, please remember that Tyler needs his cousins. Til’ then, enjoy the journey.

Cheers to Sung and Gladys.


Sharing my Matron of Honor speech here as requested by the bride.

My sister, Gladys just tied the knot two days ago and I'm still living in disbelief. It feels so surreal that my little sister is now someone's wife :')

Biggest congratulations to my dear sister, Gladys and my new brother in-law, Sung. I'm just so happy for you both. Looking forward to spending a lifetime of family meals and holidays together :)

Love you both.

(Follow their wedding journey at Gladys' blog, and hashtag #sungladys)

love, Careen.
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