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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

AHOY! Tyler's First Birthday Party

Welcome aboard to Captain Tyler's cruise ship 😀⚓

Feels like I just blogged about How We Found We Were Pregnant and then My Labour Story not too long ago. And now, I'm blogging about my baby's first birthday. Still surreal. After one whole year of having Tyler in our lives, we still can't believe that he is ours 😢

I shall save my emo sentiments for another post, and make way for Tyler's first birthday party today!  Lots of pictures from the party to share with you guys, so sit back and enjoy the snapshots taken by official photographer- Tyler's Aunt Gladys!

The party was held at Art2FoodC (Art to Food and Culture), a creative space for baking workshops, language classes and art jamming sessions by The Buttercake Factory. I loved the place cos it's quite a big space that could comfortably accommodate 70-80 pax. Secondly, I love that it has lots of natural sunlight shining in, which was great for photos! #vain 😛 And thirdly, it's filled with lots of creative vibes with art paintings hung everywhere 😍

Here's our main dessert table which was also our photobooth for the party! Does the decor arrangement look familiar to you? 😊

You probably recognise their work from Tyler's 100 Days Party back in April, where they rocked the entire set and wow-ed all our guests with an Aviation theme! Tyler's first birthday party was put together by Papergoodz again this time! When they proposed to help us with the party this time around as well, I was so happy cos I knew they were gonna do a great job as they did before! And as expected, they did and our guests enjoyed all the little details they prepared! All the desserts and sweet treats on the dessert table were prepared by Papergoodz!

Loved that every single detail down to the labels on each snack were tied back to the theme!

As you can probably already tell, the theme of the party was Nautical, with colours centered around blue, white and accents of red! Official dress code for the party was blue or white, and I'm so glad that 98% of our guests adhered to our dress code cos everyone looked so good together with the party decor! 😍 The other 2% missed out on the dress code bit on the invite *coughLexandAdele 😏

It took me a while to think and decide on a theme for Tyler's party cos first of all, it's his FIRST party ever! I really wanted it to be a good and memorable one cos it's his first birthday. And I didn't wanna go with any cartoon theme cos I knew it would come eventually when he starts demanding for his favourite cartoon character for his party 😏

So while mama still gets to decide, I wanted to do something non-cartoon, yet fun enough for all to enjoy. Then it dawned upon me that since Tyler's 100 Days Party was Aviation theme and he was Captain Tyler the pilot, we should let him "try" another occupation! So Nautical theme it was- with Captain Tyler being a sailor baby! 😂

Once the theme was set, I went on a shopping spree to hunt down a suitable sailor costume for Tyler. It was quite tough to find a good set cos most of the costumes online were too big for Tyler, and a lot of them didn't look very legit 😅 

Until one fine day when I decided to try my luck with, and found the perfect baby sailor costume from WinnieTriplets! Winnie is a mom from California who has 3 kids, who also model her collection of adorable kids clothing! The whole process from enquiry to receiving my parcel was just such an easy and pleasant experience. I requested for a different size for Tyler's top and pants, and she went out of the way to make that happen for me. Best of all? She waived the shipping fee all the way from the US! Express shipping where I received the parcel within a week! To say that I was impressed would be an understatement. Thanks Winnie for the awesome experience ♡

As for me and Boon's costumes? We rented them from our go-to costume rental- Costume World at Persiaran Surian, PJ. They have any and every costume you can think of!

Captain Tyler welcoming guests, receiving gifts and giving out door gifts to his friends. Look at that shy smile 😂

Birthday boy in a very good mood, which didn't last too long cos he didn't have enough sleep the night before. For some reason he decided to stay up all the way until 3am, crawling up and down the bed, rolling on us and kicking us up down left right before settling down. Which made me very, very stressed cos I knew he wouldn't be able to wake up early the next day and will be a cranky birthday boy 😒

Seriously, every time we planned to put him early to sleep in preparation for a big day, our plan fails. Lesson learnt: Next time, we won't plan anymore. Just let it be 😂

See what I mean by cranky boy? One moment he was happy and the next, he would be fussing like the photo above. Hahaha only picture with his Ah Kong and Ah Ma and he looked like that aihhh 😌 That's Tyler's Ah Kong arriving with a play mat for the kids!

And this is one of Tyler's birthday cakes this year! 
I LOVEEEE the colours and design of the cake. Brightens up the whole dessert table 😍

Midway planning for Tyler's party, Mega Bloks approached me saying they would love to sponsor a birthday cake, a play corner and door gifts for the kids! 

I said yes immediately cos firstly, Tyler was growing real fond of Mega Bloks! We could sit at Hamley's forever playing with Mega Bloks cos he wouldn't wanna leave. Secondly, a play corner for the kids sounded like a brilliant idea! I had plans to bring Tyler's playpen for his little baby friends who have yet learned to walk to roam freely in it, but I didn't have any ideas on how to entertain the older kids yet so a Mega Bloks corner was perfect. And thirdly, every kid would be so thrilled to receive a Mega Bloks set as door gifts! 😍

This was the little corner set up by Mega Bloks and Papergoodz. The kids loved the blocks, and the parents were happily chatting with each other cos the kids were occupied the whole time 😀

Tyler was happily playing with the set, and then migrated over into the playpen to play with his buddy, Xanxan 😂

These two boys are a joy to watch, seriously. They're both super affectionate so they'll be very nice and gentle to each other, stealing hugs in between 😍

His favourite Mega Bloks + friends = A happy, clappy Tyler! 😃

More of Tyler's friends all dressed in sailor costumes, according to theme! Kayla and 
Kaelyn were too adorable 😍⚓

Took a porridge break in between playing, fed by his Ah Ma! 🍴

Meanwhile, the adults were busy catching up with each other and occupying their tummies with these!

We catered Serice for the party cos Boon and I are fans of poké bowls! It's a pretty new concept that has just arrived in Malaysia in recent months, but it's already a huge thing in the US. Basically poké bowls are takeaway healthy foods where we get to select our preferred ingredients and dressings, served in a takeaway bowl with hot, steaming Japanese rice. In other words, you can call it a westernised "mixed rice" or "chap fan" 😄

Picking my favourite ingredients!

Holding my steaming hot bowl of Serice! I chose salmon sashimi, chill tuna, kimchi, pineapple, orange, seaweed, cherry tomatoes, Japanese cucumbers, corn, drizzled with sesame and mayo dressing. It was party in my mouth 😋😋

Our guests loved Serice poke bowls too! A lot of them came up to us and ask about it where they can find it next time. Serice has two branches at the moment- one in Puchong and a new one in Jaya 33! You can find their exact address at the end of this post.

Some drool-worthy shots taken by Gladys 😍

I send Papergoodz folders and folders of Tyler's photos, and here are some of his photos displayed on the photo wall. The grandmas loved the photos so much that they took some of them home 😅

Before the boy got crankier, we quickly steal some family shots first!

He hated wearing hats so we had to quickly put it on his head before he took it off again. Gladys managed to catch that ONE second 😂

Andddd the hat is off! 😌

And now the deco is wearing the hat instead! 😂

When I was deciding to get this sailor costume for Tyler, I told Boon excitedly, "Ehhhh not bad they give a very legit hat also!!", and Boon said, "Yeah as if our boy will let us wear the hat". Which is true la hahaha. Well, at least we have ONE shot of him wearing it 😂

Squeeze kiss!

Oh wait, more shots of him wearing the hat! Alright! 😎

Before he decided to protest and stop taking more pictures 😌

It was so funny I couldn't stop laughing at his tantrums. Okay, it isn't funny all the time especially when we're super exhausted at night. But in this party he kept going from happy to cranky within seconds and I just found that really funny la hurhur. *cues sad laugh* 😟

Everyone knew that Tyler's a fan of Barney so they played it to distract him and hopefully cheer him up...for more photo taking later hahaha!! Thanks Kit, Nat and Adele for entertaining Tyler 😂 

After his mood recovered like, 2%, we quickly did the birthday song and cake-cutting while he was still manageable.

A little backstory:

We've been practising Happy Birthday song with him since months ago in preparation for today. Each time we sang the song he will clap along and then "blow" the candle towards the end of it.


We did not practice with a real candle, especially not a sparkler candle THIS BIG. So you can see from his face that he was in shock the whole time. Hahahaha!! He looked very concerned for his cake 😂

Mama, why are we setting my birthday cake on fire? 😨

Cutting his birthday cake, and still looking concerned hahaha! 
Poor boy, we totally didn't prepare him for the "fire" 😂

This was another cake that Tyler had, which was meant for his cake smash made by the lovely peeps at Buttercake Factory, who also owns our party venue- Art2FoodC at Gateway Kiaramas, Mont Kiara!

I love how they designed the cake to suit the Nautical theme, making ocean waves with the cream!

In case you're wondering what a cake smash/smash cake is, it is a tradition made popular in the West where babies get their first taste of cake when they turn 1. Their reactions are usually pretty amusing cos it's their first time tasting cake and sugar! So I was actually really looking forward to seeing Tyler's reaction!

Little did I expect that the birthday boy would be this cautious of the cake 😳 We expected him to dive right into the cake, but he looked at it suspiciously before slowly touching bits and pieces of the cake, and then looking at the colours on his fingers again like, "What's this creamy, bluish thing on my hand?" 😅

Everyone came up to us after the cake smash saying, "Wow Tyler is such a careful and gentle boy!" hahaha. Actually he really is. He's pretty careful and gentle generally.

He tried a bit of the cake which left a stain on his face as though he had a one-sided moustache, and some on his thighs and shirt too. But since it's food paint it was easy to clean off after! In the end the adults enjoyed the cake instead of Tyler. Hahaha sorry Tyler none for you 😂

Then we invited Grandpa Tan to pray for the birthday boy.

Birthday boy looking suspicious.
Grandpa, why are you closing your eyes? 😳

"Come on, everyone! Wake up! It's my birthday!"
*clap clap clap*

Totally cracking everyone up in the middle of the prayer 😅

Excited again while watching Barney. 
That's him happily jumping up and down to the Barney theme song 😅

This cheeky face 😌

Love this random shot taken by Gladys. These stumpy legs used to be even more thick and stumpy! And will soon grow longer and leaner and then filled with leg hair omg hahahahah!! 😂 Let's admire his cute legs while they're still cute 😂

Happily playing with our guests. See? Happy again 😅

Here are all the group photos taken with our guests! So, so hard to make the birthday boy smile towards the camera. The whole photo taking session was super tiring...for me. Cos I gotta hold the wormy boy 🐛 still and kept finding things from the dessert table to keep him entertained. 

Thian Ahhhh... 😂

And then suddenly he decided to kiss me! 😳🙈

Really thankful to all our guests who made time to celebrate Tyler's first birthday with us! To accommodate the birthday boy's nap time, we scheduled the party to start at 10am, so that when it gets to 1-2pm he would be able to nap. But 10am is an early start for lots of us on a Saturday, so thank you for sacrificing your sleeps and still made it to the party all dressed up in theme!

And for those of you who couldn't make it last minute but still sent your gifts, thank you so much 🙏

Look at how blessed this boy is. Big thanks to all our friends and family for spoiling Tyler silly with all the presents and love gifts! Our home is filled with his toys now!

Special thanks to the Papergoodz team for the beautiful party set up, desserts, as well as the unlimited photobooth instant prints and videography services! 

Group photo with the Papergoodz team after all our guests left the party. Thanks Cloey and team for the late night preps and early morning set up! Our guests totally enjoyed themselves. Can't thank you guys enough! ♡♡

And if you're wondering where the birthday boy was in these photos?

TADDA! Captain Tyler is taking a nap before sailing again. 
It's tiring being the birthday boy, you know 😂

We have a lot of people to thank for helping us in putting this party together. If you're looking for vendors for your wedding, parties, or any upcoming special occasions, you can check them out!

Event Planner & Decorator/Desserts/Door Gifts: Papergoodz

Venue: Art2FoodC
Address: B-G-02, Gateway Kiaramas Corporate Suites, 50480 Kuala Lumpur.

Play Corner/Door Gifts/Birthday Cake: Mega Bloks
Shop Mega Bloks online-
Or in-stores at Hamley's and Toys R Us

Birthday Cake: Mega Bloks, baked by Valen's Creations

Cake Smash: The Buttercake Factory

Official Photographer: Gladys Tan/ @capturedgladness

Food Caterer: Serice

Branch #1: 
Serice @ Puchong Jaya,
2-1 Jalan Merbah 3, Bandar Puchong Jaya, 4717 Puchong
(Inside Korea Wallpaper Gallery 1, Next to IOI Mall)
Opening Hours: 11am-9pm

Branch #2:
Serice @ Jaya 33 Ground Floor,
1, Jalan Semangat, PJS 13, 46200 Petaling Jaya
(In front of Subway Jaya 33)
Opening Hours: 10am-5pm

_ _

Above all, I want to give thanks to our Father in heaven for His love and faithfulness in our lives, for answering our prayers for a baby, and for the one awesome year with Tyler. All glory belongs to Jesus ♡


love, Careen.
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