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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Fourth Wedding Anniversary Getaway @ The Chateau

Just like that, we're four years old! Still can't believe we've been married this long, dating since 12 years ago, and still have a lifetime ahead of us with each other. I'm forever grateful to be able to love and be loved by someone I admire, who is also at the same time, my bestest friend.

On our anniversary each year, we try to do something special to celebrate because it is simply worth the effort to. On our first year, we had a staycation at Grand Hyatt and one of our first fine dining experiences at Café Café (click to read- warning: we looked very different back then. like, half of our sizes now wuwu). On our second anniversary, we celebrated in Tokyo (click to read) which was one of the most memorable trips we've had, and for our third anniversary last year, I was too pregnant to move about so we had a nice meal out at Malt & Leaf to celebrate, which I was again, too pregnant and tired and lazy to blog about :')

This year, we decided to take a short trip somewhere to take a breather from our busy lives to just be with each other. It was our first time that both of us were away from Tyler (usually one of us will be around to babysit him) so we didn't wanna leave him for too long. Boon has been working out of town and only back for weekends for the past 2 months, which meant that we haven't got to really spend time with each other properly. So this trip was pretty much-needed.

After Boon's work, we dropped Tyler off at my parents' and off we went up and up!

Not before we got ourselves a Mcd drive thru takeaway! 
I usually stay away from fast foods but since it was a vacation...#cheatday it is.

It was a rainy day so we took a slow drive up the hills, enjoying my Spotify playlist while munching on fries. It's always nice to have random chats in the car about anything and everything.

The Chateau Spa & Organic Wellness Resort

After about an hour's drive, we arrived at the beautiful chateau, which means 'castle' in French!

How we decided on this place, you may wonder? Well, remember I mentioned we didn't want to be away from Tyler for too long? So we had to choose somewhere nearby the city, yet relaxing enough for a mini honeymoon. Then I recalled some friends staying here before and remembered the photos looking real nice. So I searched it up and found that it's got really good reviews on various travel websites (4.9/5), and before we knew it, Boon sent me a confirmation text from Agoda and our trip was on!

I was really excited because it's really been a while since we last travelled, just the two of us.

Boon teased me about liking to take photos with flowers last time, and asked me to pose with flowers again hahaha. Which is really funny how we used to like taking pictures with various random things- like flowers and trees :')

Some of the things that we read from reviews were that 1) the place was beautiful, 2) the service was impeccable. When we arrived at the lobby, we immediately understood why. We were assisted by a smiling bell boy who helped us with our bags, led Boon to a reserved car park which was just rightttt beside the lobby, and whisked us into the waiting room where we had our welcome drinks!

As the name suggests, this is an organic wellness resort where every food and drink served (besides alcohol, of course) were organic, even these welcome drinks! They were honey, lime and mint with crushed ice and they were refreshing! The thought of knowing it's organic just makes it that much more yummy :P

The place where we had our welcome drinks was the bar, where we were promptly attended by a staff who did a private check-in for us. At The Chateau, they provide private check-ins for all their guests which means we don't have to go to the counter, stand there and wait for check-in or check-out. They'll do it all for us, bring the forms and bills to us while we sat and chilled. What a special treatment!

After check-in was done, we had a guided tour by a staff member who showed us around the resort and explained everything in detail. Then we were led to our room which got me going all 'awwww' because it was really so nice!

Before the staff member left, I shamelessly requested for her help with this shot :P

We immediately felt super relaxed once we entered the room. The interiors were pretty and calming, and the weather outside sure played the part.

All along it was raining so our plan to hit the pool was cancelled. Nonetheless, we still had a nice time just chilling in the room, enjoying the fluffy bed and pillows. We made a point to not update our social media when we were on this trip, so it was really nice to not have the urgency to update. The world can wait.

Halfway through we got a ring at the doorbell and were sent Panna Cotta's to our room! 
What a sweet surprise (literally)!

Then we got ready and headed out for our anniversary dinner! We were initially contemplating on whether to eat in or out (at Colmar Tropicale or around the vicinity), but since it was still raining, our decision was made easy.

We had our dinner at their in-house restaurant by the pool, and both of us had pasta which was really not bad! As expected the waiters were really warm and friendly, and very attentive to us the entire night.

Did I mention they were very helpful too? This shot was taken beautifully by one of them. Here I was wearing this cute yatch-printed dress from Love, Bonito.

The husband was being a sweetheart the whole night initiating to take my photos. I was walking up the stairs when I realised he wasn't walking behind me. Turns out he was trying to wait for a candid moment to snap a picture. Hahahah this obviously wasn't candid though. The real candid one cannot make it :')

Another nice shot taken by the husband. 
10 brownie points for you, husband!

We finished our dinner at 9 plus and decided to check out Colmar Tropicale and see how we could spend the rest of the evening there. At The Chateau, they offer free shuttle to nearby places like Colmar Tropicale, the Japanese Garden, etc.. We told the concierge that we wanted to take the shuttle, and it was ready within 5 minutes.

We walked towards the lobby and expected to be greeted by a regular car. Turns out... was no regular car. It was a freaking Mercedes. Boon was like, "Are you sure this is our free shuttle??" hahaha. No kidding when they say this place is atas, seriously. We were really surprised.

It was a luxurious 2-min ride to Colmar Tropicale :') 

It was a random Thursday night, so that might explain the emptiness of this place. Nonetheless, there were still some entertainment here, like this dance performance that was held every other hour throughout the day.

We wanted to grab some drinks but the only place that sold alcohol was this really dodgy looking bar at the extreme end of the street, so we decided to just have coffee and cake at the boulangerie.

That's Boon

1) Tasting the latte
2) Impressed by the latte
3) Getting a shock by me hahaha

Latte was nice but the cake was so-so. But we still had a nice time chatting while a trio was walking around singing from table to table. We sat inside so we thought, "Phew we're safe!".

Well, we thought wrong. When they came to our table they were like, "Don't you think we've forgotten about you two!" hahahaha.

They asked us for our favourite songs but we honestly didn't have any, so they until they suggested Like I'm Gonna Lose You by Meghan Trainor, and then A Thousand Years and I was like, "Oh yeah that's the song for our wedding march!". So they made us slow dance with each other and sing along with them hahaha. Our night was much better because of them. They're such talented singers and entertainers! (you can watch the whole thing in the vlog episode at the end of this post)

We told our driver to pick us up at 11pm cos we expected to party it up at a bar. Who knew our bar plan wasn't happening and since we had way too much time in our hands, we went around strolling the whole Colmar Tropicale by ourselves and taking pictures here and there.

The last we came here was a one-day trip when we were still dating in our student days some 10+ years ago. I remember vividly we had a great time here and wondered when we'd be able to afford putting a night here in the future. To us then, RM200+ a night was a big amount. So when we came back this time around, we were feeling really blessed because not only can we now afford it, we're staying at the more expensive one in the area. Sometimes we really gotta look back to see how far we've come. We definitely still have a long, longgggg way to go. But for now, we've travelled a distance and we've truly seen God's hands working in our lives. Though there wasn't much to do, that thought itself made our visit to Colmar Tropicale a really meaningful one.


Woke up bright and early for our complimentary Yoga session from 8-9am! It was the first Yoga experience for the both of us (excluding my prenatal yoga), so we were really excited! We only got to know about the complimentary Yoga session when we arrived, which explains why we were dressed like we were going for a night market stroll instead hahaha. #noob

Well, all I can say is Yoga sure proved to be much more difficult than it looks! All these stretching and holding of positions sure tested our flexibility which was long lost :') Still, it was a great way to start the day! The morning exercise made us super hungry for breakfast!

Breakfast at The Chateau is buffet/ala carte style, where we could order anything from the menu and the dishes will be served right to our table. When we asked if we could help ourselves with the buffet cos we paiseh if they serve us for every small little dish, the waiters said they'd prefer that we sit back and let them serve us instead. For the first time we were treated like royals at breakfast! It was something we were really not used to!

The adventurous husband ordered kiwi smoothie which turned out to be not bad!

We ordered an omelette each which comes with sauteed mushrooms and cherry tomatoes on the side, a dessert each (pancakes/waffles), and were served with plates of fresh fruits and pastries, along with more fruits, yogurt and cold cuts in small glasses.

Everything was organic, by the way! So awesome!

With that amount of food, we really took our time to finish them one by one. Ended up spending an hour eating and chatting our morning away.

Then I helped myself with a serving of cereals, because no holiday breakfast is complete without milk and cereals!

Since The Chateau is so beautiful and photo-worthy, I took a few pretty outfits to go with the gorgeous landscapes here. This was seriously the best place for any #OOTD!

One of the most photographed spots at The Chateau was definitely the VIP Lounge. 
The interior is on point.

Here I was wearing this dreamy blouse from Azorias, which matched the room perfectly!

Then we adjourned to the stairwell which looked like a scene from Taylor Swift's Love Story music video!

"Romeo take meeeee somewhere we can be aloneeeee"

This is when timer shots come in handy!

Felt like throughout the trip only my photos were being taken (which is true), so I forced the husband to go pose a bit and let me take photos of him. 

Well, I didn't expect THESE type of photos, but okay :')

Next, the dreamy courtyard which looked like a scene from a classic French film.

I was so, so glad I brought pretty clothes to shoot in this place. I mean, look at how gorgeous this place is! Really felt like I was in France in that particular moment. My pleated skirt from Fashion Bloggerrr was unbelievable. It was perfect for ariel shots like these!

Really felt like a princess for a moment. Well, a girl can dream :')

More photos by the #InstagramHusband. Thanks darling for going miles (and floors up) to make sure that I get nice photos. 

*100x brownie points*

After our mini photoshoot session, we went back to the room to pack and got ready to check out. 

Was our stay too short? YES. We still didn't get to hit the salt water swimming pool and also try out the award-winning spa! But our hearts were already back in KL cos we were both missing Tyler oh-so-badly. We kept telling each other, so nice if Tyler were here with us! But thank God we didn't spontaneously decide to bring him along, cos we only found out when we arrived that they have a no-child policy here, where kids under 12 are not allowed to enter the resort to ensure total peace and tranquility for the guests! *gaspppp*

Tyler, you'll have to wait 12 years before you can join daddy and mommy here! :')

Just one night here was enough to convince us that it was money well-spent. This place well deserves all the awards given for their top notch service and facilities. The next time we come back we'll chill at the pool and visit the spa, for sure.

Here's the husband at the lobby, while private check-out was in progress.

Watch behind-the-scenes of this post in this vlog episode!
Do subscribe at for more videos :)

Thanks husband for the amazing anniversary gift. Our time spent together was precious. Here's to years and years ahead of anniversary celebrations.

P/S: This post is not sponsored.

love, Careen.
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