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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Tyler's Newborn Photoshoot Pictures

There you have it, Tyler's first professional photoshoot! :)

We shot these photos when Tyler was two weeks and three weeks old respectively. Oh my, he was so tiny, skinny and still covered in his newborn hair all over his face and body (which I really miss! now his skin is hairless and smooth like a hippo ahahah). 

We intended to have only one shoot but as what they always say, we can never plan too much when it comes to babies, especially when photographing newborns! They have yet to develop a routine and anytime could be sleepy time or active time, as and when they like! Read any advice from professional newborn photographers and they'll tell you to free the entire day for the shoot as babies need to feed and nap in between, and it requires lots of waiting and patience in doing so. We had our first shoot in the day time after Tyler's bath, which was supposedly the happiest time of his day. It was so and we had some great shots of him all happy and smiling, but it wasn't for long as before we knew it, it was time for another feed, and another nap.

Fed Tyler a couple of times in between shoot, carried him up to soothe him when he fussed and slowly put him back on our bed when his mood got better. It was also one of our first attempts putting him on tummy time, where he surprised us by lifting his head so high and pushing himself up on the pillow in one of the photos above! 

Most epic thing would be that he peed on our bed when we stripped him naked for his costume shots. He wet the bed several times until he got fed up lying in his own pee and cried angrily! That was when we gave up and decided to wrap the shoot earlier and continue the following week as suggested by our photographer, Nicole who is super nice and understanding.

Looking back at these precious photos brings back all the emotions that I was feeling at that time. At only two weeks postpartum, I was still overwhelmed by all the feelings of joy, pain and exhaustion. I was still bearing what looked like a 6 months pregnant belly, bloated with water retention, pain and discomfort from my c-section incision, and boobs engorged with breastmilk lol. With how I was feeling at that point, I was tempted to perhaps not go ahead with the newborn photoshoot as it required so much preparation. I needed to get out of my confinement look (aunty clothes, oily hair and pale face), get my hair washed and blown nicely, do my makeup and look for decent clothes to wear (THAT COULD STILL FIT ME OMG). It wasn't easy.

Besides, before I gave birth I had ALL the ideas on how I want our newborn shoot to be. I saved lots of photos from Pinterest, and thought about all the concepts and cute stuff we could do with Tyler. But when it came to the real thing, I was just too immobile and caught up with being a new mom (who couldn't even walk fast due to the incision) which rendered me helpless in preparing much for the shoot.

Thank goodness Love, Bubsie sent us some adorable knitted costumes when I was still pregnant, which came in real handy during the photoshoot! Loved all the adorable costumes, especially the little snail and dino!

Boon was, of course, being the supportive husband that he always is. The photoshoot (obviously) wasn't his idea as he's not fond of being in front of the camera, what more else posing for a shoot! But he knew it would mean a lot to me, so he obliged and cooperated (after fooling around for a bit) haha.

While Tyler was being the trooper that he still is. Since he was a newborn, he had always been very cooperative with us, even until today. He let us pose and move him here and there though he clearly was tired and uncomfortable after a while, and only cried when he no longer could take it (the pee on the wet bed hahaha). This is one of his most lovable traits that Boon and I deeply treasure. Even on nights when he was super tired when we're out, he would just hang on until he couldn't take it. In what we like to call, he would "give face" to us parents before making any fuss. Tyler, thanks for being an amazing baby to your papa and I, even from the very start.

At the end of the day we were all tired, but it was all worth the while because these photos were moments frozen, which enable us to look back and remember all the tiny details and feelings we felt at that time.

Here's also something from when Tyler was just a newborn, back when he was only one month old! 

Made a decision to commit to vlogging more these days because videos are just so precious. Tyler is just getting cuter by the day so we gotta catch 'em all (the moments) before they're gone.

Do subscribe to my YouTube channel to get the first updates whenever I upload a new video! :)

'Til then!

love, Careen.
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  1. A lovely family and blessed child :) May God bless your family Careen. Wish I could get pregnant soon!


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