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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Saviour of my Laptop

This is the latest photo of Boon and I taken just a few days ago. Just Boon and I, alone, without Tyler in the picture which is absolutely rare (he's actually behind in his car seat tho haha). I think ever since Tyler came into our lives, we have less than 10 photos of just us two together. Before this got like 189,756 selfies on each date hahahaha! What parenthood does to you.

It's not that we love each other any less, or that Tyler has taken priority over each other. I guess it's just that our hands are so full with basically just being parents that it really takes EFFORT to intentionally do things with each other, for each other.

Take this selfie for example. Usually for every car ride I would sit behind with Tyler whether or not I'm feeding him or him strapped in his car seat. It's just been that way for the past 9 months that Boon is our Uber driver (or Grab, or MyTeksi lol) and I would just naturally sit with Tyler at the back, just in case he needs me. Now that Tyler is taking the car seat much better (I think he surrendered knowing we won't back down no matter how much or how loud he cries. Safety first, you know) and he requires less breastfeeding unlike his younger days, I can now be promoted back to the passenger's seat and become Boon's wife again! 

So now I try to deliberately sit in front even during Tyler's fussy days and try to make this a habit again. It's really different when I'm seated beside Boon at the passenger's seat. We're able to talk to each other without shouting (when I'm seated behind half the conversation is lost in translation cos cannot really hear each other), we're able to hold hands, we're able to take selfies lol, and just feel like a normal couple again. Sometimes it feels like back in the days so much that I forgot we have a Tyler at the back hahahaha!

Anyways, the point of this post (yes, there is a point wan hahaha) is to talk about how awesome my husband is. Hahahaha if you're allergy to PDA you can stop reading now!

For the past few months Boon has resumed his work travels, so that means it's back to living like nomads again. Whenever Boon travels, I'll bunk in with my family (just like before I got preggers) cos I have lots of help there and I can at least get some work done in between taking care of Tyler. It's a great arrangement. I'm really thankful for my family's voluntary help each time I needed it.

So week in week out, we've been moving in and out of home. It's tiring to say the least- for Boon cos he's the one doing the long distance travelling, for me cos it's packing and unpacking every week, with a luggage bag, laptop bag, diaper bag and a 8kg Tylerbear in tow, and for Tyler too cos he needs to readjust to new environment all the time. As tiring as it may be, it's all so far so good for us. We're keeping our eyes on the prize, which is our Europe trip next year. All these working hard will aid in funding our trip so we're keeping our focus on this short term goal that we have now.

I must admit at times I really, really wish that we could just stay put at home and live normal 9-5, husband comes home, we have dinner together and watch TV until we sleep kinda life. Sometimes, on bad days, I do feel a bit sien that it's another week of packing and unpacking again. I admit I do sometimes feel that it's tougher on my part compared to Boon cos all he has to do is just to travel and work, whereas for me, it's about driving Tyler around alone, working and taking care of him in his teething, fussy days. On nights when he wouldn't settle in his sleep, I really do wish we can share a bit of this load instead of having to deal with it all by myself.

It wasn't until last night that I had a realisation that I'm may not be the one who suffers more in this.

Right now as I'm blogging, I'm typing on my good ol' Macbook Pro that had been laggy like snail and causing my work productivity to drop like crazy. Well, I'm happy to announce that it is now something of the past. I'm working on a super fast, efficient and smooth laptop now because Boon has fixed it for me!!

Over the weekend and public holiday, he spent days helping me to back up my 43,000+ photos and endless files from my laptop, transfer them into an external hard disk which took forever, bought me an SSD and installed that and all the programmes I needed for me before he left for work today (all of which I'm hopelessly clueless about, by the way). I was wondering why he was rushing so badly to get it done for me over the past few days, backing and installing everything until ungodly hours in the night. Then I realised, he wanted to settle it all for me so that he can leave me with a seemingly brand new laptop to work with while he's away. Else I'll have no laptop to use and can't get my work done. Just like how he always ensures that the petrol tank is full before he leaves. And the Touch N Go card reloaded.

Boon is someone who shows his love in the subtlest ways, and this is one of them. And I'm just very, very touched that he took this "project" as if it's for himself. He went through every single folder and helped me delete duplicated photos in my album cos I'm queen of duplicating photos, transferring and "Keeping Both" all the time. If I hadn't put any thought into this, I wouldn't have realised that he spent so much time and effort into doing this for me. I could have easily passed this off as another one of the many things he helps me with around the home.

So, thank you honey for everything. I feel like I don't give you enough credit for the little (and not so little) things that you do. Your sacrifices for me and Tyler are uncountable and I bet, many times unnoticeable too. But just, thank you for loving me and loving us. You're the best.


love, Careen.
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