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Friday, August 5, 2016

Three Things to Truly Invest in a Home

With the blink of an eye, Boon and I have been married for close to 4 years (in November)! So that means we've been staying at our current place for close to 4 years already!

It still feels like we just moved in to be honest. Actually it still feels like we just got married not too long ago hahaha! I guess that's a good thing!

Now 4 years into ur marriage and family, we're currently on the lookout for a new home, more towards investment purposes. This has sparked many conversations that we have every now and then on how we want our next home to be like- the look and feel, colour scheme, furniture, curtains, kitchen fixes, flooring, etc.

Home styling is one of the things that I enjoyed the most in our wedding preparation! I'd always dreamed about being able to choose our own furniture, colour of our paint, down to the design of kitchen sink to WC (toilet bowl) hahaha! Nothing feels better than to fully personalise your home according to your personality and style. It makes going home after a long day such an exciting thing. When we first got married, we couldn't wait to get home and hang out cos our home was our little refuge and sanctuary! Until today, we still enjoy just being in the comfort of our own home, even when we do nothing much but just laze around hahaha.

And now to think about being able to do that all over again within the next few years excites Boon and I to no end! Determined to save money so that we can really invest in good quality fixes for our next home :)

Some of the things that Boon and I really invested in were:

#1: A Good Bed

We spent about RM5-6k for a good bed from Getha and have not regretted it until now! Probably the only thing we regretted about it was that we chose Queen instead of King sized bed hahah!! Now we have an additional member on our bed (yes, Tyler co-sleeps with us for now), and we're everyday wishing if only our bed were bigger hahaha!!

So please please please, if you're getting married and buying a bed (duh!), please heed our advice and get a King sized bed! We said we would NEVER co-sleep with our baby but we learned to never make statements like that cos with a baby, it's always never say never hahaha!! :')

#2: A Good Couch

Ahhhh, a good couch. Where's the first place you go to the moment you enter your home? For me, it's always the couch, baybeh! Got this L-couch from IKEA! I'd throw my bag on the couch and laze on it, turn the TV on, and start replying messages or scrolling social media on my phone cos I can't do all that while driving. Okay, that was pre-Tyler days la hahaha. Nowadays I would put Tyler on the couch while I unpack his diaper bag and get him ready to sleep :')

A couch is more than a mandatory living room furniture, but the very spot that hosts all your guests too. A good quality, comfortable (and good looking) couch makes your guests welcome and feel right at home even without you having to do anything! So many times our guests end up lying on our couch and falling asleep there hahaha!

The couch is also where Boon and I have spent countless nights watching movies and Netflix, where we fought (let's be real hahaha), where we fold the laundry hahaha!! Our couch wasn't cheap but it surely was a good decision! No regrets :)

#3: Good Flooring

One of the things that most home-buyers overlook is the flooring of the home! To some, it may not seem like an important thing to invest in good flooring, but what they fail to realise is that flooring is EVERYTHING!

A good flooring is just like a good base or foundation for our makeup (hahaha speaking girlie language here). No matter how nice our makeup is, if our foundation is a bad quality one that leaves our face looking patchy, or worse, a wrong shade of colour, it spells disaster! get the point.

Imagine spending thousands on expensive, good quality furniture that are beautiful, only to match them with poorly chosen flooring. No matter how gorgeous your furniture are, your home will not look as good as it should be.

Never underestimate what your flooring choices can do to your home! People may not notice with their eyes first thing they enter your home, but they sure can feel the difference the moment they step onto the floor.

Furthermore, it is not just for your guests, but for yourself too! Imagine walking on gorgeous tiles all day everyday. It makes walking around your home such a pleasant experience!

One of the brands that manufacture gorgeous looking tiles is Niro Granite. And here are some of my favourite designs from their collection!

The Cementum range is the minimalist tile range by Niro Granite. Absolutely love how it immediately makes the room feel minimalist and modern, even without furniture can you believe it!

The Horizon Stone is a porcelain tiles range inspired by the breathtaking sun setting into the vast horizon, which explains the majestic sunset hues manifested into the very threshold of the home. Perfect for homes that allow lots of sunlight to be shone in!

Can you believe that these are actually glazed porcelain tiles? After multiple glances, they still look like genuine wood to me! Perfect for those who want the feel of nature in their homes, but prefer a more durable and sustainable living.

If you noticed from the photos above, the tiles were used not just for flooring but also as wall finishing too, which is great for adding dimensions to the home! Another thing is definitely the sizing of the tiles. If you asked me, I have no idea on what sizes of tiles suit different parts of my home. And it'll be disastrous if we were to choose a tile size that doesn't suit our home or the look and feel that we're going for!

All I know is that huge sized tiles make the place look bigger, and to make your home look wider, place your tiles horizontally across the wider spaces! And also that polished surface tiles should be used in spaces like the living area, and matte surface tiles for areas like the kitchen and bathroom! And erm...that's all I know actually hahaha!

One of the plus points of consulting the experts of floor tiling as they know just what type and sizes of tiles suit what we have in mind! There are so many types under the categories of wood, stone, marble and cement! And honestly, I don't know where to start or how to differentiate them too hahaha! So before you purchase anything, get help from the expert who can guide you into buying the suitable types of tiles for your home! Some things are better left to the experts, really.

For those of you who are going to furnish your homes soon, or looking at refurnishing your home, don't forget to take the flooring into consideration, especially now that you know the importance of it ;)

As one of the leading tile manufacturers, Niro Granite offers a huge variety of Swiss quality tiles and has been in the market for over 30 years. Carrying a Swiss heritage since 1979, Niro Granite produces and markets high quality Porcelain and Glazed Porcelain tiles to over 100 countries worldwide, with quality and designs that are on par with the best European brands at competitive prices.

You can view more designs at Niro Granite's official website, or visit their Facebook page at

Til' then!

love, Careen.
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