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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Living with an Infant- Home Furnishing with IKEA (Part II)

Hello again!

The last I shared about my home furnishing collaboration with IKEA was on May 5 (read Part I here!), exactly 3 months ago! Do you see the difference then and now? I remember blogging about Tyler practising his tummy time then, and guess what? 

Three months later, he is now one professional crawler in search for all things forbidden in our home! And he is crawling so fast that we're struggling to keep up with him! One moment of not keeping an eye on him, he can go from one innocent activity like playing with his toys to playing with plug points and switches -.-

He's an active little boy now! As Tyler grows bigger and his behaviours change, so do our home furniture. We're constantly trying to keep up with his growth and doing our best to make this home as safe, comfortable and fun for Tyler to grow in.

So what's Tyler up to these days? 
Let me show you some of his favourite parts of the day!

On normal days, when Tyler wakes up we'll hang out on the bed for a little while to spend some mommy-baby bonding time. Then, I'll change him out of his PJ's into his airy onesie and put him in his high chair to watch his favourite Barney! Actually favourite only because I always play that for him (cos Barney was my childhood favourite, and still is!). But I mean, everybody loves Barney! How can anyone not love Barney??

After being in the high chair long enough he would demand to roam free, so I would let him crawl freely in our living room and occasionally stop to watch Barney on TV. That's when he gets super excited and tries to touch every single thing that he can reach! One of the first things he aims for would be the TV bench.

This was the one we used to have. Also an IKEA piece and it worked well for us then! Well, until the days when Tyler would lie down on his play gym quietly was over! He could easily reach for our stuff since the TV bench did not have any doors. So we knew it was time we changed our furniture!

We wanted looking for a much higher one to keep Tyler out from climbing onto it and potentially toppling the TV (as well as Boon's Gundam and LEGO collections), and one that was safe for kids- meaning no sharp edges that could hurt them easily.

We thought our requests were too ambitious and that we might not actually be able to find something like that, until we came across the MOSTORP TV Bench from IKEA! It was everything we wanted, and more.

Say hi to our new MOSTORP TV Bench! :)

Now Tyler can touch all he wants and he gets nothing out of it muahahaaha!

Yes, son. You may touch the legs of the TV bench. Go ahead. It's clean. 
*smug face emoji* hahaha

Remember I mentioned we were hoping for round-edged TV bench? Round-edged TV bench was what we got indeed! No need for corner bumpers!

Another great thing about it is that it only has two compartments for TV decoders and stuff, which is just what we need. There are some that has 3-4 compartments which would look odd for us since we only have 3 devices (Apple TV, Astro and PS3). So this arrangement worked well for what we have!

And of course, I loveeee the soft-closing feature of the MOSTORP TV Bench! Tyler doesn't know how to work a soft-closing door yet :P

Suddenly we feel like we don't have enough things to occupy the bottom and side drawers cos they're so spacious! Which is always a good thing for us who live in a small unit! Extra space is always good news.

Moving on to the next favourite part of Tyler's Day- 


Tyler has always loved bath time since day one, and now that he can sit unassisted (and even attempting to crawl around to touch the tap, etc.), he loves bath time even more cos he can play better in the water.

Since he loves bath time so much, Boon and I figured we should make bath time an even more fun experience for him by getting him some bath toys. This SMAKRYP 3-piece bath toys set is simple yet fun for bath time!

It's amazing how small, simple things can occupy our babies so much!

Bath times is Tyler's favourite time of the day, but when we take him out of the bath tub,


He would scream to continue playing in the water, and he hates it when we put on his clothes for him so we always gotta act fast, quickly apply his nappy cream and body lotion, wear his diaper and put on his clothes.

One thing to help quicken the whole process would be the bath towels. I noticed that if we use a big enough bath towel to wrap Tyler and bring him out of the bathroom, he would have been 90% dry by the time we open the remove his towel. Babies' bodies are small, so using the right-sized bath towel would dry their little bodies faster! Now that his size is bigger, his towel size also has to follow suit hahaha. We love this huge BADET Baby Bath Towel from IKEA firstly for its size, secondly for its thickness and absorbency, and thirdly, for its design! Major love for the adorable puppy hood!

Onto Tyler's next favourite part of the day- 


This ANTILOP Highchair is no stranger to most of it because it is used to almost every caf├ęs and restaurants that we go to! One of the most popular highchairs ever! I guess it's easy to tell why it's so well-loved and received by so many people, including parents. 

Because firstly, it's really affordable (RM39.90, RM49.90 with tray). 

Secondly, it is easy to disassemble and carry along. Like, super easy. We brought this very highchair back to Boon's hometown because they didn't have any there, and it didn't even take much space in our car trunk!

Thirdly, as much as it is affordable, they did not neglect the safety feature of this highchair.

Adjustable safety belt is included to ensure that baby is securely fastened in his highchair!

Fourthly, like I mentioned earlier, almost every eatery uses this ANTILOP Highchair so we have no problem putting Tyler in highchairs while we dine out as he's so familiar with it!

If you're interested to check out the items mentioned in this post, feel free to check them out below with links attached in the product names!





That's all from me for this post of Living with an Infant, in collaboration with my favourite IKEA. Will be back with more furniture fun in the next few months! ;)

(Read Part I HERE!)

Til then!

love, Careen.
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  1. Hi, came across your blog from Ikea fb. Do u mind telling me where did u get the Green playmat that is placed infront of your sofa? And how much is it?

    1. Hello there! The green mat is also from IKEA! :)

  2. Hi Careen! i've saw your blog from Ikea Malaysia facebook, may i know what is the rack you use for the LATTSAM baby bath? is it from Ikea as well? thanks !!

    1. Hi Kelvin! Nope, it's from Fabulous Mom in TTDI :)

  3. Hi Careen - please can you tell me where you got the bath stand? Thanks!!

    1. Hello! We got it from Fabulous Mom in TTDI :)


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