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Friday, July 15, 2016

Sanitary Care with UUcare

Guests what, after 14 months, my best friend is back.

Best friend, Aunt Flo, The Big P, Red Monster, Aunt Mary, The Red Carpet (lol this one is funny!), the Visitor, whatever we ladies call it. Yes, it's back.

Some people say that as long as you're breastfeeding, you wouldn't get your period. When I first heard that I was like, "Wow that's awesome! I can live with that!"

Well, clearly I've not done more research on this. Apparently for some nursing mothers, their period can return as early as 1-2 months after giving birth even when they breastfeed, while some as long as they breastfeed- 1 year, 2 years, or even 3 years! I'm still fully breastfeeding but I guess my body decides it's time to get fertile again. And no, I ain't planning to try for baby number two until Tyler turns two, as I need some gap before getting pregnant again due to my C-section. If not for that I would start trying earlier!

I've never been the type of girl who cruises through their periods with zero pain and discomfort, neither am I on the other extreme, rendered strengthless and curling up on the bed the moment the Visitor arrives. I'm quite in the middle- where the first two days would give me pretty bad cramps and make me easily exhausted, and subsequently feel better.

So what's worse than having period cramps and feeling exhausted all day? It is to have period cramps and feeling exhausted all day while needing to take care of an active infant! *cries in a corner*

This is when I subscribe to any little thing that can make me feel better, just that little wee bit better to retain my sanity. Things like eating my favourite food, sleeping in a little longer, taking a long, hot shower, wearing loose and comfy clothes, wrapping myself in a blanket, and wearing soft, thin and comfortable sanitary pads that make me feel like I'm not having that dreaded time of the month.

Having been getting period for the past, let's see...16 years of my life, I've pretty much tried every brand of sanitary pads available in the market. And trust me when I say, when you're feeling the cramps and backache and feeling lousy, the last thing you want is to be disturbed by the discomfort you're feeling from wearing unsuitable sanitary pads.

For me, after trying so many different types of pads- I came to realise that I personally prefer the ones that are thin yet super absorbent, sticks well (with wings please!), with dry yet soft surface. Am always on the lookout for different brands to try and lately I was introduced to this new sanitary pad brand called UUcare from Singapore!

Firstly, I was attracted by the simple yet classy packaging of white and bronze. If you haven't already known, I love all things white and am a sucker for minimalistic designs *vain*

I love that the design doesn't scream 'SANITARY PAD'. It could pass as being, you know, wet wipes! Not so awkward if I need Boon to help me do an emergency run to the store! Hahaha

There are 3 different ranges of sanitary pads from UUcare-
Uucare Crown Anti-Bacterial, Uucare Cool Technology, and Young Girl by Uucare.

The one I'm using currently is the first one- Uucare Crown Anti-Bacterial which is the hero range that boasts of a soft feeling on the surface of the sanitary pads. It is also the range that is most popular and is available in all stores (full list of stores at the end of blog post).

Aside from the soft surface, it also has a layer of anti-bacterial surface on the pad which helps in eliminating odour (very important!!). The glue is powerful and sticks well, and is made without flourescer or any whitening chemicals. It is also high in absorbency as the gel inside the pad has a self-absorbing feature! Which is great because the last thing we, girls want is to have a visible red stain on our clothes -.-

Each range comes with different types and length to cater to different times and needs. Usually what I do is for the first few days of my period when I get a heavier flow, I'll wear longer maxi pads overnight to prevent staining my clothes and bed sheets (worst thing ever, seriously). Then as my period reduces I'll gradually wear shorter sanitary pads and then ending with panty liners.

Where to find?

Crown Antibacterial Range:
- Tesco, Aeon Wellness, Maxvalu, Mercatos, Jason's Food Hall (Bangsar), Hero Supermarket

Cool Tech Range:
Aeon Wellness

If you wanna know more about Uucare, you can read more on their Facebook page-

Hope this post helps you in finding your ideal sanitary pads to help you get through your monthly blues better!


love, Careen.
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