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Monday, July 25, 2016

Let It Be- Story of The Beatles

Last week I attended Let It Be the musical, something I'd been anticipating ever since my manager told me about this event a month ago! I quickly locked down the date in my calendar, booked my date, Boon, and invited two other Beatles fans, my sister in-law, Jasmine and her husband, Evan!

You may be wondering how I became a fan of The Beatles, since the band already disbanded by the time I was born (1989). Well, growing up in my teenage years, I have a huge ass radio player on my study table where I'll tune in to Lite FM (105.7 in the Klang Valley lol) every single day and night. Since young I'd been an old soul, and that is reflected in my choice of music too. The Beatles, Eric Clapton, The Carpenters, Barbra Streisand, Barry Manilow- my kind of music!

Since I listen to the oldies so much, I often imagined how nice it'll be if I could catch them live in concert. Wouldn't it be so, so nice to hear them sing live? Some of these classic singers have the best voices ever!

I know it's impossible to hear The Beatles live, so I never once thought about it. But now if you tell me there's a musical theatre production based on The Beatles, with live music and singing? GIVE IT TO MEEEEEEE!!!

Our VIP tickets!!

Guess who else were there too! Audrey brought her Fat Her (father ahahah) while Hui Wen brought her mom! For a moment I felt bad for not bringing my parents hahaha but they said they're busy anyway so ok la hahaha.

Excitedly waiting for the show to start! So cute of them to show classic TV commercials on both the TVs to set the mood! Totally transported back to the 60's.

Our date night! :)

And here they were!!

OMG I couldn't believe just how real they looked! Their makeup, hair, costumes and mannerisms really looked like The Beatles!! Not difficult to identify who is who! 

Here's Paul McCartney singing 'Yesterday'. Goosebumps!

Us, the audience were brought on a journey from when The Beatles first started their career at the Cavern Club in 1962, through the times they performed at the Ed Sullivan show, all the way to the times they disbanded, and their reunited again. Felt like I was witnessing their journey as a band live!

Hahaha we wanted to sing along so badly that Hui Wen and I started googling the lyrics!

Look at the excited crowd! We were among the many others who stood up and danced to the Rock n' Roll numbers! Felt like I was being transported back to the disco days! It was so fun and nice to see everyone, young and old being so sporting! :)

Intermission! With more classic TV commercials playing on the TVs!

Check out our Malaysian flag! 

I took soooooo many pictures and snapchats that night that I think I annoyed my neighbours hahaha!! Sorry, fan girl was too excited!!

I was waiting for this and when John Lennon finally sang Imagine, I couldn't help but scream! OMG he sounded sooooo much like Lennon! Mannerisms all too! OMG real starstruck moment right there!

They finished off with Let It Be and Hey Jude, two of which the crowd was highly anticipating throughout the night. The whole hang was singing along and even lighted up their phone torchlights and wave them in the air :)

That's The Beatles with an accompanying pianist!

It was such a great night! Totally finished on a high and I found myself humming to the tunes of The Beatles all throughout the night!

Finishing this post with a gorgeous view of our magnificent Petronas Twin Towers!

Had one of the best, sweetest sleeps that night hahaha! Thanks Malaysian Major Events and Churp Churp for the VIP tickets! What an experience!


love, Careen.
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