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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Vanilla Moments with Kleenex

Attended one of the most sweet-smelling events ever last weekend! Kleenex has just launched a new scented facial tissue range, and me along with a group of fellow bloggers had the privilege to be one of the first to witness the launch at their very own space at Kimberly Clark offices!

Following the success in two previous scents of Rose and Cherry Blossom, Kleenex has released another limited edition sweet-smelling scent, this time in Vanilla, in conjunction with the upcoming Hari Raya festivities!

Seated with these beautiful ladies!

Before the official launch ceremony, we were asked by our host to take turns to introduce ourselves by picking a question out of a box and answering them. It was such a unique experience cos usually at events, we just attend, take photos, hang around for a while before going home. This time through this little ice-breaker, we got to know all our fellow blogger friends a little better. Thanks Kleenex team for the initiative!

We were treated to such sweet treats, matching the new scent of Vanilla by Kleenex! Love all the little details at the dessert table. So much effort by the team!

Andddddd, the Vanilla scented tissues were officially launched! 
Another new scent will now fill our homes!

Bouquet of Kleenex Vanilla Scented Tissues everywhere!

We were also being interviewed about what we thought about the newly released Vanilla scented tissues by Kleenex, and how the scent makes us feel.

My first impression of the packaging was that it reminded me of nectar of flowers, and immediately thought that it should be something sweet-smelling! Then when I first took a sniff at the tissues, it made me feel comfortable and at home, something that belongs to a homey household. Brings me back to the days that I still lived in the comfort of my mom's home. Actually smelling the new Vanilla scent made me think about my mom la *cries* T-T

Look at all the decor! Fancy to buy some Vanilla flowers from me? :P

Personally, I think it's brilliant to incorporate soft, sweet-smelling scents into facial tissues cos it makes the experience of using it change totally. Being a long-time user of Kleenex, I love how the quality of the facial tissues are soft yet strong enough not to tear apart easily! Now with such a nice-smelling scent like Vanilla, it makes using facial tissues such a high-class and atas experience hahaha :P

Everyone came in whites and pastels! 
Love how we blend in so well with the background hahaha!

Do check out the new, limited edition Kleenex Vanilla Scent Tissues at any supermarkets/hypermarkets near you!

For more information, log on to!

love, Careen
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