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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Review: Easywalker MINI Buggy

Hello! This is going to be a post where I share my review of our trusty stroller- 
the Easywalker MINI Buggy!

Let me first tell you the background story. When Boon and I first found out that we're pregnant, on top of our minds was to find the big important items- Baby cot, car seat and stroller (you can read my review of our baby cot and car seat HERE). I started researching everyday on the type of strollers in the market and what type of stroller suits our budget and lifestyle.

Initially I looked at the huge European strollers like Bugaboo and Mima that were big, sturdy and most of all, super pretty! Their designs are the main pull for me and all was good until...I saw the price tag. When I told Boon they cost approximately RM5k and up, Boon was like forget it. It's just way beyond our budget. Plus, they weigh a lot! Like, 9-12kg depending on the model! I tried lifting it up and I already struggled, what more else while handling a baby alone and getting the heavy stroller in and out of our vehicle! It was just impossible for me. Found out from a lot of our friends that after getting a huge and heavy one, they regretted and in the end gotten a lightweight one for convenience's sake.  But they're still very pretty. If only they were lighter. And cheaper :') 

Then after consulting some mama friends of mine, they recommended the umbrella type of strollers that are absolutely lightweight and easy to carry around, especially for travels. That's when we were introduced to strollers like Aprica from Japan that opens and closes with a click and weigh from 4kg! Price is reasonable too!

We then went around to different stores to test out the Aprica. It was really lightweight as they promised! Design isn't as pretty but it's functional. However, the only drawback is that it may be a little TOO light, especially for a newborn to sleep in. It's so light that chances of it toppling over is high and it endangers the baby. Perhaps it's a good stroller when the child is bigger and heavier, but for a newborn it isn't very recommended.

So we decided to go for something in the between, and came across the Easywalker MINI Buggy.

Tyler's first time sleeping in his stroller when we brought him for his first follow-up check and jab in the hospital at two weeks. He looked so comfortable! I remember when I first put him in, I felt like wow this stroller is so big for him! But then now, 6 months later...

...he's grown so big and he looks like he's snugly fitted in his stroller :') But he's not going to outgrow it anytime soon since it can carry kids up to 20kg! Tyler is only nearing 8kg so, long way to go!

Strollers are good investments because they can be used until the child is big and be passed down to the next child, or be given away to other families as a hand-me-down. I remember the stroller in my family was passed down from sister-to-sister and they all used the same stroller!

Which is why it's important to get a good one that is made with good quality and durable materials.

This was during Tyler's 30 days Full Moon Party! First official outing after confinement!

One of the things that I love about it is that it is fully reclinable (into 4 different positions). The seat is padded with soft luxurious cushion that feels super comfortable! Wheels can be locked when you park it, so you can be assured that the stroller won't move anywhere by anyone. Speaking of wheels, they're easily locked with just one click and they provide a pretty smooth ride! Makes it easy to push around.

This was Tyler's second outing with us to have pancakes! He literally just slept the whole way through. The buckles are easy to fasten so we can move him in and out even in his sleep.

This was still in his second month! If you look close enough, you'll see the signature Union Jack design by MINI Cooper. This stroller is a collaboration between Easywalker and MINI, hence the beautiful design. We opted for this Pepper White Jack colour because it's slightly more uncommon, and I'm a lover of all things white! The colour gives the stroller a classy touch!

The sun canopy can be put all the way down to shield baby from UV radiation, wind and cold. I found that having the sun canopy down helps Tyler sleep longer in the stroller too!

One thing about the Easywalker MINI Buggy is that it is only front-facing. Initially I was pretty bummed out about it cos I really liked the idea of having baby face me when I push the stroller. But then actually, it doesn't matter after a while cos by the time baby is older (like from 3 months and up), he'll WANT to be front-facing to see the world.

Another reason why I wanted to have a front-facing stroller was because I wanted to know and be assured that he's doing okay. 

Having this parents' concern in mind, Easywalk MINI made a transparent window at the rear for us to peep through. It allows a good view of the baby when the canopy is down. And when the canopy is up? We can easily see the baby anyway! After a while I forgot that I wanted a rear-facing stroller also cos there's simply no problem with a front-facing stroller. In fact it could be better cos it enables us to really focus on pushing the stroller instead of always looking down at baby and getting distracted :P

Oh yeah we tumpang a friend to buy a stroller insert for infants from Amazon. Turns out to be quite a bad idea cos they packaged it in a box and changed super high for it. Wanted to save money to buy from the US but in the end didn't manage to save also. 

Lesson learnt: Just buy locally even if it's 10-20 bucks more expensive. Save ourselves the headache and potential extra spending on shipping and custom. After 4 months we removed the insert cos we found it to be not much of a difference with or without, cos the seat itself is already very soft and comfortable!

The handles of the stroller are made of leather and can be extended to different heights to suit different parents. I like that we can just hang our diaper bag through the two handles instead of needing to buy an extra diaper bag hook.

We can also put some stuff like baby's soiled diapers and shopping stuff on the lower compartment beneath the seat. It isn't as big a space as some other strollers, but it's still good enough. Can't expect too much from a decent sized stroller with decent weight!

To open and close the stroller is very simple (if I think it's simple, it IS simple hahaha), and best part is it comes with a strap to carry over the shoulder. You can see how to open/close the stroller and other features in this video!

Initially we also wanted a stroller than can stand on its own after closing, but after a while we realised it's actually not a big problem because the stroller is perpetually in our car trunk anyway.

So far with everything that comes with the stroller, we're happy with them.

Some people say strollers aren't necessary because some babies reject strollers after a while and only want to be carried, which makes the strollers become white elephants at home.

Well, this is what I think. While it may be true that babies might end up rejecting the stroller at some point, it is still a good tool to invest in even for those few months. Especially in the early few months, it's impossible to always be carrying the baby. Firstly, it can be tiring for the parents. Secondly, it isn't as safe as strapping the baby in the stroller. One trip and fall, and the baby's life is at risk.

Some parents prefer to baby-wear instead of using the stroller, which is fine. Some months it may be better to baby-wear with a carrier especially when babies are fussy and want to be held all the time. However, they'll grow too big to be worn on a baby carrier and that's when a stroller will come in handy again.

We baby-wear Tyler too but we still feel that strollers are a necessary investment because it's still needed throughout the baby's life. A baby definitely sleeps more comfortably lying down on a reclining seat than be sleeping in a sitting position in a baby carrier. Your baby may reject it on some months, but he/she will grow to love it again. Especially when they're older and start walking in the mall, and get tired after a while. When they nap you wouldn't want to carry them all the way while you shop! Speaking from experience after seeing how my 3 youngest sisters use the stroller as a napping place throughout their toddlerhood.

This was taken on our dinner date, just the three of us at Nana's Green Tea. The whole time he just sat there beside our table in his stroller while we ate. Ahh I miss those times when he would just sit quietly til we finished eating hahaha! These days he wants to eat also!

These were times when I went shopping with Tyler alone. Thank God the outings turned out to be okay! Not too much trouble handling the stroller and baby alone!

So yes, that's it for my review of the Easywalker MINI Buggy! You can check out their official website for more details!

If you're interested to buy it locally (which is highly recommended to avoid all the headache), you can visit (which is the main distributor of the Easywalker MINI in Malaysia) and purchase directly from the website at RM1,399.

If you prefer to see and touch the real thing first before purchasing, you can check out Koopers showroom, or places like Mothercare and most major baby stores to check it out, as this brand is pretty popular and can be found in most places! Showroom Operating Hours:

Weekdays: 10am-6pm
Alternate Saturdays: 10am-2pm
Closed on Sundays and Public holidays


18 Jalan Bulan U5/BM Seksyen U5 Bandar Pingirran Subang, 
40150 Shah Alam, Malaysia


(tel) 03-7832 4338

(instagram) / @koopers_distribution

That's all from me! Hope this helps!

love, Careen
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  1. Hi Careen, could i ask, where did you purchase the baby body support insert and what brand is the insert that you used with your stroller? I've been looking to find one but it's near impossible!

    1. Hi Krys! I bought mine online from Amazon! But plus shipping and all also not cheap so ended up regretting a bit hahaha! I can't rmb the brand already cos it's been a while and we're no longer using it. So sorry!


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