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Monday, June 20, 2016

Baby Bath Time with Zwitsal

Bath time is Tyler's favourite moment of the day ever since he started taking bath in the first month! He would light up and start kicking at the sight and sound of water, and now that he's bigger and able to recognise words, whenever we say, "bom bom" (bathe in erm, self-proclaimed baby language haha), he would know it's time for a bath! 

I was honestly pretty relieved to find that he loved bath time naturally as I've heard many stories from fellow mamas that some babies dread bath time and would scream from start to end. Furthermore, Boon loves swimming and is super looking forward to bring Tyler for swimming at our pool when he's old enough. So to know that Tyler loves water is both a delight and relief for us both!

Normally when it's just me and Tyler at home in the day time while Boon works, nobody would be around to help me take photos of our happy moments at bath time. But last Saturday we decided to take a some snapshots of our "bom bom" session!

As a new mom, I must say most of the time I'm pretty blur. Everything seems new to me, and every baby product sounds like a new brand altogether hahah! Recently I was introduced to Zwitsal, and I was like, "Eh is this a new brand!". After I read more on the product leaflet I found out that not only is Zwitsal not a new brand of baby products, they have been around for a super long time! Even before our parents and grandparents were born!

Zwitsal was started by Mr Jansen, a Dutch pharmacy student who did his internship in Switzerland, where he developed a balm that works wonders on sunburn among other things, and found it especially good on babies' skin! So he took the recipe back to Netherlands and began selling his Swizz Balm in 1920. And that's how Zwitsal started, close to 100 years ago!

Since then Zwitsal has been a leading brand and experts in baby care products in Europe for the past 100 years, and they're now newly available in Malaysia! What's special about Zwitsal products is that they're made with natural plant ingredients, making it safe for babies to use!

Being a first time mom, I gotta admit that at times it gets pretty daunting because everything is so new! There are so many baby products in the market, so which one should I use on my baby? The last thing I want is to use a wrong product that harms my baby's sensitive skin. Which is why I'm very selective when it comes to products that I use on Tyler and choose only the ones made with natural ingredients which is certified safe for babies to use.

Zwitsal is known for its signature yellow and extra soft formulation, which makes it real gentle for babies' skin! Their products come in two range- the Natural and Classic.

Tyler sweats a lot cos he is a really active boy! And being a baby with a head full of hair, it makes him sweat even more and because of that, shampoo is a must! Initially I was pretty worried if the shampoo would touch his eyes and make them red and painful, but I was happy to know that Zwitsal's Natural Baby Shampoo is made with a tear-free formula, so that means no tears even if the shampoo touches Tyler's eyes!

It also contains Aloe Vera, Candlenut and Celery, which are known to promote black and thick hair growth too! So that means even blacker and thicker hair for Tyler! Hahahaha so parents, if you wish for your baby to have more hair, maybe you can try this shampoo! Hahaha

Come mommy, let me help you squeeze the soap out! *bite bite bite*

The auntie in me kinda feels happy whenever I see any products that's like 2-in-1 or 3-in-1, especially for babies because that means I don't have to bring so many things! Using Zwitsal's Natural Bath 2-in-1 for Tyler here, which is hypo-allergenic tested with a pH-balance formula, which is suitable for baby's skin and hair all in one! Good la means instead of bringing two bottles when we travel, I can bring only one!

After bath would be me and Tyler's bonding time where I do baby massages for him using baby lotions, while singing to him and also taking lots of his photos since he'll be in a good mood!

Our house is fully installed with mosquito nets everywhere imaginable, yet we still get mozzies in our house sometimes which is very annoying! And not to mention worrisome cos I cannot afford for Tyler to get dengue at such a young age! *touches wood*

To discover that there's a baby lotion that works as an insect repellent at the same time, you can imagine my joy! Zwitsal's Natural Baby Skin Protector Lotion contains ingredients such as Citronella Oil, which is a natural mosquito repellent and Chamomile Extract to relieve itching! Which is really useful especially if we're bringing Tyler to the outdoors! No wonder it is a star product from Zwitsal!

I've been hesitant to apply our normal adult insect repellents on him cos I don't know how baby-friendly they are. To risk his skin drying or itching up, or to be bitten by mosquitoes, I honestly didn't know which was worse -.- But now with this I don't have to worry anymore!

*massage massage*

Actually Tyler doesn't like baby massages -.- Hahhaha totally did not inherit my love for massages, for sure! He finds them ticklish so I always gotta distract him by singing to him or making funny faces to make him smile. Hahaha what to do! Gotta apply lotion so that his skin remains moisturised! I use Zwitsal's Classic Baby Lotion which contains Canola flower extracts that is known to be moisturising to the skin.

Once in a while especially on hot and humid days when Tyler sweats a lot, I'll apply some baby powder spots like his arm pits and knee pits where he usually sweats to prevent him from feeling uncomfortable and potentially developing rashes. This Classic Baby Powder Fresh Floral from Zwitsal which also contains moisturising extracts from the Canola flower, so I can use this without worrying if the powder will dry Tyler's skin too much!

And once I got him in a good mood, it's photoshoot time! Hahahaha

I only have a short window of opportunity to do all of that and dress him up before he screams for milk and his nap. Somehow babies get hungry and tired easily after bath time, so a good feed and nap would always follow.

You can find out more about Zwitsal and all their products on their official website- and Facebook page.


love, Careen.
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  1. Hi could I check where you bought your bathtub set with the stand? Thanks!

    1. Hello Kaka!

      I bought the bath tub from IKEA, and the stand from Fabulous Mom at TTDI! Hope this helps! :)


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