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Monday, May 9, 2016

You Change YOUR Destiny

I've seen this video by SK-II being shared on Facebook by many of my friends for the past few weeks, and I finally got to watch it today.

This video left me in tears and sobbing my heart out T-T

I love videos like this one here that speaks a powerful message that society needs to hear. This video is about how women in China are feeling the pressure to be married by 25, or to be labelled as "leftover women", women that nobody wants to marry. How they are pressured by their own parents too, for 'disrespecting' their parents by choosing to remain single.

Societal pressures are everywhere. Society expects us all to live a certain way, or we will be labelled as an outcast. Many a times, we get so afraid to be different that we would rather give in to the pressure than to stand firm on who we truly are and what we believe in. 

One of the greatest societal pressure is to get married. This is especially hard to swallow for women. For men, if you are in your mid 30's and unmarried, people tend to think that you are picky. For women, society thinks that it is because you may be unattractive enough to be attached or married.

Bringing this situation closer to home, I have a couple of single female friends in their 30's who are single. Every day, they are being thrown questions such as, "So when are you getting married?", "Don't keep mixing with your girl friends only! How to get attached this way?", and "Do you want me to introduce you some of my single guy friends?"

People are so used to making such remarks that they failed to realise just how disrespectful and rude they sound. Every woman is entitled to their right to choose their way of living. Some women choose to be married, others choose to be single. While some are choosing to remain single until they found a true love, and not "settling" for any guy that expresses interest in them.

"It is better to stay single, than to be married to the wrong person"

This statement cannot be more true. It is indeed better to stay single, than to be married to someone who makes your life on a earth a living hell. Many people are married and living with spouses whom they detest every day, yet they still choose to stay married because the idea of being single freaks them out. The idea of growing old "alone", having no children to take care of them when they age...freaks them out. If those are the very reasons why people get married, isn't it just sad?

I was married at 22 to my high school sweetheart, after knowing each other for 11 years, and dating for 8 years before tying the knot. This year marks our 4th year wedding anniversary. I know I'm lucky to have found my partner in life at a young age. But it doesn't happen very often.

If the tables are turned and I am still single to this day at 27, I will surely be feeling the immense pressure by the society and people around me to quickly "settle down" before I get too old and "expire". 

But one thing's for sure, I will not settle for second best when it comes to love, when it comes to MARRIAGE. Marriage is sacred and should be entered into with someone who deserves all of your heart and soul, with someone whom you WANT to spend the rest of your life with, and not just someone who is also single and fits a criteria.

If a woman chooses to be married, that's fine because it is her choice.

If a woman chooses to stay single for life, that's fine too because it is her choice.

If a woman chooses to remain single until she finds true love, even if that means she may be old by then, that's also fine. Because it is her life, and so she gets to CHOOSE her destiny.

Women need to be reminded that they are valuable. That they have the power and every right to make her own choices in life, to choose their own destiny. 

I'm very inspired by SK-II's efforts to remind women everywhere that they determine their destiny. Not their parents, not the media, not the society. This message needs to be spread to more women  all across the globe, and I'm starting today by sharing this video by SK-II and my thoughts on this issue.

Do your part to spread the message of women empowerment by sharing this video and your thoughts on your social media channels, and hashtag #ChangeDestiny.

love, Careen.
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