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Monday, May 9, 2016

Two is Better Than One

Hello guys! This is one of Tyler's latest photos! 
Do you still recognise him? :')

Tyler has turned 5 months and has upgraded his Merries diaper size to M! Actually, he already upgraded it before turning 4 months. Suddenly my baby grew big so fast, especially in the last month! He now looks more like a toddler boy than an infant baby *cries*

So far these 4 months plus of motherhood have been nothing short of amazing. However, it's not without its everyday challenges. And my biggest challenge as a SAHWM (stay-at-home working mom) is T I M E.

Besides taking care of Tyler full-time at home, I'm also blogging and emceeing on the side. It may sound like the perfect combo for most moms, being able to stay at home and be the primary caregiver to my baby, watch him grow and be with him 24/7, all while working part-time to earn a side income. It IS a dream for me, it still is. But every dream comes with a price :') And the price is that I'll be extremely busy and exhausted.

Most people will tell moms who lack rest to sleep when the baby is sleeping. So far, it's never happened to me. Whenever I managed to put Tyler to sleep, it'll be time for me to quickly take a shower, take a dump, do the laundry, tidy the house, clean the floor, as well as replying urgent work emails, update my social media channels, prepare for upcoming posts by taking photos, editing them and then drafting blog posts to submit to clients or publish. There is ALWAYS something to do.

Very often, I find myself only having time to truly work late at night, when both Tyler and Boon are sound asleep. I'll work until 2 and sometimes 4 in the morning, hoping that Tyler would sleep in together with me the following day. Yeap, it's been a fulfilling but certainly tiring 4 months :')

However, my hero will come save me everyday around 6 in the evening. From then, he'll take over most of the carrying, playing, soothing, changing and bathing of baby. And that hero is none other than Papa Boon! *plays superman theme song*

He loves bath time with papa!

Whenever Tyler sees his papa, he'll light up and flash him a huge, wide smile that completely hides his eyes. Hahahaha! Kinda unfair right I whole day stare at him also he doesn't look excited to see me T-T

Our friends who've seen us take care of Tyler together or travelled with us before would always say that Boon is like, the most hands-on dad they know. And as the closest person to Boon, I can safely vouch that he is indeed the most hands-on dad I know, aside from my own daddy who is also very hands-on with all of us.

I cannot imagine if Boon isn't helping me out at home. I really would have burned out and eventually quit blogging and working altogether, because it's just impossible. There are days that Boon would wake up at 6am to do the laundry and hang them at our balcony before leaving to work in the morning, doing whatever he can to lighten my burden and chores at home. On weekends, he'll be busy cleaning the toilets, cleaning the fan and vacuuming the house. Whenever I asked him to just leave the chores and let me do it, he'll say, "This home is ours so it's both our responsibility to clean it. And this baby is both our responsibility too." (I paraphrased but you get the point) 

Those words mean more to me than any flowery compliments or luxury gifts. I find myself being touched by his words and especially actions. It always assures me that I did not marry the wrong guy :')

Out-of-bed family selfie!

Certainly, I've nothing to complain about if I were to compare with the days that our parents bought us up. My mom took care of all 7 of us at home while my dad was the only bread winner of the family. It's insane, but they roughed it out and now we're (almost) all grown up (there are still a few little ones at home hahaha).

Modern parenting is truly made easier with the help from practical and useful products out there, from diapers to household products that aim to convenience us parents.

I've been using Merries diapers for Tyler ever since he was born, and it's still my favourite diaper brand so far (we try using other brands occasionally to test them out). It's Japan's No. 1 diaper brand, and also the Ng residence's No. 1 diaper brand hahahah (that's us, by the way)!!

Other brands under the Kao family would be Attack and Magiclean, both of which are no strangers to me cos my mommy used them ever since I was little!

Now I'm using a full range of laundry detergents from Attack, and cleaning agents for other household chores like toilet cleaning and a floor wipe system from Magiclean

Did you know that Magiclean is Japan's No. 1 Home Care Range, while Attack is Malaysia's No. 1 Laundry Concentrated Powder? No wonder my mom always said Kao is a good brand!

Diapers and home care range from the Kao family!

With so many useful products like these, it's a much more modern and efficient way of running our households, instead of the old school methods that may be more time-consuming. One of my favourite household cleaning items would be the Magiclean Wiper!

So far this Magiclean Wiper has not failed me! On days that I only want to rid dust from my floor (staying in a condo unit, my house attracts LOTS OF DUST EVERYDAY!), I'll just mop the floor with this instead of vacuuming, sweeping and mopping. Plus, it's tough to vacuum these days since it's loud and would either wake Tyler from his sleep or scare him -.-

And my partner in crime chores has been happy with our home care range from Attack and Magiclean too!

Kar, Japan's Homecare Experts recently launched WTMMP (Welcome to My Modern Parenthood) to help new and anxious parents with minimal to zero know-how in transitioning into effortless, enjoyable parenthood through insights and education.

For new parents, don't miss the opportunity to grab a new guidebook called, "The Secret of My Modern Parenthood", which contains 12 chapters covering topics and home care tips from Japan, from understanding babies to the importance of fatherhood, family budgeting, environmental hygiene, methods of cleaning household items, to testimonies from doctors, parents and experts, etc..

Also, now you can stand a chance to win a home makeover and Kao products worth up to RM30,000! Join the Parenthood Home Makeover by purchasing RM38 worth of Magiclean/Attack products and min. 1 pack of Merries.

Contest runs from May 2 to July 31, 2016.

For more information on Kao's Welcome to My Modern Parenthood Campaign, click here:

love, Careen
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