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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The day my husband got hit a dude

It was a regular weekday. Boon was set to meet me in Subang area after work, so he took a bus from Pasar Seni to Subang. When he boarded the bus, he sat beside a regular looking dude. This dude was really friendly and started chatting up Boon. Here's what went down.

Boon enters the bus. 

Dude was like.

Dude introduced himself and chatted with Boon. He asked if Boon was married.

And what contraception we use.

Boon was like.

Then dude went.

Dude: I tak suke guna lah dengan boypren I. You tau tak, I tidur dengan I punga boypren dua kali tau. Takut sangat nanti I pregnant!

(My boyfriend and I dislike using contraceptives. Did you know, I slept with my boyfriend twice. Was super afraid that I'll get pregnant!)

Boon was like.

Boon decided to give him a benefit of doubt and checked out his chest to see if he's a really, really, really flat-chested girl.

But no, his chests were flatter than Boon's (that's what he said), so confirmed he's a dude. He went on telling Boon his full house address in Mentari, and repeated his address many, many times.

Boon was like.


...the hand came. 
He reached out for Boon's thigh and gave it a tight squeeze.

Boon was like.

Boon: Bang....tangan....

(Bro....your hand....)

Dude was like.

Dude: Oh, u tak suke, ke?

(You don't like it?)

Boon was like.

Then dude was all shy and like.

After a moment of awkward silence, dude asked.

Dude: U akan pilih macam I punya walaupun u dah married tak?

(Would you choose someone like me even though you're already married?)

Boon was like.

Boon: Tak mau lah.

(No, I don't want.)

Dude went shy and like.

Then dude gave Boon a hypothetical scenario.

Dude: Kalau bagi u pilih between your bini atau I, siapa u pilih?

(If given a choice, would you choose between your wife or me?)

Boon was like.

Boon: Of cos bini I lah!

(My wife, of course!)

Dude went.

Dude: Kalau I rela punya?

(What if I'm all willing?)

Boon was like.

Boon: No, tak mau.

(No, I don't want.)


This time, dude got hurt from the constant rejection.

He looked sad and stared out the window.

And Boon was like.

Why is the bus moving so slowly?

When he met me, he told me his encounter.

And I was like.

You da man!

Thank you for choosing me :')

- The End -

love, Careen.
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