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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Picture Perth-fect | Part Two (Day 3-6)

Hello guys! 

I'm back with the second part of my Perth trip with AirAsiaX and Tourism Western Australia! In this post, I'll cover the remaining days (Day 3-6) from my trip. Blogged about Day 1-2 earlier, you can read it HERE!

Another post full of photos so do take grab a cuppa, sit back and enjoy the scroll hahah! I tried my best to select only the best photos to help you see the beautiful Perth through my eyes, and these are the best ones that I gotta show you!



08:30 AM //

Had a hearty breakfast at Four Points by Sheraton before departing to Swan Valley which was just 25 minutes drives away. First stop- Caversham Wildlife Park to see some kangaroos and koalas! 


Look! Tandas! :')
The owner of Caversham Wildlife Park frequently travels to KL for tourism exhibitions, so he's very well-versed with the Bahasa Malaysia language! They also have many tourists from Malaysia visiting the park, so he decided to put up a Tandas sign. How cute!

Now on to the animals. First stop, the popular kangaroos!

It was my second time seeing kangaroos! My first time was in Sydney Wildlife Park 3 years ago but I didn't dare to feed nor touch them. This time around, I braved myself up to do it anyhow! And I'm glad I did it! They were all so tame and well-mannered. See how the kangaroo "queued up" on the photo above? Okay, it was pure coincidence but I'd like to think of it that way :P

Ducks and black swans!

This cute little (okay, not so little) wombat weighs 30+ kgs!! 
She looked so comfy snuggling up to the lady!

Andddddd our outfits are color coordinated again! 
Totally unplanned, by the way!

We sat for a show at the farm where they showed us how the dog led all the sheep into the barn, and how they shaved the sheep too. It was quite an eye-opening experience! Kids would particularly love it!

And check out these cute little guinea pigs! Too adorable! 
Especially that grey one OMG *heart shaped eyes*

Meet Karen, the koala who's super photogenic! 
Look at that angling of the head! Must be very used to her photos being taken already hahaha!


11:15 AM //

When we were on the way for lunch, we popped by the Margaret River Chocolate Company as well as the Margaret River Providore at Swan Valley to have a look at the wide variety of chocolates and organic olive grove and vegetable gardens. The aunty in me felt like buying everything! 


11:45 AM //

Followed by a visit to Oakover Grounds, where we checked out the coffee roasters, FiORi Coffee and vinery, wine tasting accompanied with cheese platters. It was a pre-lunch treat for us and after all the irresistible wine and cheese, I was almost too full for lunch!

Until I saw the food that were served at lunch, my appetite was back again! Food at the Grounds Café was simply scrumptious! What made the experience better was definitely the breathtaking view of the lake and vineries just right at the corner.


03:00 PM //

Then we were off for more cheese at The Cheese Barrel!

Set behind the tranquil vineyard of Olive Farm Vines overlooking the Susannah Brook, The Cheese Barrel is a perfect place to enjoy a selection of cheese board and wines to match. We had both the Western Australian and Australian cheese boards accompanied with sparkling lemonade and grape that were non-alcoholic. What an enjoyable afternoon snack!


Went back to the city for some last minute shopping before the shops closed at 5PM, then headed back to the hotel to freshen up a little before going for dinner at Aisuru Sushi at Northbridge, which is known to be the Asian part of Perth with lots of Asian/Fusion cuisines available!

Fresh sashimi, fast service and delicious food! What a delight to dine in!



08:45 AM //

We checked out from Four Points by Sheraton where we put one night at in Perth City, and en route to Busselton which was 3 hours away from the city! 

11:45 AM //

After the 3-hour drive, we arrived at Busselton Jetty where we hopped onto the jetty train to the Underwater Observatory.

With more than 300 species of marine life recorded beneath the Busselton Jetty, the Underground Observatory is an interesting eco-tourism attraction showcasing an awe-inspiring "forest" of vividly-coloured tropical and sub-tropical marine life.

With the gorgeous weather at the jetty, we couldn't help but spend some time taking some shots with the strong, cool wind in our hair! The awesome thing about travelling with your girl friends is that they're ever willing to help you take photos, because girls understand girls best! We're always helping each other take beautiful photos throughout the trip!

Accidental matching colours again!


01:30 PM //

Then it was lunch at The Goose which was just walking distance from the Busselton Jetty!

Another round of yummy food with a beautiful view of the beachfront! 
I had the pizzas which I struggled to finish even after sharing haha!


02:45 PM //

After lunch, we hopped on to our coach to continue our journey to Margaret River! While on the way, we made a few pit stops and one of them was to give Vasse Virgin for a visit. This place is haven for all who love natural skincare products. This sweet smelling place is both a shop and a factory for making soaps, scrubs, creams, lotions and an array of skin and body care products made using a traditional cold press method with Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Couldn't help but get a few nice shots at the vinery right outside of Vasse Virgin!


04:30 PM //

Another pit stop we made was at the breathtaking Canal Rocks. The photo above was taking while I was still in the coach. While looking out the car window and admiring the beautiful sunset, I glimpsed upon these gorgeous sun rays shining down on the sea, and I'm glad the photo turned out nice though the car was moving and bumpy!

Again, it was photoshoot time! Every corner in Perth was photo-worthy, so we couldn't help it! :P While we were here at Canal Rocks, I missed Boon extra much at that moment because I was seeing such beautiful sceneries that I knew he would have loved too. Told myself that I needed to come back here again with Boon and enjoy the killer view together!

Would have loved to linger and watch the sunset for a longer time, but we had to check in to our next and final accommodation!


06:00 PM //

We checked in to our accommodation- the Darby Park Serviced Residences in Margaret River, where we were going to put two nights in. It was walking distance to most of the main cafés, bars and galleries in Margaret River!


07:00 PM //

Walked across the street for dinner at Elkamo!

This is the most unique cocktail I'd seen yet! We were supposed to pour the drinks from the bottles into the glasses through the candy floss! What a creative idea!

Everything was nice omg! Tapas is the best!



07:30 AM //

Woke up bright and early to have breakfast at this gorgeous location! The White Elephant Beach Café is located right at the Gnarabup Beach Bpat Ramp, right on the beach itself! So you can expect a beautiful view while dining in. 

Their breakfast spreads were fresh and delicious! 
Great fuel for what's ahead for the day!


08:30 AM //

After breakfast, we took a short drive over to the mouth of Margaret River where we got ready for some canoeing action with Bushtucker Tours where you can enjoy flat water canoeing in Canadian canoes, paddling upstream to visit a number of sites along the riverbank

Aside from our group, there were several groups of students who were there for the canoe tour too! Here's our tour leader giving us a brief guide on how to canoe the right way. Then off we went for our 3-hour tour!

In the middle of the tour, our tour leader stopped us by some trees and showed us some rare finds in the midst of the bushes that have medicinal properties!

Then we pulled over for a short picnic up the hill, in the middle of the forest! Felt like we were living out a scene from a Hollywood movie!

For our picnic, we had a variety of smoked meats (rabbit, crocodile, kangaroo, ostrich) to go with bread, cheeses and a few dips! What an interesting experience!

Then we took a further hike up the hills and visited a small cave! 
View from there was breathtaking!

Then we had a friendly match where both canoes raced to reach back to shore the quickest. Winning team would win a bottle of red wine from Margaret River! Turns out....

...we were all smiles but, we did not win hahaha!! We were a few seconds too slow! After a few hours of canoeing our arms were tired and sore, so by the end we had to more strength left to paddle hard anymore haha! Nonetheless it was still a great fun time being all competitive! ;)


01:00 PM //

After a morning of working out with the canoeing, we highly anticipated the lunch at Voyager Estate where we were treated to its famous 'Discovery Menu'!

It was a beautiful estate located in the premium wine producing region of Margaret River, with their oldest vines date back to 1978. They have their very own vinery and rose garden, where girls would love to have their weddings there! Truly a dreamy location. 

The Discovery Menu was a 6-course meal, with each food course matched with a different wine to suit the taste. What makes it interesting is how each course is accompanied with a postcard revealing the story of the vines' beginnings through to the celebration that comes with enjoying the finished wine.

It's about AUD $150/pax for what we had, which in my opinion is an experience worth paying for. The quality of food, wines, and service was top notch to say the least. Thoroughly enjoyed the ambience and experience for that 3 hours of dining in. Highly recommended!


04:30 PM //

After our fulfilling lunch at Voyager Estate, we went to see some farm animals at Sunflowers Animal Farm & Farmstay! It was a different experience from visiting a zoo or wildlife park as this is purely a farm! No fancy cages, just animals in their natural habitat.

Little goats, sheep, cows, calves, chicken, duck, goose, pigs, emus, rabbits, guinea pigs, kangaroos, llamas, turkeys, horses, ponies, alpaca, and many others are what you can expect to see at the farm. We were given food such as carrots and bread to feed the animals, and once again, I braved myself up to feed the little animals and I totally enjoyed it! They're not so scary after all :')

Being there makes me miss Tyler and Boon again, cos I know they'd enjoy it (well, maybe just Boon for now haha). It's a perfect place to be for families with young children! They'll love the animals and the experience of staying at a farm is going to change their lives forever, especially if they're city kids who've never stayed at a suburb before.


07:00 PM //

Went back to our accommodation for a short break to freshen up (in my case, express milk!), then it was dinner time just down the street at Swings Taphouse and Kitchen!

The restaurant was packed to the brim even on a Wednesday night! With tables inside filled with dishes after dishes meant for sharing, and a huge crowd at the bar outside dancing to live music and enjoying the award-winning wines on tap.


07:00 AM //

Waking up to the final day of our Perth trip! T-T

Started our day with a hearty breakfast at Margaret River Bakery! The words to describe this bakery would be pretty, quaint, homey and unpretentious.

Food, service, and decor were spot on. We had such an enjoyable breakfast! We would have seated outdoors if the weather wasn't that cold. Definitely a must-visit when in Margaret River.

After breakfast, we went back to our accommodation to do our final packing and checked out of Darby Park Serviced Residences, en route to Mandurah for some last minute shopping and then lunch!


12:00 PM //

Cicerello's is a famous chain in Western Australia serving up a comprehensive menu of freshly caught seafood including oysters, mussels, crabs, crayfish and chips wrapped in butcher's paper, the traditional method.

What a large serving for just one! Satisfying last meal before leaving for the airport.

Sitting in ADAMS Coachlines for one last time before flying off. Big thanks to all our drivers from ADAMS Coachlines for the friendly and excellent service! We were being fetched from door-to-door and place-to-place by ADAMS Coachlines for the entire time we were in Perth!

Thank you Tourism Western Australia for giving us this awesome opportunity to experience the best of Western Australia. So grateful and blessed to be given this privilege!

Also, big love to our lovely guides from Tourism Western Australia, Ee Lian from Singapore and Mark Jones from Perth for bringing us around. You guys made our trip fun and exciting!

Last but not the least, big thanks to AirAsiaX for flying us with the AirAsia Premium Flatbed! Because of the comfy reclining flatbed I could have a good rest on the flight the whole way through! Made me wish my flight was longer so that I could sleep more hahaha! :P

Hope you guys have enjoyed reading both my posts (Part One HERE) on Perth! Links to the official websites of the different attractions/café/tours are all linked and highlighted in pink for your easy access :)

Til' then!

love, Careen
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