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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Living with an Infant- Home Furnishing with IKEA

"Love begins by taking care of the closest ones - 
the ones at home." - Mother Theresa

Welcome to our humble abode!

Ever since Tyler came into our lives, the home of this busy urban couple has pretty much transformed entirely. In the past, we were hardly at home in the morning- we'll be working, attending events, dinner with friends, drinks at night, and return home just to catch a bit of drama on Netflix before hitting the sack.

Now that we have a baby, we are spending more time at home. This also means that it's time we switch up our home arrangements and make room for new furniture for the little one!

We used to have a huge coffee table sitting in the middle of our living room where we place our laptops and also all the random miscellaneous items that find no place in other parts of our home. To make space for Tyler's play mats, we heavy-heartedly removed the coffee table. We thought we'd be handicapped without it, but to our surprise, we hardly even think about it anymore, and things in our home have since been more organised. It is a blessing in disguise!

Since the arrival of Tyler, we've been trying to make our home about not just the two of us, but the three of us. Tyler's clothes and toys fill our home these days, and it is the best sight ever. In our mission to make our home baby-friendly, we turned to our all-time favourite- IKEA. If you look closely, you'll find that 90% of our home furniture are from IKEA!

Tyler is now learning how to crawl! Being a lover of tummy time, we thought it'd be great if we got him a foam mat to practice crawling in the living room, instead of doing that on the bed all the time.  That's when we decided to get the PLUFSIG Folding Mat! Best part about it is that it is foldable and because of that, easily portable and can be brought around in our travels. We brought it to Tyler's 100 Days Party for Tyler and other baby guests to have their nappy change on. 

Another plus point, LOVE the vibrant shades of green!

Super in love with the smiling cloud plushie. From IKEA too!

At 4 months plus now, Tyler's eyes have become very attentive to everything around him, and he's finally growing fond of all his toys! When he was younger, he didn't know how to appreciate toys yet but now, he gets all excited at the sight of them!

He is also becoming better at his motor skills. His hand-eye coordination is improving and that enables him to reach out to his toys and put them straight into his mouth! Yeap, everything goes into the mouth now.

When Tyler was still a newborn, we put him on his LEKA Baby Gym to sleep and for tummy time. But now that he's grown bigger, his baby gym is a play time wonderland for him! I can literally place him there for 45 minutes and watch him get all excited to grab the hanging toys, while I have my breakfast peacefully and get some chores done while he's being occupied.

Now that our beloved coffee table is removed from the living room, we'd been pretty aimless when it comes to where we can use our laptop while keeping an eye on Tyler. Then we came across the KLIPSK Bed Tray that can be used anywhere, on the couch or even the floor! The tray is big enough to place our laptops and our phones.

At daddy's watch! Now that Tyler is becoming more and more alert, he needs to know that we're around sometimes. This is a great way for us to stick around and still get work done!

Remember I mentioned that Tyler's toys and clothes are everywhere now? This boy is real blessed with lots of gifts from our friends and families, most of which are toys and clothes! We bought the BRUSALI Chest of 4 drawers to store his newborn clothes, swaddles, wash cloths, blankets and towels, but now that he has so many clothes (and that his clothes are getting bigger is size too), they have completed outgrown the drawers!

Hence, we decided to get a new storage drawers for his clothes, and we got the STUVA Storage System. Some of the things we love about it is that:

1) It is super spacious!
The shelves and drawers are deep and wide enough to store a lot of stuff!

2) It is part of the large STUVA System.
We love that we're free to mix and match all the different shelves and drawers, and decide on the number of compartments, colour of the doors, etc.. When Tyler grows older and needs more storage space, we can add on new pieces from the STUVA System. Best part is, they don't look too kiddy to be used by adults! These shelves and drawers will still look appropriate for the room of a male working adult!

To get things more organised, we also got the KUSINER Box with Compartments that is tailored to fit perfectly in a STUVA. It's awesome because now we no longer have to dig into our drawer to search for the missing sock or long lost bib!

For the other two drawers, we store items like Tyler's fluffy comforter, my boxes of disposable breast pads and Tyler's diapers!

Who knew one drawer like that can fit so many things! I'm impressed.

If you're interested to look into the items mentioned in my post, here are the links to them!







Hope you've enjoyed today's post! Will be updating again on our IKEA hauls in the coming months when we have new furniture additions to our home. 

(Read Part II HERE!)

Til' then!

love, Careen
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