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Friday, May 20, 2016

Fancy a Hello Kitty PC?

To all fellow Hello Kitty fans, this news will excite you! 

I recently attended the cutest and pinkest event ever! If you know me well, you'd know that I've been a big fan of Hello Kitty since my teenage years. So to receive an invite to a Hello Kitty event excited me to say the least!

The Acer Revo One Hello Kitty launch was held in none other than the newly opened Hello Kitty Gourmet Café in Sunway Pyramid. The quaint, pinkish interiors were perfect match with the adorable Acer Revo One Hello Kitty device that looks like this!

This, my friends, is a PC in itself. All you need is a screen to plug into and voila! You can access your documents and photos anywhere!

These are the accessories that come in a package when you purchase the Acer Revo One Hello Kitty edition, including a bathing Acer exclusive keyboard, mouse and mouse pad- all in the loveliest shade of pink!

Here's Mr. Johnson Seet, Head of Products of Acer Sales & Services Sdn Bhd giving a welcome speech to all guests and media.

Followed by a presentation on Acer Revo One Hello Kitty edition by Mr. Jeffrey Lai, Product Manager of Acer Sales & Services Sdn Bhd.

With only 600 units available in Malaysia, the Acer Revo One Hello Kitty edition is the ideal companion for digital entertainment and multimedia sharing with its high quality audio and video. The best part about this device is the compact design that occupies only a small footprint.

Small but powerful. That's what the Acer Revo One Hello Kitty is made to be. Packed into its small form of 106.5 (W) x 106.5 (D) x 155 (H) mm, it comes with a powerful surround sound system, HD resolution and a huge storage space! All in that tiny pink thing with a cute Hello Kitty icon! Kinda hard to believe!

Fans have the option of choosing a model running on Intel Core i3 processor (RM2,099) or Intel Celeron processor (RM1,499) and the corresponding 1TB or 500GB storage with upgradable 4GB DDR3L RAM and it is upgradable to 8GB DDR3L RAM.

This Hello Kitty edition offers the same functionality of the award winning Acer Revo One, including the Acer Revo One Suite app which turns any Android phone or device into a remote control for this lightweight home PC! Meaning you can laze on your couch on a lazy afternoon and surf the net using your mobile phone or tablet as a remote control. How convenient!

One huge plus point which I feel is perfect for someone like me who takes wayyyy too many photos while travelling, is that you can transfer all your holiday photos via the Acer Revo One Suite app straight into your Revo One at home! No need to lug your laptop around during your travels anymore, or be limited by the storage space in your camera!

Say hi to fellow Hello Kitty fans!

Hello Kitty lovers in a row!

Find out more about the Acer Revo One Hello Kitty edition on:

Acer's website-
Acer's Facebook page:

love, Careen
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