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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Beauty Review: Watsons' Latest Beauty Additions to Better Skin

One of the topics that I'm most passionate about aside from travelling, food and relationships, would be skincare. I'm a testimony that diligence in taking care of our skin would reap priceless rewards.

If you've seen me when I was younger, you'd think that I've done a major "renovation" work on my face by cosmetic surgery or countless laser treatments (nope, do not have so much money to spare lol). I used to have red and uneven skin tone, break outs after break outs. It was easy to blame it on puberty, the hormones, the inevitable "growing pains", but the truth is simply because I was just...lazy. I didn't bother looking for skincare products that suit my skin type, and totally not committed to the very basic 3 steps of cleansing, toning and moisturising, let alone applying masks! On some nights I could even go to sleep with my makeup (and contact lenses!) on with the excuse that I was too exhausted, or go to sleep right after cleansing my face without toning or moisturising at all.

So what made me change? When I started to become more interested in beauty and makeup, I realised the cold, hard truth- that no matter how much makeup you use or how well your makeup skill is, if you have bad and unhealthy skin, it will show. That makeup can only cover the flaws on your skin so much, and it was not a solution.

Since then, I decided to make a change and I'm proud to say that I've been diligently looking after my skin and not taking it for granted anymore. No matter how tired I am now, I would still go through my skincare routine. Furthermore, now that I've entered into the start of my late twenties *ahem*, I cannot slack at all, else there's no turning back!

These days I'm always on the lookout for new and good skincare brands to try out because there is so many new technology these days that help produce skincare for every skin types, and being the curious cat me, I'm always eager to try out new brands and products! Sure, I have my personal favourites that I constantly use at home, but occasionally I would switch them up just for fun because, why not?

CNP Propolis Range
Naruko Raw Job's Tear Range
Shopping online is one of my favourite things to do, and websites like Watsons online that carries a wide variety of beauty and skincare products is the best! If you haven't already noticed, Watsons carries a myriad of international skincare brands and is always adding new one to their selves. Some of the new brands that recently joined the Watsons skincare offerings include CNP Laboratory from Korea and Naruko from Taiwan, and they're Watsons exclusive produces that can online be found at Watsons. Now, let me share with you my review of the brands' products in this post!

CNP Laboratory Propolis Deep Moisture Pack

The Propolis Deep Moisture Pack is an intensive overnight hydrating treatment that works its magic during sleeping hours. As its name suggests, it contains moist nutritional supplements that deeply moistures, soothes and restores damaged skin.


- Gently apply to face and neck
- Pat with palms so that it is well absorbed into skin
- Rince off the following morning with lukewarm water
- Apply twice a week as final step of nightly skincare routine


I love how it's rich in texture yet not overly thick to a point of causing skin to feel too warm and uncomfortable. It truly moisturises the skin as promised which is visible on the following morning, and I love the sweet natural fragrance that comes from the propolis! 

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CNP Laboratory Propolis Energy Ampule Mask

This 2-step ampule mask boasts of a high concentration of 
propolis that helps to reinforce skin's vitality, soothes and restores damaged skin and improves skin elasticity, creating a dewy and sleek complexion.


- Gently spread Step 1 ampule pack evenly all over your face
- Apply Step 2 mask and leave on for 15 minutes
- Remove mask after 15 minutes, allow remaining solution to be absorbed into skin


Skin feels much firmer and hydrated even right after usage. Again, love the smell of it!

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Naruko Raw Job's Tear
Brightening Makeup Removing Cleansing Mousse

This 2-in-1 pore cleanser and makeup remover gently removes makeup from deep skin base, brightens pores from deep within and removes dull complexion from skin inside out.


- Dispense once on dry, clean hands
- Massage foam onto dry face to rid makeup and dirt
- Rinse with lukewarm water


I LOVE this product. I've been using cleansing oil makeup remover for years, and though it says it cleans sufficiently enough, I never liked the oily and seemingly still dirty feeling on my face. So I would always still use a cleanser after and 'double cleanse' my face each time.

However, since this product is foam based, it leaves my face feeling totally clean even after one wash. Removes makeup just as efficiently with the foam, and plus point is definitely no need for double cleansing! One product is enough to do both makeup removing + cleansing effectively. Saves me time (and money!). The smell may not be the most sweet smelling of all, but it really doesn't matter if it does such a great job! Only thing is to be careful while removing makeup around the eye area as the foam might penetrate into your eyes causing a stinging effect. Other than that, I highly recommend this product. Fuss free!

Shop at Watsons Online:

Naruko Raw Job's Tear
Moisturising and Brightening Lotion

This Moisturising and Brightening Lotion works as a toner to minimise pores and emphasise skin's brightness. Like a good toner, it cleanses and tightens pores, repairs large pores as well as rough and dull complexions.


- Pour onto cotton pad + wipe all over face and neck


It does what it needs to, that is to tone and tighten pores after cleanse. A good one!

Shop at Watsons Online:

Naruko Raw Job's Tear
Moisturising and Brightening Moisturizer

This Moisturising and Brightening Moisturiser works hand-in-hand with its Lotion (as mentioned above). With the technology of creating 'flawless pores and pure skin', this moisturiser helps improve complexion, recovering fair and soft skin from dead skin cells and large pores. With its high absorption level, skin is easily hydrated which helps promote skin's fairness.


- Pour a small amount onto hand
- Gently massage onto face and neck until moisturizer is fully absorbed into skin


It truly moisturizes the skin with its thick and texture. Would be great if the bottle has a pump, as it is currently a 'pour out' bottle.

Shop at Watsons Online:


All in all, they're great products that work well on the skin and are worth trying! Plus, they're reasonable and don't cost a bomb. Head over to your nearest Watsons store to check them out!

Otherwise, you can also shop online from Watsons' website! You can purchase your desired items and have them sent to your preferred Watsons store via 'Click & Collect', or choose 'Home Delivery' and have them shipped directly to your doorsteps!

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Happy shopping!

love, Careen
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