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Monday, May 23, 2016

A Week of Milestones // Tyler Sits for the First Time!

In these short 5 months and a half of parenting, I've learned this one thing:

Babies are full of surprises!

On some days, they're superbly adorable. They'll smile at you, giggle at every funny gesture you make, play independently at their baby gym and sleep soundly through the night. While on other days, they can get superbly cranky and clingy, want to be held all the time, refuse to nap and want to comfort suck to sleep.

Those are exactly what Tyler put us through every now and then. On some days he's like a dream baby, an angel. An easy baby! While on the others, he's a handful and we scratch our heads wondering why the stark difference in behaviour within a matter of days!

In the past, our parents will probably say, "Yeah babies change all the time". Now though, we know just WHY they change all the time. It is because they're going through physical, mental and emotional growth all the time. Some call it the growth spurt, while some called it the leap. And thanks to years and years of research on this growth spurt/leap, books like The Wonder Weeks are helping modern parents understand what it is that they're babies are going through- the new abilities they'll come to acquire, the signs that come along with it, and WHEN exactly that's going to happen. Most of my peers and I have bought The Wonder Weeks App at USD$1.99 and it has really helped us figure our babies out.

Each time Tyler goes through a growth spurt, he'll hit all the "signs" of discomfort stated on the app- extra clinginess, emotional, desire to be held, etc. That's exactly how he was for the past few weeks or so. Two weeks ago, he needed to have his dose of comfort suck every 5 minutes throughout the night. Every 5 minutes, no kidding. Imagine my nightmare! How did I sleep, you may wonder? Well, I didn't. I prayed hard that it was just a phase since that happened on his non-leap days. I can't imagine if that were to go on for weeks or *gasp* months!

It happened for about 3-4 days straight then it suddenly stopped and he went back to his normal sleeping pattern. It was also during those days when he was learning how to sit up and flip from his back to tummy. We've been casually "teaching" and assisting him in sitting up on his own and flipping from back to tummy for months now, and all until last week he was still wobbly when he sat without assistance (he'll fall front or to the sides, his hands weren't strong enough to support himself yet), and he would still get stuck while trying to flip from back to tummy (he's mastered flipping from tummy to back since 3 months).

Then all of a sudden, he mastered both of it last week. He suddenly just managed to sit unassisted by us (supporting himself with his hands on the ground/his thighs), and started flipping around like a pro! Two major milestones in a week! That's a little overwhelming for me hahaha. While I'm super proud that he's progressing and learning well, it hits me harder that my baby is growing up in a flash cos two millstones at a time? It feels like he's hurrying to grow up! And mama doesn't like that *cries in a corner*

These were the days that he still needed to be supported while sitting up, all taken last week.

Then on Saturday (21st May 2016), he decided that he's ready to sit unassisted!

Everything happened so fast that we didn't manage to get many photos or videos of them happening. The quickest that I could capture was using my phone to record on Snapchat, and these were the very moments that he could sit unassisted by us.

This grainy and low res 20-second video means so much to me!

As for Tyler flipping over, bulldozing himself forward everywhere, I've yet to get a proper video of it happening. Oh ya he's also been wanting to stand! Whenever we held him he would refuse to sit and we tense his legs so that he can stand, because when he stands he can see more things. It's all about exploration now. Ahhh our boy is growing up :')

Just thought I'd drop a quick update here to share our joy with you! I've been updating these little things on my Dayre these days, but updating about it here is still my favourite thing to do (if only I've more time in my hands)!

Okay, Tyler's nap time is up! Back to mama duties.

love, Careen
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  1. Hi Careen,

    I have been an avid reader of your blog for a while now. Tyler is too cute! Thanks so much for sharing the photos and your parenting journey with us! May God continue to bless you & family!


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