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Monday, April 18, 2016

Portraits on the Wall

We have a new piece of artwork in the house!

Nope, it's not the baby in the photo (though he is a masterpiece *cheesy), but the canvas printing right above our bed!

Let me tell you something embarrassing. We don't actually have a single photo/painting/portrait of any sort hung in our house. Nope, not even a single one. In fact, aside from our wall clock, we don't have any other thing nailed to the wall. Everything is hung with a suction hook or stick-on hook (for kitchen and bathroom hand towels).

Why, you may ask? Well, simply because the boss of the house (i.e.: Boon) doesn't like the idea of permanently nailing something into the wall for fear that we need to do damage control after that. That's for the nailing part.

As for the photos on the wall part, well...let's just say I've been very indecisive. Ever since we moved into our home after the wedding (4 years ago OMG!), I've been saying I wanna print out photos to hang around the house to make it look and feel more like a home. You know, OUR home with OUR photos. 4 years have passed, and not a single photo on the wall yet. This is because I can't seem to make up my mind on what photos to print, and where to hang. I'm not exactly the most artsy fartsy person in the world, so I'm afraid if I were to nail and hang the frames on the wall and they turn out in a bad arrangement, the boss (i.e.: Boon) will nag me until the cows come home :')

But now we have a canvas printing hung nicely in our bedroom! Congrats to us! Hahaha
How did that happen, you may wonder?

Well, I was introduced to try out Ezyposter and the peeps behind it suggested that I can do a 3-photo collage canvas printing for my house, instead of the usual 1-piece printing. Immediately I thought of my bedroom! And for a 3-photo collage, I can do a nice story of our lives!

That's when I decided to build a story with our canvas print, by having photos from our 
wedding --> maternity photoshoot -->newborn photoshoot :)

Then I went to check out their website ( to see what canvas printings they offer, and what size may suit my room. They have a 'Personalize' page where we can upload our own photos and preview how they'll look like on the website! I found that really helpful to estimate the sizes of the different canvas printings.

Aside from that, you can shop for prints straight off the website where they deliver straight to your doorstep.

You can also share your images or art pieces and have Ezyposter feature on their gallery. You will start earning once your image is sold as a canvas print! That's such a wonderful way to earn some extra bucks, by sharing your artwork with the world!

I also communicated with the team behind Ezyposter directly to discuss on which photos would suit my bedroom. I searched for a colour tone that suits my bedroom wall (greyish purple), sent to the team and they sent back a preview of how it'll look like.

This was the first preview!

I was shown two different sizes for the 3-photo collage, one in 12" x 24" and another in 12" x 36". I chose the latter cos I thought it showed off the photos in a nicer way, and also because I love squares :D

But...the maternity photo in the middle popped out too much in comparison with the other two, so I decided to change it to another photo that I also love from our maternity photoshoot series!

Second preview sent back to me to confirm before the Ezyposter team proceeds to print my canvas!

In just a matter of days my canvas print arrived at my doorstep in a long box, and came together with a stick-on hook that is easy removable after use! Got my boss to do the job cos he's obviously a better handyman that I am, not that this requires much skill :P 

But we wanted to make sure the hook is right smack in the middle, so Boon sticks the hook on the wall while I stood behind to check if it's really really in the middle. Hahahah like such a big project hor? Again, this explains why we have no photos on the wall until now :')

Let's put our hands together and welcome the first photos hung on the walls of the Ng residence! :')

Truly, it's just different when you have photos hung around the house, especially one that tells a story like the one we have here. It subconsciously reminds me whenever I walk into the room that we have come quite a long way...from our dating days in our teenage years, to our wedding, pregnancy, Tyler's newborn days, and now a sleeping (and crawling) baby on our bed.

Gonna get the momentum going and start hanging more photos around the house, now that the boss also likes the effect of it too :P

If you have any special ideas of how you'd like your canvas arrangements to be, you can communicate with the Ezyposter team and they'll help you realise your dream canvas prints! 

Also, thanks to Ezyposter, my readers and followers are entitled to a 30% OFF orders by following @ezyposter on Instagram and Facebook, and by quoting 'CAREENLOVE' upon checkout at the website! Valid until 31st of May 2016.


Instagram: | @ezyposter

love, Careen
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