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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Picture Perth-fect | Part One (Day 1-2)

The iconic Fremantle Market

Hello guys! Been prepping for this post for weeks (in between mom duties *phew*) and finally I'm ready to share with you the first part of my adventure in Perth!

When I first got the invite from AirAsiaX to explore Perth with Tourism of Western Australia, I was beyond stoked. Having travelled to Sydney (for 4 times consecutively every year) and Melbourne couple of years back, I've always been curious as to how other parts of Extraordinary Australia is like! Boon and I love Aussie (which explains why we always go back haha), and heading to places like Perth was in our plans. So you can imagine my excitement when I first got the invite! Best part is, I'll be making the trip with Bobo and Karen, two of whom I'm very familiar and comfortable with!

Would have been perfect if my boys were able to join me on this trip. It made my first time being away from my baby, Tyler and I must say, the separation anxiety was real. I struggled with my emotional self especially when the days drew nearer to the trip. Tears were involved *shy* but I knew he would do just fine with his daddy back home because Tyler is a really good baby, and Papa Boon has been hands-on since Day One. I wasn't at all worried, just that I knew I would miss my boys badly T-T

My boys sending me off at the airport. Was holding back my tears the whole time :') Bobo and Karen were like, don't emo la we'll make sure you have lots of fun! Hahah so helpful of them :') 

I was actually really looking forward to the flight because we were going to fly Business Class with AirAsiaX! That means...spacious reclining seats! Which also mean...I'm going to finally have a good sleep!!

Complimentary fruit juice and mineral water bottle for AirAsia Premium Flatbed passengers.

12:05 AM //

Flying with AirAsia Premium Flatbed meant priority lane to board the plane! When I boarded the flight, I quickly explored my seat to find the seat reclining buttons hahaha! All I wanted was to sleep! Ever since Tyler was born (close to 5 months ago), I haven't been having a good night's sleep because I'd have to attend to a hungry baby in the middle of the night, every few hours. So the flight was a great time for me to catch up on my sleep!

We were given a fluffy blanket and pillow for the flight. The journey to Perth took approximately 5 hours. For the first time I wished the flight took longer hahaha! I obviously enjoyed my sleep too much :') 

Thank you, AirAsiaX for the wonderful flying experience!


05:35AM //

The moment we touched down, we were greeted by Bob, our driver from ADAMS Coachlines, Perth's premier bus and coach service provider that ferried us around the whole time we were in Perth! 

Bob was super helpful in helping us bring our luggage in and out of the coach. First stop for our 6D5N trip...


07:35 AM //

Andddddd we arrived at our first accommodation of the trip- Be. Fremantle!

Be Fremantle offer premium apartments that is spacious and very new! Me and Bobo stayed at a 3-room apartment, but it was so big! Too big for just the two of us. So we invited Karen over to stay with us hahaha.

Located by the Challenger Harbour, this was the breathtaking view we got right outside our living room. Gorgeous! It's also at the center of Fremantle making it very convenient to just talk a walk to all prime spots in town.

We quickly unpacked our luggage, freshened up, and went for our first meal in Fremantle.


08:30AM //

We took a 10 minutes walk from Be. Fremantle to a popular café in Fremantle, the Moore & Moore Café

Our breakfast spread! All the ingredients were super fresh. I went for green juice to fuel me for the rest of the day with little sleep and lots of walking under the sun. 

Had this mushroom dish and it was greattttt. Aussie breakfasts are the best!

They sold the famous Honeycake at the cafe too! According to our guide, Ee Lian, she said The Honeycake is like the hottest cake in Perth right now. When we tried it we were sold immediately. Instead of using sugar, they're made using honey. Too good!


- Pumpkin Mash
- Mushrooms
- The Avocado
- Middle Earth Green Juice
- Dirty Chai Latte

Stumbled upon an art gallery beside the café called the Moores Building Contemporary Art Gallery. Was such a nice find! The artists of the exhibitions were there personally to attend to queries, which is amazing. That should be the way, isn't it! 


10:15AM //

Welcome to the icon of Fremantle- the Fremantle Markets!

Bobo, myself, Nadia and Karen.

Us, girls excited to explore the markets!

Fremantle Markets is a huge collection of exciting shops, stalls, entertainment, and more. Built in the 1897, it is a cultural experience rich in history and tradition. You've not visited Perth if you haven't explored Fremantle Markets!

You can find everything from fresh produce, fashion, pets, coffee, decoratives, household products, street performances, make-shift massage parlour, and more!

Oh, and also The Honeycake! Couldn't get enough :P

Walked along Cappuccino Strip to our lunch location, and passed by this bookstore. Ever gone for a blind date with a book? This is just too cool!

Cappuccino Strip (South Terrace) is right beside Fremantle Markets, where you'd find plenty of coffee houses, restaurants and pubs (which explains the name of the street).


12:00PM //

Lunch at Bread in Common! Thank goodness we had a reservation because the place was packed to the brim! Love the set-up which is at an old Fremantle warehouse space, as well as the open kitchen where you can witness all the cooking action live before your eyes.

When in Perth, indulge in OYSTERS!!! We ordered two plates of that for 6 people :P

Food was meant for sharing so we ordered a variety to try. Loved everything!

Packing on the Vit-C. 
Juice was fresh!

Dessert was unique! Flourless chocolate cake!


- Oysters
- Lamb Ribs
- Beef  Ribeye
- Flourless Chocolate Cake with Berries & Ice Cream


02:00PM //

After our scrumptious lunch, we took a walking tour by Two Feet & A Heartbeat around Fremantle to explore its cultural and historical sites!

The view from the Roundhouse! So gorgeous!

Since the main attractions in Fremantle are close by one another, it's wise to take a walking tour to properly visit all the spots. 


Little Creatures Brewery is the ultimate seaside hangout! Grab yourself a craft beer and enjoy the bustling vibes at one of the coolest spots in Fremantle. It's a strict regulation in Australia to only sell alcohol to adults of age. Some of us got stopped by the bouncer hahaha! We take it as a compliment :P

While walking back to our accommodation, we witnessed one of the most beautiful sunsets ever.

Look at the colours!


7:30PM //

We had dinner at Bathers Beach House, which is located right by Bathers Beach! We enjoyed a variety of delish dishes and wines with the sound of waves in the background.


- Seafood Board (for sharing)
- Caramelised Pork Belly
- Local Battered Fish & Chips

Awesome food and chilly weather at night.
What a great way to end our first day in Perth!



9:00AM //

We checked out of our apartments at Be. Fremantle because we were leaving Fremantle to go to Rottnest Island, and then to Perth City at night! Our luggage was driven to our hotel by ADAMS Coach, while we headed for another day of adventure.

All four of us were in matching colours again! Totally unplanned!

We took the Rottnest Express ferry at B-shed, and arrived at Rottnest Island in approximately 45 minutes. 

Rottnest Island is a no-car island, so biking is a great transportation mode to explore the beautiful island! I haven't cycled in the longest time, so was a bit nervous at the beginning. But after a while I got the hang of it, and it was a relaxing time of cycling around the island and enjoying its surroundings.

Fellow cyclists stopped by just to feed a quokka!

Quokkas are famous to be spotted at Rottnest Island! 
They're really friendly and adorable animals!

11:00AM //

We cycled towards Kingston Baracks for our Segway Tour!

Here's our Segway Tour guide, Captain Segway giving us a quick tutorial on how to ride a Segway. It was all our first time riding one and we were excited yet nervous about toppling over hahaha! That'll be painfully embarrassing :')

Thanks to our instructor's careful guidance, we got the hang of it quickly and started embarking on our Segway Tour round the island!

We rode up towards the lighthouse and made a pitstop there to enjoy the gorgeous view!

12:30PM //

Then it was lunch time at Hotel Rottnest

Quokkas were spotted everywhere! Hahaha they were so cute, searching for food quietly. Most patrons were oblivious to their presence :P Tried getting a quokka selfie but to no avail. They moved too fast!

A peacock was spotted too!

Hotel Rottnest was a great place to take a break from the island exploration and the sweltering heat that afternoon.


- PIZZAS! Their pizzas were super yummy!!
- Gelatos to quench your thirst (might wanna reconsider during winter though haha)

3:55PM //

Departed Rottnest Island via Rottnest Express, and en route to Perth City!


We stayed at Four Points by Sheraton, which was right opposite the Perth Arena!

All sticky and sweaty from our day's adventures. 
Couldn't wait to jump in the shower!


7:30PM //

We had dinner at one of the finest restaurants in Perth City, Coco's.

Coco's Restaurant is located on the banks of the Swan River on the South Perth Esplanade, and has been one of Perth's premier restaurants for over 25 years!

My main and oyster sides, paired with a Merlot.


- Tasmanian Rock Oysters
(Natural, on crushed ice with lime / 
Sangiovese versus, salmon caviar & chive)
- Slow braised black angus beef cheeks, mushroom and mascarpone risotto
- Hand-cut chips (their chips are awesome!)

Woah this is such a long post, and I'm only on Day 2! Will continue with Day 3-6 on the second part of this series! 

Stay tuned :)

PS: All links to the official websites highlighted in pink!

love, Careen
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  1. Ur post reminded me so much of my days backed in Perth😁 I was in Perth for 6 years b4☺

    1. Oh wow! So niceeeeee! I'm sure you enjoyed your time there lots! :)


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